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Jumping back into the fitness first mode is making me very happy. 💋Honoring my body and making the time (and it Really is hard, you know that, mamas) to take care of it, energizes me to tackle the challenging day ahead. 💋One thing I don't love about the gym, is how expensive a pair of performance leggings and a tank is costing! 😩$200 for gym clothing? Sorry, not my bag. 💋Today I'm sporting @jcpenney #xersion collection - pretty, performs well & priced right. 😍 QUESTION: how much do you spend on athletic wear? 💋 Let me know, and, as always, sending you lots of #momtribe love and reminding you to try and carve out those #MeaningfulMeMoments 💋❤️#apennyforyourthoughts
A little poetic wisdom from Shel Silverstein. I used to recite this poem to the babies when they were drinking milk. 💋There are many things I hope to teach my children, one of them is to listen to their gut, believe in their greatness, and, if nothing else, just try! 🙏 Try everything! Don't be your own stop sign 🛑. Live your authentic destiny. #motherlylove #motherlyadvice #amotherslove #soulfulsunday #sundayvibes
Journaling my way into the weekend. Focusing on gratitude, goodness and grace. 🙏💋if you've never journaled, try it. It's great tool for quieting negative thoughts, seeing the joy in your life and working on self reflection. 💋 In my current journal, i start each post with"Dear Universe". 💋 It just felt right when I started this one in October 2016. I'm sharing my authenticity, vulnerability, desires and joys with the universe. I trust it has my back🙏. #amen #blessedlife #authenticliving #livewithgratitude QUESTION: Do you journal? Does journalling help you as a mom ?
#tbt zenning out in #stbarths ... today it's a yoga class in Staten Island. Taking the day to rest and recharge ... we are no good to our family, if we are not treating ourselves like queens. 💋Honor your glory and goodness, and remember your #momtribe is here to hug and help (never judge!) along the way. 💋 Check out my instastories as I navigate a full #MeaningfulMeMoments day 🙏. QUESTION: What's the one daily thing you like to do for your physical and/or mental wellness? Leave a comment below. ❤️
Calling all D.C. Mamas and expecting mamas ... tune in #goodmorningwashington @abc7dc 8:30am for "Tech Products to Help Mom from Being Nervous Wreck" 🙏and now let's pray for all the mamas trying to keep it together 💋🙏😍 #workingmom #keepittogether #techmom
Trying to figure out a way to fight back the negative voices and fatigue plaguing me. Let's just call it a case of the Mondays, combined with another nanny no-show, and lots of work drama. 💋 Taking a step back (and soon a step outside to walk in the sunshine) to soak up all my gratitude and get out of my own way. 🙏 In years past, a bad day would turn into a bad night, bad week, bad mood ... 🙏 I've learned to slow the train of negativity, count those blessings, bake heart shaped waffles, and call (or visit) someone from my mom tribe. 💋do you have a mom tribe? That group of ladies that get what it means to manage a world filled with kids, home, and so much more? 💋if you feel me, if you've been there, if you're there right now, consider our connection another #MomTribe connection! 😍🙏💋DO enjoy #NationalHappinessDay
Weekend vibes. Silly 😜 Saturday's with munchkins. 💋mamas, the weeks are long, but the years fly by. I have to regularly pause to soak up the sweetness. No matter how difficult the days may be, especially now when I have no help, I breathe in the blessings. Life can't be bad when all you zoom in on are the yummy goodnesses. 🙏 #breathedeep #happinessissimple #happinessproject #weekendvibes #weekendbliss
#aboutlastnight that smile says it all. 💋Go see #beautyandthebeast and fall in love all over again. 💋 you and the kiddos will enjoy the music, dance, and overall beauty. 💋I'm so grateful to have experienced yesterday's #onlyinnewyork #onlyinnyc moment with my daughter. A movie screening with all the actors, at iconic #lincolncenter AMAZING 😍#blessedlife #mommysgirl #girlsnightout #BeOurGuest @neutrogena
#BeOurGuest we are so excited to see Beauty and the Beast #disney remake. Thanks @neutrogena for the tickets. This is a major Mom win. Ilana's first movie and what a glamorous location #lincolncenter #nycmoments 💋

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