Sunday night is sacred. It's my get-anyone-that's-free to help night, so mommy can have her soothing, uninterrupted shower and pampering session! 🙏can I hear an AMEN?!!💋 It's a treasured time for me to not rush, bath like it's 1999 and I have nothing to think about but the cute boy across the street. (Ha I now live with him 😍) 💋 what's your #soothingsunday #selflove ritual? Every mama needs one! #MeaningfulMeMoments
She's our future. May our daughters march into the future with confidence in their strength, kindness in their smile, and clarity in their voice. 💋 Mothers hold the real power. Mothers teach their children right from wrong, beauty over bigotry, and leadership over loudness. 💋 #kindnessmatters #smilesfordays #strongertogether #mompower
Current mood - GOOD VIBES ONLY . Ilana sports red, white and blue, because we will always love this country, while mommy sends out good vibes @spiritualgangster 💋🙏 for more #GoodVibes #LoveforAll check out today's Friday 5 Finds - link in bio 💋 #newblogpost  #PiecesofPam #Inaugurationstyle
Let's just inaugurate some GOOD VIBES! Imagine the change you can be? Imagine the change you can create? 🙏 Mamas, by nurturing compassionate, kind, worldly children, WE are creating change, we are putting out good vibes, we are shifting the world into a brighter light. 💋Motherhood is power. 💪💋#momtruth
Nothing says "I love me" quite like a new bag. Python just says it better 💋sometimes it's fun to indulge in accessories ... & candy 💋have a blessed Thursday & keep following my instastories. Today could be even more exciting than yesterday. I'm going to Costco 😍 @ximenakavalekas bags #actoppicks #valentinesday #selflove
Bedroom goals. Spotted lots of LOVE @bollare #ValentinesDay press preview, including my marble @shhhsilk pillow cases. 💋 life is better slept on silk! 💋 so excited for the launch of their sexy pjs, because one must lounge in lovelywear - yes, that's a word 😍
Ginger Tea is SO easy to make at home, and it's a big part of my daily #SelfLove ritual. 💋 click link in bio to see my simple recipe + get other #selfcare tips I shared #GoodMorningWashington @abc7dc, yesterday. 💋 DC & Arlington mamas thanks for all your love. I can't wait to come back to your gorgeous cities. #gingertea #tearecipe #homemadetea 💋😍✨
You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.💋These are words to live by for every mom (and dad!) trying to do it all for everyone else. 💋 Honor yourself with much needed #MeaningfulMeMoments - gym, beauty routine, reading, painting, whatever tickles your #SelfLove pickle 💋. We need to cultivate self love rituals and honor of greatness, so that we can truly function at our greatness level. 💋 tomorrow, I'll be a better mom because I took 45-minutes to go to the gym, tonight. 💋 did I miss one nighttime reading? yes. Will they still love me in the morning? YES! 💋 #momtruth
Life IS better when you're laughing. 😍 that's a wrap for my Self Love Celebration @abc7dc #GoodMorningWashington 💋 I'll post a recap on #PiecesofPam blog shortly. 💋 PS the pillow is from @JCPenney

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