So, one of my dearest friends just gave birth!! & as I burst with joy I can't help but think that the best gift we can give our kids is healthy parents! When mom and dad are wellness warriors, it means they can play more, laugh more & enjoy more! 💋

Last week, I was thrilled to catch @wellandgoodnyc #wellnesstrends presentation. I'll be sharing some of my favorites on the blog in January - collagen xo @vitalproteins was one of them (who knew I could be on trend in wellness??? 😀 💋

As moms, we need to be strong, healthy and pass along positive lifestyle choices to our munchkins. Have a fabulous #wellnesswednesday
Because on days when you're a personal chef, cleaning lady, entertainment service, dancer, juggler, singer and more to two sick toddlers, as your eyes begin to close you dream of sunny days #StTropez
dreaming of sleep! Two sick kids = 8 nighttime disturbances. Just called a nanny for 2hrs so I can nap and squeeze in a bit of work, but the "mama" tears downstairs aren't making this possible. "Mama I want to hug you" "mama don't close your door" "mama I'll just work next to you". Terribly cute. Going down for that hug 🤗 ... why did I even bother getting help? 😍#momlife #motherhoodunplugged #motherhood
Life is a journey - physically, emotionally & spiritually. Every step we take is correct. Seriously, there is no misstep, simply another step, another chance to learn, do better, be our best selves. I'm SO grateful to have spent a good chunk of the weekend with my mom/friend. As I get into my Sunday evening routine - kids to bed, dinner, work/personal dump list, bath time - I'm once again convinced the universe has my back. There is a plan for everyone. Just be true to yourself, and don't forget to breath 🙏💋 PS Also, don't forget to have a glass of rose. Clarity comes in many rosy 😍 forms!! #hamsa #hamsahand #lifeisajourney
Apple of my daddy's eye. Happy 63rd to my wonderful dad. •
Kindly take a moment to give a donation of amy amount to the @vasculitisfoundation & mark donations "IN MEMORY OF ILYA PECKERMAN". •
Every donation marked in this manner will be matched dollar-for-dollar by my family. Your $1 will equal $2! Support #vasculitisawareness #vasculitis research and education of medical professionals. Plus, soon, I hope to announce a big project that will help Vasculitis patients in the #tristate area. #adaughterslove grows strong. I can't imagine a better way to celebrate the most joyous man I knew, than to provide joy and support to others #vasculitiscommunity #victoryovervasculitis
Happy birthday to the man who taught me to never sit it out, but always dance. Papa, I'm still dancing to my own beat, with your child-like sense of wonder and spirit in my heart. I've kept all the promises I whispered in your ear seven years ago. •
I hope you never lose your sense of wonder
You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger
May you never take one single breath for granted
God forbid love ever leave you empty handed
I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean
Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens
Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
I hope you dance #lifegoeson #cherishlife #cherishlove #adaughterslove #daddysgirl #daddyslove #fatheranddaughter
Mom of two habit - you can't show one munchkin without showing the other. Princess wanted to get into his bed, this morning. It was adorable. I cherish these moments! For one day, they will not want to crawl into each other's beds, or cling to my legs. And, so, I cherish the moments of sweetness. #motherhoodunplugged #momsmorningwisdom #childhooddays
From photos of St. Tropez to silly toddlers. This is my life - real, raw and ridiculously full! - I wouldn't want it any other way! Love family, travel, girl boss career, and all that jazz. Mamas, I hope you are all having a fabulous Friday, that you're living your happy life. We have ups and downs ... and gutter days when we want to hit the eject button!! - but then you see a smile like this one and all is washed away. #motherhoodunplugged
& before I go to bed, reminiscing of that time mama went wild. Memories. Take me back to #sttropez @nikkibeachsainttropez see you soon #tbt PS swimwear with shapewear = game changer!! @miraclesuitswim should be in your resort bag, pronto!!

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