This is my blessed munchkin number2, aka David. During both my back-to-back pregnancies I never worried, nor was I ever made to feel concerned, about the risk of #prematurebirth. In fact, 1 in 10 pregnancy in the US end in premature birth! When I learned about this back in November, during #prematurebirthawareness Month, I was shocked. Since 40% of women who have a premature birth are first time moms, I wanted to share a meaningful #wellnesswednesday #newblogpost about an innovative blood test called PreTRM that will give moms to be an individualized risk result for delivering her baby prematurely.❤️ check out the blog (link in bio) if you are expecting or know someone who is, share the link. ❤️ if I'm blessed to have another baby, I'm certainly asking my dr to administer this simple blood test, so we can figure out the best way to manage the pregnancy and #keepthebunintheoven past 37 weeks. ❤️ #cutebabyboy #cutebaby #welcomewagon
Your reading material is a good indication of where you are in life. 💋Clearly I'm in a motivated, cozy, at-one-with-the-universe  space. What's on your #readinglist ? 💋PS I was obsessed with #transcendentalism, as well as romantic poetry, in High School. 💋 In many ways, the past few months have been a return back to the me I was before the clouds of adulthood and self-inflicted peer pressure creeped in.💋#lovebeingme #liveauthentic 💋
About this weekend ... #familylife #familyphoto daddy is the shadow 😍How did you spend long weekend? I'm calm, cozy and collected ready for the magical week ahead. #happinessishere 💋💋
Mamas, let's celebrate. Tomorrow is #drinkwineday, aka every day in #motherland 💋 My #newblogpost is up featuring #fridayfinds devoted to wine 🍷 enjoy & indulge. You deserve it! (Link in bio - )
Soaking up the sun. Loving life. Last Friday in #stbarth & #stmarteen, this Friday Staten Island. It's all good , it's all a blessing. Paradise and true joy is controlled by the mind. What you think manifests into what you get and how you see the world. And I see nothing but good vibes, great blessings & a gobblet of wine for Shabbat, tonight.💋💋 who's joining me? 💋Today's #fridayfinds are all about wine. Check back to the blog before noon for #winenight essentials. 🍷🍷
About last night ... baking cookies with grandma @askmalvina. Isn't this love? Isn't this what it's all about? #familyfunday #loveday 💋Valentine's Day is for them, the kids, and another chance for all of us to reset and refocus on making memories and being present. 💋❤️#hygge #hyggelife #familygathering
How sexy can you go? 💋Check out my #newblogpost on #everydaylingerie ideal for every kind of sexy from the angel to the seductress, and every sexy confident mama in between. 💋There's no right or wrong kind of sexy. Find your fire and own it. 💋plus I'm sharing thoughts on the absurdity of Valentine's Day, and why you should thong it up on the regular. #happymarriage 💋 PS nipple tassels rock! 💋
They're not always angels, but somehow we easily move on. One minute it's tantrums, the next it's thankful smiles. 💋Motherhood is nothing, if not interesting and unpredictable. Maybe that's why women make such kickass crisis management CEOs. We know how to put out 🔥 fires, and so it with compassion ❤️. To the feisty  red doll I'm blessed to call my daughter, Happy Valentine's Day. 💋Let's just say you keep me on my toes and have taught me the power of the pause. I'm a better human being because of you and your brother. 🙏 #kidsvalentines
Protecting skin during and after your  skiing adventure is essential. 💋 here's what I packed to stay sun safe, healthy and hydrated. 1️⃣ @neutrogenasunscreen 2️⃣ @weleda_usa hand lotion 3️⃣ @naturopathica calendula hydrating creme + carrot seed oil 4️⃣ @officialesterc immune charge gummies (great for mom + kids over 4yr) 5️⃣ @rudyprojectna ski goggles 💋 What are your ski skincare essentials? 💋 Have an amazing evening wherever you are, and don't forget to invest time in your self care routine. #skimom #skincareroutine #winterbeauty

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