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Preaching the truth about women!! Best #quote
Because everyone makes waffles at 9:30pm with their sis, nieces and her own kids trying to fall asleep ;) #NationalWaffleDay @blackanddecker_us
Today, I married my best friend, the one I LAUGH with, LIVE for and LOVE beyond words. My beloved, it's a pleasure being your wife and a privilege being your friend. Here's to many more tomorrow. .... Love is not hard work. Anyone who's still searching should know love isn't about constant struggles but rowing the boat together, slow and steady. #love #blessed #wife #marriage
Seriously STAR Magazine? You should be ashamed for publishing such toxic copy. Best vs Worst mom? Really??!! How do you know what's going on behind closed doors? More importantly, every mom, kid and family is different. We all mother in our own ways. And, it's safe to say, most moms are trying their very BEST to be good moms. Let's have less mom shaming and more mom sharing. Why don't you try a positive celebrity story that doesn't involve a judgment call about parental skills? If we put a camera to every mom I'm sure you would capture some interesting moments, that test our tempers, our teaching skills, and our tenacity to pull through another day in mommyhood. Stop shaming, start sharing. Let's make the hood of motherhood stronger together. #momtribe #momlife
Only a mom can appreciate the value & zensation of a shower #momlife
This little piggy woke up 5am, this little piggy shot a fun TV segment, this little piggy had yummy lunch, this little pig got some sorry-I-went-to-work gifts for her kids, and this little piggy got herself some #comfystyleshoes and had a little me moment in the park ;-) ... Try as best you can to carve out zen moments. It's been said its best to create non negotiable you time, but as I mom I know that schedules don't always go according to plan. Some days you hardly have time to breath. But, Some days you have 15minutes to enjoy the foliage. I'll take it. #amen #blessed
Up with the sun ... Work Work work prep @gooddayny taping w fab @christalfox5 ... The mind couldn't function last night so prepping this AM #momlife #circuslife #upwiththesun
8 Ways To Pamper Yourself at Home, now On the blog. It's National Relaxation Day. Get inspired with my recent @greatdaywash segment #PiecesofPam
Thoughts on this weekend ... #momlife #circuslife #mamager