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Some Saturdays we sail. All Saturdays we smile. 😁💋 It's been a full week at home, and while I love #frenchriviera I always love sailing into the night with my whole family together. Love the present and it will always gift you smiles. #nameste #mamaste And now #offtothepark
#mondaymotivation Always be curious. 🙏 A curious mind isn't full of judgement and preconceived stories about the people and places around it. 🙏 Curiosity is one of the main pillars of #mindfulness and one we admire in children. 🙏 They are always exploring, questioning and viewing the world - even you, their mama! - with fresh eyes and an open mind. 🙏 This morning I accidentally snapped Ilana with, what looks like, a curious glance. I have no idea what she was discovering, but it made her very happy. 💋🙏 Curiosity is the key to discovering that happiness and real joy dwells within you. 🙏💋 It's easy to bemoan coming home from vacation, coming home to a sick kid Yana yada. Today I choose to be curious and explore with my son and be elated when the moment is right. 💋🙏 I'm "curious" how I'll finish my work and home to-dos, today ... However I will not let that cloud my mind all day or I'll never be able to embrace the joy of being alone with my little man. 💋🙏 Mamas, stop thinking, start experiencing the people and the places around you.  Curiosity will actually make you more aware, present and prepared for the day! #mamaste #mamastewisdom #mindfulmoment #mindfullife #belikeachild #welcometomylife
Sometimes, a gal just needs a croissant, jam and the best French tea @mariagefreres5307 😋💋Not a bad last breakfast in #sttropez I love to travel, I love my #adulting #nokidsallowed vacation, but I always love coming home. 💋Always be happy in the now, embracing every moment as if you chose it makes for a magical life loaded with smiles and joy. 🙏 PS blogging - time-saving style and beauty scoop, Friday Finds, new toys for your tots & more - resuming 😍#mamaiscominghome #mindfulmama #joyful #weekendvibes #saturdaymorning
#tbt my crew, dressed to match for a pizza-making party. I love vacation, but I'm always grateful and giddy to come home, especially when I have two delicious munchkins waiting! 💋Mama will be home soon. #blessedlife #blessedmom #weliketomatch
Being silly is better than any anti-aging lotion. 💋Don't let anyone bottle up your unique zest for joy. Dance in the streets. Sing at the top of your lungs. Skip along the coast of #lakezurich. And, of course, don't forget to smile and be present. Trust me mamas, your kids notice when you are just there vs when you are truly present in the moment. 🙏💋#mindfulmama #mindfulness #mindfulmoment #joyful
Cheers to America. May be she always be a beacon of hope, compassion and courage. 💋 May her Stars and Stripes continue to wave and shine bright for all those who are tired and weak. 💋 May she learn to navigate the new challenges of the world, without forgetting her core values. 💋 May her citizens remember that we are stronger together, more alike than different, and blessed to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. 💋 A special thank you to mom @askmalvina & dad for braving the unknown, fleeing their birth country, going through an arduous emigration process and finally arriving state-side. 💋I would NEVER be who I am today, were it not for their bold decision to leave everyone and everything they knew behind for the promise of a greater future. 💋#Grateful doesn't quite cover it. #homeofthefree #americanmade #mindfulmama
I've only been able to work out, for real, for about a year. Lower back and pelvic floor issues have almost completely subsided, thanks to a physical therapist and chiropractor. 💋 And while I initially was working out for the goal of looking toned and sexy, I now focus on enjoying the actual process of physical activity not just the end goal. 💋I've become the person who smiles while she sweats, who jumps for joy during jumping jacks, who quietly claps inside during crunches. 💋Yup that's me. Enjoying the process rather than just the end result is part of the #mindfulness journey of being awake and present at every moment of your life, feeling the stretch, loving the sweat. 💋🙏 One more thought on fitness from this new #fitnesslover mama (before I go work out!) with my work @vasculitisfoundation I encounter many people who don't have full control of their bodies. Their body simply doesn't behave as it should, so even the smallest activity can cause them pain. 🙏 If you are blessed with a healthy body, keep it that way! Mamas, let's show our kids the joy of fitness, the miracle of being able to keep your body in top health. #mimicmommy #fitmom #fitmama #fitnessforlife
Farmer chic in #sttropez A magical day celebrating my friend, my lifelong companion, my dear sister @interiorsbymichelle. 💋Its a blessing to be friends with your sibling. Like any relationship, the one between siblings requires compromises, compassion and the conviction that even when they are driving you mad with their "advice" it stems from love. 💋I pray my children see the bond I have w @interiorsbymichelle and create a similar union with one another, because life has lots of highs and lows and it's much easier to row your boat gently down the stream when you have a partner that has known you your whole life. 💋🙏#siblinglove #bettertogether #pekerman
When you get delayed in jfk, miss your connection to St Tropez ... spend 12hrs exploring #zurich with your beloved. 💋We always smile together. We always look on the bright side of life. #noplans #travelersnotebook Sometimes the best moments are unplanned. 💋Be present. Be mindful of the magic in every moment. sidebar - I picked up a new book. Check out instastories all week long for my interesting book and travel diary. PPS yes #nokidsallowed mommy and daddy are bonding #husbandfirst

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