Friday, I love you. It's been a long week and Friday means ... Nothing! Friday means NOTHING new for moms. Everyday is Friday or Monday, depending on how your# look at it. There are no "weekends"
No drastic shifts. One day flows into the next. If you're smart, you'll cherish the journey (even if you have to scream quietly during your"bathroom break" and drink a glass of wine from time to time). Life is love. Love is life. Love is also having a nanny take over one night a week. Wahhhh!! #party #FridayVibes
Okay, now just David. Seriously, how cute is my little man? And how gorgeous is this couch? @russakderm best derm and best doctors office decor in #NYC!! #toddler #toddlerfashion
Couldn't ask for a sexier, smilier date for the afternoon #mommyandme #mommyandson
#tbt following in the footsteps of Benjamin Franklin last Saturday in #philadelphia #cityofbrotherlylove
Dinner seams to be a hit with the locals ... Katleti + couscous and then some good old borscht #RussianFood
It's a kitchen win day, not much emails and TV pitching going on today. Can't do it all, all the time. Just make it a good day and live your happy formula. Now, it's time for a mani before I pick up the munchkins! #kitchen #cooking #cookingmama
Coming to a #roshhashana table near you ... Fresh fabulous #challah 😍
Oh ya know, just hanging with fellow mom @melissajoanhart as she dishes on our mutual love of @livehealthonline an amazing resource for busy moms seeking guidance on their kids (or their own) medical concern. Cold and flu season is here. Are you ready? 24/7 access to board certified US-based doctors for $49 or less. Talk about a time saver!! No more frantic Sunday nights without answers. I'll share more about this on the blog, in the coming days. #wellnesswarrior #onlinecaresummit
Challah. Baking. Crazy. Who's joining me for Rosh Hashanah?? @laurens720 @mfinkelshteyn @rachel_4216 @stanleyfinkelshteyn @askmalvina #family

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