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Good morning, mamas. 💛 
This week on the blog, I am talking all about love of home 🏠💛. Wrapping yourself in love with a lux throw is a great way to start and end the day. Hugs can lower stress, boost happiness, even help ward off colds. 🤗
At a recent press preview I hugged myself with this cozy @verloopknits throw. The knit is super soft, the colors are pleasing, and I couldn’t wait to take it home. Truth — I’m a bit of a throw hoarder, can have too many. (My husband, however, begs to differ). Checkout my blog (link 🔗 in bio) to learn about the 5 throws that I’m obsessed with right now. 💛 💛
Plus stay tuned for a home giveaway, this week 💝 #cozyhome #knitstagram #knitblanket #hugsmakeeverythingbetter
I can't believe it's Monday morning already. One of my mom non negotiables is to always make time for 🤗 hugs. 💛 💛

It sounds pretty obvious, but often times we rush though the simple moments that are the sweetest magic.  Wrap your munchkins with love and hugs, and you’re sure to create compassionate, caring creature of kindness. 💛

It doesn't matter what I am doing in my mom hustle game, I always make time for a hug with my munchkins... and it seems like they love to hug each other, too.
COMMENT: are you a hugging family? How about a hug and kiss after every goodbye?
#mommyandmemoments #monnonnegotiables #mommymoments #hugsfordays
Caught mid drink 🍷. Mama’s have I got something for you tonight. I made a wine sugar scrub boosted with cocoa powder 🍫. Because it’s been a long week and we deserve it! 💛 Red wine not only tastes amazing, but it's good for your skin. 💛 Start by pouring yourself a glass of wine (obvs) and head on over to my blog ( link 🔗in bio ) for the full recipe. You can also see me making the DIY scrub in my Instastories. 💛 How are you celebrating #DrinkWineDay ? 🍷it’s like Mother’s Day, but better !! 💛 #MomSundaySpaNight #mommymetime #memoment #hustlelikeamom
It’s never a bad day when you start off with loads of kisses, especially when those kisses are covered in chocolate 🍫! My little munchkins are growing up so fast. It's important to enjoy all of the moments, and break the rules from time to time - like 5 pieces of cholcoate ... in one day ... all before breakfast! 💛 We have a delicious Saturday planned, follow along on my Instastories & let me know how you are celebrating this long weekend. 💛 Keep it fun, keep it silly and keep it together 😜💛#mommyandme #hustlelikeamom #mommymoments #chocolateforbreakfast 💛
PS the cute pouches are from @lesportsac x @hersheycompany 🍫
It's always wine oclock somewhere, and you never need to give a mama a reason to drink ... by 8am she has plenty of reasons 😜 I shared one of my wine favs @joshcellars Rose with Jersey mamas @jwoww @snooki on their fun show @awestruck. 💛In honor of Sunday’s grand holiday 🍷National Drink Wine Day🍷 I’m sharing 3 of my favorite wines on the blog today @justinwine @cloudybay @joshcellars 💛 COMMENT: what’s you favorite wine for unwinding ?  #winenight #drinkwine #momloveswine
#tbt I like to keep it silly and fun everywhere, including on set. 💛 When you’re about to go live in 60sec and @harlemglobetrotters ask if you want to spin a ball ... heck ya, you do it. 💛 Me, bringing the smiles since 1983. 🙌🙌💛 Watch my @nbc6inthemix Mom’s Guide to Home Pampering segment on my new YouTube channel. (Link 🔗 in bio). 💛Comment: what mom beauty, wellness  or style topic/tips would you like covered in upcoming segments? #sillymoments #momprenuer #alwaysbeyourself
Happy Valentine's Day! Today I’m picking the munchkins up early and we’re baking 💛 brownies. I had to give them a little preview of the fun, during breakfast. We love to bake and get in the holiday spirit. I love to tap into my inner goofball with  them, so expect pink frosting on noses. 💛 What I don’t love is anything with fuss @foodstirs is my go-to for baking with my babes because they give this busy mama everything needed from the ingredients to the heart shaped donut pan !! 🙌 You too can be Martha Stewart, with all the heart and non of the hassle! 😜#bakingwithkidsisfun #valentinesbaking
#mommyandme 💛 #notanad
Just landed and can’t wait to get back to my awesome foursome 💛💛❤️❤️. Life is better when we’re together (especially when mama has gotten some much needed pampering in!) Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating Vday family style - heart shaped pizza, DIY red brownies and showings the kids love-filled crafts. 💛 COMMENT: Do you prefer Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day or Family Silly Live Day? 💛💋
Jumping into a new day, and my last day in Arizona with almost no stomach pain. Food poisoning can’t keep me down for too long. 💛 Finally got to hike, have a normal breakfast and channel my inner child with some fun photo opps. This is my version of 30-something — silly and so happy to enjoy the last few hours of #momsweekend away ... can’t wait to see the hubby+munchkins just in time for our family Vday celebration 💛 #loveiseverywhere #sillymommy #sillymoments #fitmomsofig

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