Come on mama, you know the world could be on fire, the kitchen sink could be overflowing, the living room looks like it was attacked by King Kong, and the kids are covered in chocolate while heading strait for your white couch STOP‼️. If you're hair is on point 💇🏻 it's a winning day!! Now, off to shower 🚿 using my fav, sulfate free (yup going cleaner and green, one step at at time) @haskhair. Today I'm cheating on #Haskhair #charcoal shampoo to test the new Superfuirt Healthy #Hair collection, because you are what feed your hair. 😍. How are you loving your lush locks, today? It's a great way to carve out #MeaningfulMeMoments do it, mama. 💋💋
Can we discuss this?!!!! @ashleylongshoreart #artgasm #audreyhepburn never looked cooler ... I may need to head down to #NewOrleans #art #popart @ashleylongshoreworld my walls are empty without you! 👏👏❤️❤️💋💋.... so glad the kids passed out early and the hubby isn't home... Instagram surfing lead me to this golden find 💕#momlife using every minute I have
Ok just one more 💋💋 he's in bed and I'm off to the races... pitching #Chicago media for coverage of major #charity event and groundbreaking #medical #vasculitis center 💼@northwesternmedicine co-sponsored by #VasculitisFoundation .... #WindyCity TV, 📺print, radio, 📻online press you want this story!!! 🏥#philanthropy #hustle #hustleforacause 📧
Just about sums up how we feel about each other. Two peas in a pod. 💕Never growing up. #mommyandson #sickdays made better with #smiles 😍. Sure I have segments to pitch, blog posts to write, charity work to tend to, but right now, it's just us. #liveinthemoment #motherhood #motherandson
Got a case of Mondays, so I did a midday wash. Wash away mood, wash away negative thoughts, brighten up skin in process. My tools: 1️⃣@vitacocococonutoil cold pressed organic oil + water, gets rid of all makeup and dirt naturally. 2️⃣whip away softly with @kleenex cotton soft pads. Finally 3️⃣ @ernolaszlonyc iconic Black Sea Mud Cleansing Bar which washes away all oil, doesn't stop skin of nutrients and keeps pores tight.
Motherhood is challenging, unpredictable, draining, demanding, mentally bruising, physically exhausting ... if you've had 24-hrs that  make you feel like you're swimming into a tsunami, know we're probably all riding the same wave. I extend my arm (and virtual class of Rose 🍷) to every mom that SOMEHOW gets it DONE. Life goes on. Todays challenges will be forgotten with tomorrow's cuddles. Isn't that the beauty of being a mom - short term memory 😍and unimaginable strength to GO ON. So, here's to #momtribe #mamagering our way through it all👍👍 .... now I really must catch some 💤😴💤
Current view. Sanctuary. Saturday vibes. Blessed beyond words. Now, if I could just get to the bottom of my gut health drama (follow along Insta stories) #nofilter #justnature #mothernature #fallfoliage
Friends don't let friends spa alone ... just some midnight musings while I nurse my throat and dream of upcoming #MeaningfulMeMoments spa date with sis @mfinkelshteyn ... FYI it's still not too late get $50 spa/wellness treatments during @SpaWeek. Check out my blog for more scoop. 💋#AlwaysBeYourBestYou
Time to turn a new leaf. I love fall 🍁🍂and the possibilities a new season has in store. It's been a BIG week (hoping to share more soon) and I'm so blessed to be where I am right now - physically and mentally. Counting my blessing and paying it forward... it's philanthropy Friday and I'm focusing on #VasculitisFoundation's upcoming #RallyintheAlley join us in Chicago Nov6 (link in profile) or simply make a donation and help us in our efforts to sponsor more Vasculitis centers in underserved metropolitan areas. @northwesternmedicine in #Chicago is the 1st #vasculitis center our foundation partnered on, to provide patients with expert care. More to come, with your help. #jointhecause #charity #donate #vasculitis #adaughterslove @ilyapvasculitis

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