Ginger Tea is SO easy to make at home, and it's a big part of my daily #SelfLove ritual. 💋 click link in bio to see my simple recipe + get other #selfcare tips I shared #GoodMorningWashington @abc7dc, yesterday. 💋 DC & Arlington mamas thanks for all your love. I can't wait to come back to your gorgeous cities. #gingertea #tearecipe #homemadetea 💋😍✨
You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.💋These are words to live by for every mom (and dad!) trying to do it all for everyone else. 💋 Honor yourself with much needed #MeaningfulMeMoments - gym, beauty routine, reading, painting, whatever tickles your #SelfLove pickle 💋. We need to cultivate self love rituals and honor of greatness, so that we can truly function at our greatness level. 💋 tomorrow, I'll be a better mom because I took 45-minutes to go to the gym, tonight. 💋 did I miss one nighttime reading? yes. Will they still love me in the morning? YES! 💋 #momtruth
Life IS better when you're laughing. 😍 that's a wrap for my Self Love Celebration @abc7dc #GoodMorningWashington 💋 I'll post a recap on #PiecesofPam blog shortly. 💋 PS the pillow is from @JCPenney
Life IS beautiful, and so are you! Tune in #GoodMorningWashington @abc7dc 9:15am tomorrow for my "Self Love Celebration" segment. 💋DC Mamas, I'm talking to you. 😍take a little time for yourself with my zen zone essentials, and new beauty ritual must haves. 💋#lifeisbeautiful #lifeisnow #selflove
Weekends are for twinsing around, family fun. Off to visit sis @mfinkelshteyn & company. 💋the kids are wearing his and hers comfy pants from @henleyandheart @luluandroo 💋Everyone is off tomorrow, but mama has to fly out to D.C. for work #GoodMorningWashington segment. So, today, I'm soaking up the sweetness from my family. 💋❤️ I hope your having Ana amazing Sunday. Go out, or stay in, just remember to Be Present #blessedmommy #blessedlife #familylife #familyfunday 💋🙏💋
Even mermaids need to hustle. Head on over to the blog #PiecesofPam (link in bio) for my latest Friday 5 Finds. Why does everyone need a #mermaidblanket ? 💋Do copper-infused socks actually  rejuvinate feet? 💋 Is yogurt the next must-have hair ingredient? 💋Plus a cool eco building toy from @yoxotoys that actually survived my gotta-throw/donate-everything binder last week. 💋read, comment and have a blessed weekend 😍🍷one for me and 🍷one for you. #momtribe #momlove #momclub
Who wants an easy bone broth recipe? Head on over to my blog #PiecesofPam (link in bio) for my grandma's simple recipe. 💋 it's so easy and the beauty + wellness benefits are endless. 💋collagen boost ✅ immune support ✅ gut health ✅ winter warmth ✅ make it. Enjoy it. Cozy up with it. 💋 My kids love chicken broth soup, and so will yours. Stop buying stock, when it's so very simple to make your own. 💋 good night mama.
Lunch with friends. Girls compete. Women compliment. 💋if we ever hope to create a girls club and rule the world, we better be nicer to each other. Share your secrets, tips, and wisdom with other women. We will rise up together! 💪💋 today I had the pleasure of lunching with @prettyconnected a dear friend, 30-something old-dog (love ya) media maven, who shares my passion for sharing and collaborating. I don't have room at the table for girls. Join me if you're a real woman, that supports her sisterhood. 💋💋and THAT's mamas wisdom for the day 😍
It's National Self Love Month! Don't we need that extra reminder to love ourselves first? Moms tend to put everyone and everything above their own self care needs. But, as I always say, a happy mom is a happy home. 💋 Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first. 💋love yourself so much that it makes it impossible not to create even the smallest of pockets of time during which you do whatever your heart desires, whatever brings joy, whatever self care ritual works to unwind your mind and center your soul #MeaningfulMeMoments. 💋On the blog #PiecesofPam, this week, I'll be sharing my evening #selflove ritual including journaling tips. I'll also give you my bone broth recipe, which truly nourishes and hugs you from within. 💋😍 Have a kickass, blessed day. And, go on, love yourself 🎀💋🌈. #loveyourself

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