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Dallas mamas, tune in @eyeopenertv 6:45am for "New Mom Essentials for Stress-free Motherhood". 😍💋Also, the segment will be syndicated @cw33dfw @cw39houston #Houston @dcw50 #DC @phl17morningnews #philadelphia & #portlandoregon 💋I'm so blessed to be able to do what I love, exactly the way I want it - Real, authentic content, focusing on life as a mom, helping make life a little easier, a little more stylish and a heck of a lot happier - I hope 🙏💋😊 Tune in or check back to my blog this week, where I'll repost the clip and product suggestions. 💋 As always, if you have a #mamadrama drop me a line. I'd love to find a solution, bring up a concerning issue and support our #MomTribe
Nosing around with my favorite gal, with matching braids. 💋When something matters, you make time for it - somehow, someway. 💋Booked a flight around my nieces 9th birthday party, this one just for kiddos, because family matters, having the kids play together matters, being there to share in yet another memorable moment with my sister matters, eating a big cookie cake REALLY matters. 💋 Mamas, I hope you're having a delightful Sunday. For those in Dallas tune into @cw33dfw @eyeopenertv 6:45am for my "New Mom Must Haves". PS Houston, D.C., Philly & Oregon, the segment will be syndicated to you as well !! 💋 #workingmom #hustlemode #blessedlife
#cherylblossom tree in the new house. This mama ❤️Mother Nature 🌸💋🌿🌸 Let's commit to loving #mothernature just as much as we love our mothers. Be kind, be caring and don't overuse her. 🙏💋 Happy #earthday hope you're spending it reconnecting and recommitting to the #motherearth 🌏💋
I believe every day should be celebrated, but Friyay gets extra love. 💋Im blessed to be home, blessed to have spent the morning with my munchkins, the afternoon shooting #momswithattitude w @snooki & @jwoww (tune in May 8 @awestruck for my #MothersDay Gift Guide) & soon a blessed evening with the hubs + @joshcellars Rose 🍷💋. But first, laundry, some writing, maybe a nap (ya right) dinner with kids... #momlife #blessedlife 🙏💋😍Mamas, I hope you had a wonderful week and are exciting for the weekend and warm weather!
#tbt @pix11news sharing mommy sanity & survival tips when kids have no school. 💋 Yoga anyone? Here my sister and nieces Gracefully demo warrior while I do my beloved goddess pose, forgetting briefly I'm in a skirt (oh and on TV). 💋😜 Good thing I'm game for a laugh. For  tips on how to survive upcoming summer break, check out my YouTube page or blog. #PamelaPekerman #PamsPicks #pix11news 💋
These little munchkins went to their first event with mommy, & it happened to be the launch of @rachelzoe x @paulfrankpix children's collection sold exclusively @gilt right now! 💋 Easy to match with existing wardrobe, easy to wash (yup I did the test) & impeccable quality. 💋Mamas, this is a #PamsPicks winner. Happy midnight shopping 💋PS David and Ilana are both no longer sick 🙏 it's been a long two weeks. I'm grateful to end the sick weeks on such a stylish note, & reunite everyone under one roof in good health and happiness #mamaste #RachelZoexPaulFrank
Swinging into the weekend like .... 24-hours in #motherland has more ups&downs than the craziest rollercoaster you can imagine. 💋 Through all the temper tantrums, cuddles, kisses, I'm sorrys, unexpected fevers, absurd amount of laundry, unplanned no-work-for-mommy days, not-gonna-eat today, can-I-get-a-babysitter so I don't have to take my sick kid in the car with my healthy kid in order to get one to daycare m!! coco-nuts crunch ... all you really want is for them to be happy + healthy 🙏💋And for you, to have enough peaceful time on Sunday to swing into the weekend... with a glass of sparkling something 🍷... wait, did you expect me to say something else? 😜wine IS the secret to a "balanced" #momlife 💋
Keeping those good vibes going, with arms wide open for the goodness everyday can bring. 💋My hubby totally nailed my current mood in this photo. I'm embracing life and letting the sun glow from the inside out. 💋Mamas, happy Passover, Happy Easter, Happy #SundayVibes from my home & heart ❤️ yours. 💋I'm hoping to share an exciting announcement this week 🙏 Stay tuned. #momtribe #embracelife #embracewhoyouare #embracethejourney #happyformula
I got that sunshine in my pocket. 🌞 Current mood: blessed & jumping for joy! 💋 I've learned to trust that the universe has my back, that blessings are everywhere, that everyone has their own #happyformula life & that I'm one lucky gal. 🙏💋 I hope you're dancing your way into the weekend, counting your blessing (they are there!) and doing motherhood your way. #mamaste #jumpingforjoy #fridayfeeling #fridayvibes 💋

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