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#tbt that time I was days away from giving birth to munchkin 2, my marshmallow, always-smiling son David. 💋 pregnancy can be full of stressful moments, and motherhood is, well, the mother load of stress. But, if we take plenty of breaths, drinks plenty of Rose, laugh plenty of times, and learn to live in the moment, the reward is a lifetime of love. 💋 For tips on how to potentially relieve at least one pregnancy stress, aka having a #prematurebirth check out my latest blog post. It's really important! 🙏💋 (link in bio - 💋
This is my blessed munchkin number2, aka David. During both my back-to-back pregnancies I never worried, nor was I ever made to feel concerned, about the risk of #prematurebirth. In fact, 1 in 10 pregnancy in the US end in premature birth! When I learned about this back in November, during #prematurebirthawareness Month, I was shocked. Since 40% of women who have a premature birth are first time moms, I wanted to share a meaningful #wellnesswednesday #newblogpost about an innovative blood test called PreTRM that will give moms to be an individualized risk result for delivering her baby prematurely.❤️ check out the blog (link in bio) if you are expecting or know someone who is, share the link. ❤️ if I'm blessed to have another baby, I'm certainly asking my dr to administer this simple blood test, so we can figure out the best way to manage the pregnancy and #keepthebunintheoven past 37 weeks. ❤️ #cutebabyboy #cutebaby #welcomewagon
Your reading material is a good indication of where you are in life. 💋Clearly I'm in a motivated, cozy, at-one-with-the-universe  space. What's on your #readinglist ? 💋PS I was obsessed with #transcendentalism, as well as romantic poetry, in High School. 💋 In many ways, the past few months have been a return back to the me I was before the clouds of adulthood and self-inflicted peer pressure creeped in.💋#lovebeingme #liveauthentic 💋
About this weekend ... #familylife #familyphoto daddy is the shadow 😍How did you spend long weekend? I'm calm, cozy and collected ready for the magical week ahead. #happinessishere 💋💋
Mamas, let's celebrate. Tomorrow is #drinkwineday, aka every day in #motherland 💋 My #newblogpost is up featuring #fridayfinds devoted to wine 🍷 enjoy & indulge. You deserve it! (Link in bio - )
Soaking up the sun. Loving life. Last Friday in #stbarth & #stmarteen, this Friday Staten Island. It's all good , it's all a blessing. Paradise and true joy is controlled by the mind. What you think manifests into what you get and how you see the world. And I see nothing but good vibes, great blessings & a gobblet of wine for Shabbat, tonight.💋💋 who's joining me? 💋Today's #fridayfinds are all about wine. Check back to the blog before noon for #winenight essentials. 🍷🍷
About last night ... baking cookies with grandma @askmalvina. Isn't this love? Isn't this what it's all about? #familyfunday #loveday 💋Valentine's Day is for them, the kids, and another chance for all of us to reset and refocus on making memories and being present. 💋❤️#hygge #hyggelife #familygathering
How sexy can you go? 💋Check out my #newblogpost on #everydaylingerie ideal for every kind of sexy from the angel to the seductress, and every sexy confident mama in between. 💋There's no right or wrong kind of sexy. Find your fire and own it. 💋plus I'm sharing thoughts on the absurdity of Valentine's Day, and why you should thong it up on the regular. #happymarriage 💋 PS nipple tassels rock! 💋
They're not always angels, but somehow we easily move on. One minute it's tantrums, the next it's thankful smiles. 💋Motherhood is nothing, if not interesting and unpredictable. Maybe that's why women make such kickass crisis management CEOs. We know how to put out 🔥 fires, and so it with compassion ❤️. To the feisty  red doll I'm blessed to call my daughter, Happy Valentine's Day. 💋Let's just say you keep me on my toes and have taught me the power of the pause. I'm a better human being because of you and your brother. 🙏 #kidsvalentines

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