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Walking into the week with power and passion. 💋First up, back to the gym ... I've been feeling the fatigue and it's time to exercise, again, regularly. 🙌💋#fittinginfitness #healthymomma #mondayvibes
The weekend and #nyc belonged to these two munchkins. 💋Boat tours, zoo, climbing the rocks in Central Park,  going out of your way to take the Manhattan Bridge, and going to dining establishments where 🙌they didn't embrace mom #momwin 💋I can't wait to keep molding these munchkins. 💋This week, I know, the hashtag in my house will be #statueofliberty 💋🗽She wowed them 😍💋... and now 10:15pm off to 😴😴How did you spend your weekend?
Practicing my "I got this" pose. 💛💋except, I don't got this. Today, what I got was a set-back, a "no, not today" answer so common in the creative field and entrepreneurial life. 💛💋I could fill up a room with all the No and Not Quite and Not Right Now and Not Enough Money responses I've collected in the 10+ years I've been in business. 🙌But, while in the past these would have crushed me, today I'm wiser to the ebb and flow, able to embrace the set-back without allowing it to take@over mind. 🙏💛💋 Tomorrow I have another opportunity to receive the Yes which is perfect for me. #olderwiser #mindfulliving 🙏💛💋
All smiles for the week ahead. 💛💋Grateful for the extended summer-like weather, but equally as in love with the sweeping winds of fall. 🍁🍂💛When you view the world with #positivevibes and live in a state of mindfulness, every day is PACKED with GRATITUDE. 💋💛Right now, I'm so very grateful for  1️⃣the compassionate commitment of @vasculitisfoundation and being honored to join their board of directors 2️⃣ driving home with my delicious kids + equally yummy hubby 3️⃣having a community #momtribe with all of you amazing ladies, where we can #sharenotshame #stopmomshaming  4️⃣really comfy tanks @yummiebyht 💋 @iamheathert 5️⃣ a @dermovia #laceyourfacemask waiting for me at home 💋💛What are you grateful for right now? #livewithgratitude
Heading in the weekend with power and purpose. 🙌💋🙌off to Chicago for @vasculitisfoundation Board of Directors meeting, setting the agenda for exciting social media awareness campaigns, fundraising goals, community outreach and support for those w #vasculitis 🙏, reviewing new research proposals #autoimmunedisease and debating best ways to educate primary care physicians on the early signs of vasculitis. 💋For my father and everyone that has been touched by this illness, we are here for you, open to your ideas and grateful to be is service to such a unique, rare 😍community! #awareimrare #victoryovervasculitis #vasculitiscommunity
#tbt getting the scoop on everyday chic from this fab mama x3 @mollybsims @themomsnetwork #mamarazzi. 💋 Check out her new book #EverydayChic for simple and smart entertaining, organizing and style tips for the busy mom. 💋Mamas, what I love most about this ray of light model mama is that  Molly keeps it real and gets the #sharedontshame #stopmomshaming messaging I'm SO passionately trying to promote. 💋🙌 PS I'm heading to LA soon for a fun project ... west coast be on the look out #hustlelikeamom
When your 4-and-a-half-year-old mini me asks, "mommy are you going to write?" Response "Yes, ilana." And then she says "I want to be a journalist, too." 🙌💋😍💋So, this mama is heading into the week charged up with #positivevibes + #mamamojo and, of course,  #smilesfordays
I'm a huge fan of fabulous, self-love. 💋Wake up to a #hellogorgeous pillow. 💋Wear a rose quartz mala necklace. 💋Walk around in a #goodvibesonly tank. 💋 Mamas, we always go above and beyond for everyone around us, so I'm all about wrapping yourself in #selflove. 💋🙌 it's a long weekend, enjoy the family, but don't forget to find time for yourself and a cozy, luxurious pillow + cup of tea ☕️ #MeaningfulMeMoments 💋
Loved seeing this inspirational mama @daphneoz rocking her bump, spreading good vibes and smiles. 💋There are so many shades of motherhood, and only one version of #happyformulalife that is uniquely your own. 💋I can't wait to start sharing all mom stories via @parents #MommyMoments my new show debuting soon. 💋🙌 Stay tuned and support. Let's share not shame 🙌💋 #stopmomshaming #hustlelikeamom #relishthemoment

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