That's a wrap... 3 segments and lots of time saving #AlwaysBeYourBestYou essentials xo @nuebyshani dress tailored for me
Live in 15minutes @wusa9 @greatdaywash Summer Inspired Beauty
Mamas of #DC tune in tomorow 9am @greatdaywash for summer inspired beauty. There will be plenty of time-saving time and cool products to help you #AleaysBeYourBestYou. Plus I found an amazing bookstore @kramerbooks picking up goodies for my munchkin ... Mom will be home soon.
When it's 6am, you've "slept" on the floor listening to your sick munchkin breath, & then you come downstairs and give him milk and start prepping for day ahead... Ok prep food for him/all, pack dr bag, is daycare an option for either tomorrow, who can watch them, print notes for @greatdaywash segments ... & then this adorable face says "mamachka sit down" in the most angelic voice imaginable. Slow down mamas. It will all get down and all be okay. A lesson from my toddler ;) #toddlersteaching #parentingunfiltered
Brooklyn babe always. #weekendvibes
Friyay! Everyone is smart snacking today. Thanks @grazeusa for my personalized snacks. The banana cream pie batch is going fast. Thank goodness you ship in potion control sizes.  Oh and thanks for keepin' it clean with your ingredients. ;) #healthy happy & snacking my way into the weekend. Mamas, check this one out. I'll be blogging about it soon ... Wahhu my blog it finally working again!! Joy to world. XO
@plumorganics the arrival of your recent press kit+ gifts, saved mom on a sick day w munchkin. Dino themed package is keeping us busy, plus Ilana loves the new Might Dino's cheddar crackers. She isn't eating much, so at least we have something in the belly now. Xo happy mom #parentingunfiltered
Once upon a time, a Brooklyn gal went back to her old stomping grounds and had a run-in with Coco Chanel ... #IheartBrooklyn
Running 15min behind schedule this morning, but still made it to gym. Seeing major strength and toning improvements! #healthy happy #mom = healthy happy #family