We Need Dairy Free Snacks for Gut Health
Recently, I’ve been sharing school safe snacks here on the blog, via my YouTube channel, and TV segments on local morning shows.
And, as some of you know, I began to seek out Free-From Allergen snacks and foods, when my son’s daycare snack was turned away back in September because one child in his class was allergic to nearly all of the top 8 most common food allergies.
In a mad dash, I ran to the local grocery store and found well-labeled “safe for school” snacks from brands like MadeGood. Ever since then, I stock these allergen-friendly snacks at home, in addition to giving them to David for school, because I’m sure someday soon my son or daughter will have a play date with a child that has allergies.
Did you know 5.6 million children under age 18, have some allergy? That’s roughly two in every classroom!
And, I’m now personally grateful to brands like MadeGood, which offer a wide range of nutritious products in a variety of flavors, all made with real fruit, real veggies, whole grains, and free from all 8 allergens — peanut, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, egg, soy, sesame, fish, and shellfish.
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Why is this personal, now?
As of yesterday, my daughter has been put on a dairy free diet, as we wait to see what triggers a skin care condition she’s been dealing with for years. We’re focusing on gut health, figuring out what triggers her inflammation, and dairy free is the first food-group eliminator. So, it’s no longer just about researching for an article or TV segment. Finding tasty grab-and-go cookies or bars that are dairy free is now a reality for me – not just a nice thing to do for kids that come to our home, that might have allergies to certain foods. Moms in 2019 are super lucky that brands like MadeGood are making life with kids that have special dietary needs, a bit easier.All MadeGood products are produced in a dedicated facility free from the eight common allergens. So, I’m feeling good about stocking up on MadeGood Crispy Squares, Granola Minis, and Soft Baked Cookies.

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