Top SMall Biz Tip for 2021 SUccess

I know what’s not working in your business. I know the one thing that is stopping you from maximum success. I know what your mompreneur hustle needs to grow a community that buys.

I know all this, because I know WHAT I DID WRONG for so many years.

I operated without direction, with no clear messaging.

What’s the point of nailing it once, making a few great sales/deals, when you can’t clearly follow up with consistent wins / repeat buyers?

Prep for the Marathon, Not the Sprint

For years I was showing up on TV or hosting big-shot events for pr firms, making money and looking fabulous.

I mean, who doesn’t feel fabulous when they are paid to talk and be on a panel with Molly Sims, or interview celebs like Marc Jacobs and Rachel Zoe on the red carpet, or be a national spokesperson for TJMaxx and Marshalls?

But, while I was racking up dollars, what was the why? What was the bigger plan? What was the missing link unifying my brand?

Stop Wasting Money and Time

You’ve spent time and money to develop an amazing product or service.

You’ve spent time and money to develop a beautiful website to showcase/sell.

Maybe, you’ve even spent time and money on email marketing, social media and pr events/zooms.

So, why isn’t your community growing? Why aren’t you making sales?

It’s simple.

You haven’t given your team – or yourself – clear direction. You’re operating without messaging that resonates, and draws in that ideal community.

Here’s the Secret to Selling

The secret to selling more of your product or serve is sharing.

The tools needed to share, the tool needed to grow a community that buys is MESSAGINGS.

Whether you’re building a website, deciding what to post on social media, eager to pitch your business/self to the media, or deciding how to interact with shoppers during a trunk show, if you don’t have the right words to say, you’re not closing any deals.

Words Matter.

Words Resonate.

Words evoke Emotions.

And, Emotions are why People Buy.

Lessons from QVC & HSN

Home shopping channels know how to sell. They know that you need to buy into a story, understand why a product is of value, even connect to the founder/creative director.

For years, I was on-air talent for QVC & HSN. I trained with the best sales team there is.

And, guess what, you learn very quickly that if you’re on TV selling a handbag, you’re not selling anything.

You are there to sell an emotional connection, a visual idea of what life is like now, and what it can be with that handbag in your hands.

Master Your Messaging

Let me ask you a question:

Have you spent as much time on your messaging as you do on clicking thru Instagram?

And, while we’re on the subject of IG, are you clearly communicated messaging that really resonates and evokes emotion?

Or, like most small business brands, are you throwing spaghetti on the wall, not sure why you even bother posting?

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Master Your Messaging with Pamela Pekerman

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Drop a comment. Ask me anything about creating effective messaging, growing a community that buys and/or the Master Your Messaging group coacking program.