Need help navigating school mom life?

If your kids are home because of Coronavirus closings, you’re not alone. I’ve worked from home for years, but it’s different having to work and also home school. When the call came two weeks ago, about our closings, I quickly realized that if I don’t create a plan, it would be hard to stay sane.

This is Not Traditional School

To get through the extended school closures, due to Coronavirus, create a family flow that works in your home. Attempting to mirror the exact schedules in schools will not be successful in most homes, especially if mom and dad are both trying to keep up with their office work, and kids of all ages have different “class” needs. 

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I Have Your Back

Rome wasn’t built in a day, or alone.  If you woke up, today, feeling lost and anxious, my guide shares free online tools to help parents educate kids and carve out time for their work and self care.

If You Want To Know The Exact Things I Do To Create a Routine That Rocks For My Kids While Working From Home, download my FREE Guide packed with resources and tips.