Tees by Tina founder Tina Goldfield on growing her business, juggling motherhood and Spring 2015

Dear Tees by Tina,

You wrapped me in fashionable love during my pregnancies, and keep me looking sharp when my tummy is flat.

You are with me at work and on the weekend. 

You make getting dressed a stylish, time-saving snap.

I love you so much, I wish you made sexy lingerie so that we could be together all the time …

Style Expert Pamela Pekerman Tees by Tina

One dress took me through two pregnancies, and is still worn today! Tees by Tina is a wardrobe game change.

Oh, sorry, you’re all readying this! That was kinda of private.

What can I say, I’m OBSESSED with Tees by Tina. I’ve featured the brand on BETTER TV, in time-saving blog posts like this one on 1 shirt 7 outfits, BELLA Magazine, basically everywhere I go, something from Tees by Tina comes with me. There’s just nothing like finding a brand that makes it easy to stay stylish and not rummage through your closet for the perfect look, when you have zero time left to get out the door and make your meeting because today was the day your daughter decided the nanny WAS NOT going to be allowed to dress her!! YES, this has happened.

It was a thrill to connect with Tees by Tina founder Tina Goldfield and find out how this former Pilates instructor is taking the fashion world (including every smart, savvy female celebrity) by storm!

Enjoy my interview with Tees by Tina founder Tina Goldfield on growing her business, juggling motherhood and the current spring 2015 collection.

Tees by Tina founder Tina Goldfield

Tees by Tina founder Tina Goldfield, we’re secretly BFFs. It’s a secret to Tina. 

P2: For those who don’t know, and I feel VERY sorry for their closets, tell us about Tees by Tina?
Tina: Tees By Tina is the ultimate in ultra-comfortable fashion solutions for every woman. It all started when I realized there was a need in the marketplace for a top that would be ideal for both day and play. After five short years and explosive growth, the brand now offers a complete lifestyle collection of tops, bottoms, dresses, skirts, leggings, active and maternity wear, expertly crafted using seamless technology and a unique blend of the softest yearns with incredible memory.

P2: At what point did you realize, “Wow, I’m onto something big?”
Tina: The Classic Smooth Tank was the very first product I designed, and I realized that I was onto something when my friends and former Pilates clients would show up to class and immediately ask to see what new colors were available in that design. I started developing more styles from there.

Tees by Tina classic smooth tank

Tees by Tina classic smooth tank, $38

P2: Who is the Tees by Tina woman? How are you helping her “Always Be Your Best You”?
Tina: Tees By Tina is every woman! From the ‘cutie patootie’ just starting out in her career, to the stay-at-home mom and pregnant woman (yes – we have lots of things for maternity!), our brand caters to the wardrobe needs of a woman on-the-go, but who still wants to look good and be comfortable. I make clothes that enhance more than just how women look and feel – I make clothes that can become part of a lifestyle and work beautifully with any existing wardrobe. I want to help women believe in themselves and love their bodies, no matter their size, shape, or age.

Tees By Tina Model Shot Spring 2015

Tees by Tina works for pregnant gals, moms, and teens. Mix, match and make it your own.

P2: What’s it like being a working mom? Do you have any tips for juggling it all?
Tina: I think I have the same issues as everyone else. It doesn’t all ever get done. Wireless internet is great – I take my laptop when getting a pedicure. I think the most important thing is to be there for the times when your kids really need you. Also – TEXT! It allows me to check in throughout the day and let them know I am thinking of them even when we might not have 10 minutes to chat on the phone.

P2: Is there something you tell you kids about your job and/or something you do with them after a long day at work?
Tina: I tell them that no matter how much I love what I do, the most important thing to me is being a wife and mother. That, and – hard work pays off – you make your own luck.

P2: What’s your dream for the brand?
Tina: My dream for Tees By Tina is to continue to meet the needs of our customers. One way I hope we will continue addressing the wardrobe needs of our core customer is through the launch of the TINA Stephens Collection, our new cut-and-sew label that features a wide selection of simple and sophisticated pieces women can easily integrate into their wardrobes for instantly pulled together style. The line’s flowy tunics, collared shirtdresses, and loose fitting trousers are perfect for women wanting to look relaxed and effortlessly polished. And what’s really great about the TINA Stephens Collection is that the designs complement the seamless Tees by Tina product very well.

TINA Stephens storefront

TINA Stephens storefront, which also carries the core Tees by Tina brand.

P2: Describe your personal style in three words.
Tina: Relaxed – but put together. That’s 4 words!

P2: What are your top Pilates moves for a healthy, lean body?
Tina: I believe any move that I can try to squeeze into a busy workday is great, but Knee stretches on the Reformer are always a favorite

P2: What’s new from Tees by Tina for Spring 2015?
Tina: Fabulous new colors, such as Seafoam, Pistachio and Sky Blue are new for Spring. We also added a couple new silhouettes to the line, including the Crosshatch Dress, the Lattice Midi Skirt and the Reversible Tank – a top that offers multiple styling options because you can wear the U or V neckline either front or back.

Tees by Tina crosshatch dress spring 2015

Tees by Tina crosshatch dress, $120

FYI This is me wearing a Tees by Tina skirt while interviewing Nina Garcia.