Summer Cocktail Recipe, Kombucha Bellini with Wonder Drink

June is here, and mama wants a perfect summer cocktail recipe to wow guests. Mama also doesn’t want it to be too hard to make, too sweet, or too sour. Bellini’s are the peachy perfect drink we all associate with summer parties. 

But, how can we make a Bellini better, hopefully with much less sugary?

Mix it up, and boost your Bellini recipe with kombucha.

Wonder Drink Kombucha is a fermented tea drink packed with probiotics, the healthy bacteria which has been shown to support at healthy digestive system, as well as boost skin vitality. Plus, I’m using their Ginger & Peach Prebiotic drink, and prebiotics are the food that help the good bacteria grow. (Learn more about prebiotics here.)

INGREDIENTS – Summer Cocktail Recipe, Kombucha Bellini

  • 2oz Wonder Drink Ginger & Peach Prebiotic Kombucha 
  • 2oz dry, sparkling white wine (or prosecco, but I’m not a fan)
  • 1/2oz pureed peach
  • drop in a raspberry for added razzle dazzle or some graded ginger for added kick 

Mix. Serve. One 12oz can of Wonder Drink Prebiotic Kombucha will yield 6 serving.

Wonder Drink Kombucha Prebiotic Pamela Pekerma Kombucha Bellini

Did you know Wonder Drink made the first and only Prebiotic Kombucha? Yup. And they use prebiotics from an organic plant fiber called xylo-oligosaccharides. “Xylo” selectively nourishes good bacteria (more specifically Bifidobacterium species). Other prebiotics and dietary fibers break down in kombucha, may have side effects, require consumption in large doses, and can promote the growth of unwanted bacteria.

Did you also know that I had my first Bellini, with my mom, at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy? It was the summer after graduating from NYU, and  my first trip to Europe. The trip was a treat my parents gifted me for graduation, and, mind you, they didn’t gift themselves this type of travel until both my sister and I graduated from college. Just a little #gratefuldaighter #immigranthuse share. Thanks mom and dad.

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