Smart Style Staples: 1 Mom, 5 Fashion Items, 7 Days of Style

If you’ve ever been flustered when facing your closet in the morning, join me on Instagram as I document my 7-Day Fashion Challenge, from October 19th to October 25th.

I’m challenging myself, and proving to you, that you don’t need a lot of money and a vast wardrobe to Always Be Your Best You. All you need are smart style staples that fit together like a puzzle, making the mornings a little less hectic. Because when your son’s food is on your robe, your daughter doesn’t want to get her hair combed, and your husband rushes out the door for work after taking a show (Sh*t when was the last time YOU took a normal shower?? Don’t answer that, and I won’t either), the last think you need to think about is: “Do I have anything nice to wear, today?”

FYI: Sweatpants at not an option! Please burn yours or we can’t be friends.

From daycare drop off to Costco runs, from meetings in Manhattan to a PIX11 Morning New segment (check out my fun “Belly Buster Tips and Tricks” segment this Friday 8-9am), I’ll only be wearing a combination of the five fashion items shown below.

These are my tried-and-true, working-mom-zone ahead, tested-in-toddler-tizzy land Smart Style Staples.

From Left to Right: Ramy Brook Robi Sleeveless Top $295, Tees by Tina Lattice Dress $85, Tees by Tina Textured Pencil Skirt $50, Lysse Moto Vegan Leather & Suede Leggings $128, Elizabeth Daniel NY The Tuxedo Shirt $49

5 Fashion Essentials

As always, the accessories will be crucial. Cue the shoe show.

Enjoy the journey and check my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds to get styling ideas and accessorizing tips.

Oh, and of course, there’s a GIVEAWAY involved, because you need another reason to love Monday … and me!

CLICK HERE to get the rules on how YOU CAN WIN the Tees by Tina lattice dress. I own this dress in five colors and counting.

Tees by Tina Lattice Dress

And, yes these are the same five fashion staples I rave about in the current installment of “Pam’s Picks” in BELLA NY Magazine. When I’m obsessed, it shows.

This reminds me of the time I found my dream wedding hall and cried in front of the banquet hall manager … negotiations were pretty much non-existent, once the other side saw the tears. Cue the not-so-happy finance that happened to only miss one appointment. Ya, it was the one appointment that shouldn’t have been missed.

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