Small Business PR Tips & PR Story Prompts, with PR Pro & Mompreneur Sabina Hitchen

Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!! If ever there was a time to tell you about my dear friend and pr pro, Sabina Hitchen, today would be the day! Oh, and she’s sharing her top 4 small business pr tips and pr story prompts to ignite your 2020 publicity campaign! But, first, how we met …

Sabina Hitchen and I met over ten years ago when she left Chicago, where she was a teacher, to move to New York and launch a boutique public relations firm. In fact, we met through a small networking group called Divas Who Dine, that used to intimidate the heck out of me – wow, those women were (and still are) power houses! And, so was a 20-something Sabina!

She went on to launch several entrepreneur associations and pr-coaching services through other organizations. But, ever a lover of supporting small businesses,  Sabina finally stepping into her rightful place as the pr guru for small businesses with the launch of and Press for Success PR Prep School.

Small Business PR Tips Sabina Hitchen Press for Success Mompreneur Pamela Pekerman

Irresistible PR Story Prompts and Small Business PR Tips … they are coming. But, a little more about this amazing woman, Sabina Hitchen. It is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, after all.

Sabina was the keynote speaker at my first Hustle Like a Mom mompreneur panel + mingle, sharing her special sauce of DIY pr tips and branding strategies. This joyful human being, now a new mom!!, is one of the most giving  people I have even met. So, when I asked her if I could share some free pr tips with you mamas, she was all for it.

Enjoy these small business pr tips, ideal for hustling mompreneurs, and don’t forget to check out Sabina Hitchen’s online classes, one-on-one pr consulting,  and Press for Success PR Prep SchoolSmall Business PR Tips Sabina Hitchen Press for Success Mompreneur Pamela Pekerman

Small Business PR Tips Sabina Hitchen Press for Success Mompreneur Pamela Pekerman

4 Irresistible PR Story Prompts & Small Business PR TIPS


Make yourself of great service to readers, listeners, or viewers by stopping them from making costly mistakes related to your industry. You’ll do this by sharing your expertise, service, or product. The mistakes that you’re going to help people solve can be common or can be something consumers may not even know they’re making (until you let them know). Your goal with this pitch will be to identify the mistakes and provide actionable solutions for them.
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This story angle works for multiple reasons. For starters, it’s a crowd pleaser! Everyone loves a story about how someone was able to change their life or career and turn an idea into a business. It allows people to picture themselves following their dreams, humanizes your story, and makes it exciting. Use this to get your feature story out into the world! It works because you aren’t simply saying “meet me, tell the world about me, this is what I do!” Instead you’re sharing the interesting story on how you went from doing THIS to doing THAT. Now that makes for a much better story, and it also makes your story (and perhaps the anecdotal tips you’ll share with it) much more relatable.


Oh, how people love putting a face to a name, business or innovation. Personalizing your brand by sharing the human story behind it (whether locally or nationally) can lead to powerful publicity and long-term customers. If your business is making waves (even locally), if you have created something new and interesting, or if you were responsible for a viral or real-life trend, it’s time you tooted your own horn and turned it into a press angle.
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What are the warning signs that something bad could be on its way? Your ideal audience wants to know what signs to look out for in any and all situations.
In fact, you may have warning signs to offer for something that they didn’t even know they should be on the look out for! It’s your job to inform them that you have this information for them.
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What more? Check out Press for Success, PR Prep School with mompreneur Sabina Hitchen.

Small Business PR Tips Sabina Hitchen Press for Success Mompreneur Pamela Pekerman

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