Self Love Valentine’s Day Takeover & Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is a joke. If you are properly loved by your significant other every single day of the year, then you should not put pressure on him to plan an elaborate “Valentine’s Day Date”. The results are usually tacky (flashing red flower roses anyone?) or overpriced meals (“special menu” alert). And, ladies, if February 14th is the only day you are putting on extra fancy, kinky lingerie, that’s also a relationship no-no. Keep it sexy and romantic all year long!

So, let’s refocus Valentine’s Day on the one person that probably doesn’t give you enough love, the one person that can be extremely harmful to your self-esteem, the one person that needs to constantly be reminded to be good to you. I’m talking about YOU!

Ladies, we are our own worst enemies. Let’s use Valentine’s Day as a day to recommit to Self Love, to harboring positive thoughts about yourselves, to acknowledging that you deserve to be loved, and to reinforcing that you should Always Be Your Best You.

Below is my Self Love Valentine’s Day Gift Guide full of beauty items for pampering, accessories for indulging and tea because that’s how I create Meaning Me Moments.

I’m wishing you an amazing, loving day. Find me on Twitter and Instagram and let me know how you plan to reignite Self Love this Valentine’s Day.


1. Sequin Capricorn 3-Charm Necklace $98

2. Jill Haber Campari Hair Calf Box Clutch $1695

3. Everything I Need To Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book by Diane Muldrow $6 (this already rests on my nightstand and is often opened in the morning for words of wisdom. Can you really go wrong if you “Dress up and go dancing” or “Be a hugger”?)

4. Naturopathica Plant Stem Cell Booster Serum $84 1oz

6. Chloe Ellie Pink Marble Cocktail Ring $560

5. Fine Fragrance Body Wash, Love Forever $6

7. Wedgwood Cuckoo Tea Collection $50-$100

8. Fortnum & Mason Rose Biscuits $17

9. Kelly Wearstler Classic Bronze Mini Kiss $125

10. Sequin Bliss Beaded Bracelets in Coral $38

11. Thymes Kimono Rose Candle $35

** At the top, the image of the heart is actually a lazer cut heart with crystals from Black Lace Jewelry. The Passionate Red Valentine’s Day Heart retails for $26. They stick to your skin and last for about 2-3 days even with washing. I’m wearing one tonight!