Screen Free Activities for Kids #ScreenFreeFun

School is out, and Camp Mom is operating in full force. After a successful first run as a ski mom, this weekend – more on that coming up – I’m loading up on screen free activities we can all enjoy together, for the rest of Midwinter Recess.

Below are some of my favorite screen free activities and games.

Some of the screen free activities the kids can do on their own, giving this mompreneur a chance to write, catch up on emails and/or take a breath.

Screen Free Activities – A Smarter Way to Bingo

Zingo by Think Fun has been a game changer in this house. We got Zingo for New Year’s Eve and in one week, my 4-year-old learned all the sight words. Best, of all, he and his older (Kindergadren-aged) sister enjoy this playful version of bingo so much, we’ve gotten the math and word-building versions of Zingo. If you have an older sibling, this is a great game they can play together, while clocking in babysitting duties.

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Screen Free Activities Kids Zingo Think Fun Pamela Pekerman

Screen Free Activities – Baking with Kids Made Easy

FlipBox includes an easy to follow recipe card, with pre-measured dry and organic ingredients. It’s the creation of Brooklyn-based mompreneur Karla Salinari, which developed from her success blog “ “ where she flips unhealthy recipes into healthy alternatives using gluten free, organic, and high-quality ingredients. FlipBox also includes a kid-sized apron and mini spatula for kids to join in the baking fun.

Screen Free Activities Kids FlipBox Baking Kits Pamela Pekerman

Screen Free Activities – Yoga Games

Think Fun has several yoga games for all ages to enjoy. It’s a great way to stay fit and stay silly. The Yoga Spinner Game and the Yoga Dice Game encourages teamwork and healthy living. Holding poses, pausing, and loads of playful joy for kids ages 5 to 105.

Screen Free Activities Kids Yoga Dice Think Fun Pamela Pekerman

Screen Free Activities – Keep it Classic

Legos never get old. I went through many building and stacking toys before I realized the kids wanted Legos. On my recent Michaels haul, I picked up a Legos set which includes a booklet of building ideas. Of course, I also encourage the munchkins to get creative and dream up their own designs. Legos give me at least an hour of free time to work, while I watch the munchkins build away.

Screen Free Activities Kids Lego Time Pamela Pekerman

Screen Free Activities – Crafting Kits

My house is always stocked up with pom poms, glue sticks, paper of all colors and textures, googly eyes and then some. But, if I know I’m not going to craft them, or when I know my brain doesn’t have the power to come up with a clever project, ready made crating kits are a great way to spend an afternoon with the kids. Creatology is one of my go-tos at Michaels. Of course there are tons of options, and you can now shop at based on your child’s age and interest.

Screen Free Activities Kids Michaels Craft Kits Pamela Pekerman

In the mood for a video?

Check out my Easy Glitter Crafting video with pop artist and designer Elizabeth Sutton.

This screen free crafting activity is best suited for kids 5 and older, with supervision.

Elizabeth Sutton also recently did a Hustle Like a Mom chat with me, which I hope will momspire you to hustle your own special way. Check it out.