Reversible Fashion Finds – Jeans, Tanks, Tights and More

I’m a huge fan of multi-wear fashion items. They save space in my closet. They are great for traveling light. They are ideal if your kid spills pureed vegetable soup on you, and you need a quick fashion fix – ya, it’s happened! You too? Read on.

Here are four of my favorite reversible fashion finds. Except for the tights, which are new, I wear the other items religiously! I hope they bring a smile to your face, and extra style in every step you take.

1. Bleu Lab Reversible Skinny Legging Jeans $128 – This is the item I need when I’m going to a restaurant with my little man. If he swings his arm the wrong way and some kasha falls on my jeans, I  dry up the spot in the ladies room and reverse the jeans. Boom. Instant fashion fix! (Ya, it’s a bit nasty having the jeans that were on the outside on the inside, but it’s better than having a stain for the whole world to see. Period.)


2. Tees by Tina Reversible Ballet Sleeve $58 – You may already know my deep, DEEP affection for this brand. It’s my top choice in the morning because of the ease with which I can slip a dress, tank or skirt on and have it fit like a glove, and accessorized in seconds. The ballet shirt, which I own in about half-a-dozen colors, can be worn with a deep scoop to the front or back, offering you a chance to show off more of your lady friends for after-work-drinks, if you so choose. I don’t have much lady friends to show anymore, so I’m going to drink to THAT now … at 10am :).  Does someone here a violin playing???


3. Hanes Reversible Tights $15 – As promised on the label, they do provide “move-with-you comfort”. I live for tights and am very picky in this category. I’m giving these an 8 because I love that I get two for the price of one, plus it was really silky on my skin. I’m not giving it a full 10 because when you flip to the reverse side, the hidden seem is no longer hidden. During the winter, if you’re wearing a thick skirt, like I did last night, you wont see it. If, however, you put on a Tees by Tina dress over the reverse side of the tights, the seem from your belly button to your hoo-hoo will show. Be advised.


4. Yummie Tummie Stephanie Tank $34 – Oh, Heather, I love you. This gal is a kick-ass business woman, mama and friends. She’s not my actual friend, well, not that she’s aware of, but she’s supported many of my events and my charity – Ilya Peckerman Vasculitis Foundation. But, back to the tank – it’s awesome. You get two style options, and that yummie, seamless shaping we all know and love form this brand. This is another one of those items I have in numerous colors. Actually, I have three is hush and three in white – just in case laundry wasn’t done on time. You know how that goes! Back up essentials.


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