Rainy Day Outfit Ideas, Brighten Up Your Slushy Style

Hello April. Hello spring.

Well, almost spring! Brrrrr. It was 30°C, yesterday, here in New York City. Today, it’s low 40s°C. But, tomorrow, we are expecting typical April showers, which is going to linger for several days.

If rainy days give you the blues, not to mention some fashion anxiety, here are bright, rainy-day outfit ideas that will uplift your mood and elevate your style forecast.

Rainy Day Outfit Ideas

1. Burberry Londonicon Lightweight Taffeta Trenchcoat $1495
Because if you’re going to invest in one trench, it should come from the best Brits in the game.

2. Umbrella Wet Dry Magic Color Changing Butterfly Print $29.99
Why not have some fun when you’re out and about? My kids get a kick out of seeing the butterflies go from white to pink/yellow/blue, when the rain hits the umbrella.

3. H&M Lace Yellow Dress $29.99
Oh Mr. Sun please shine down on me. Maybe this dress will help bring out Mr. Sun. (My daughter was singing this song on her birthday, this past Monday, because it was raining. The Mr. Sun song was quickly followed by Rain Rain Go Away. #AdorableToddlerMoments)

4. Handbag Raincoat City Slicker $25-$30
Protect your beloved handbags from the elements with this clever bag raincoat. Just make sure to get the right size (mini, midi, maxi) to cover the whole handbag. Store it conveniently in your purse, with the included pouch.

5. Keds Raindrop Boots $78.00
Don’t these wellies make you want to jump puddles and sing in the rain? Check my Instagram account tomorrow. I’m sure that’s what you’ll see me doing. (Life Rule #1 – NEVER act your age.)

6. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Pomegranate Oil Anti Aging Lipstick: Magnolia $29
Nothing perks me up quite like bold lipstick. This lipstick is my newest obsession and the first step in my journey to a greener, cleaner beauty routine. There are no synthetic chemicals, synthetic dyes, chemical preservatives or any other toxins.