Prebiotic Foods, Probiotics and Kombucha Benefits

You say probiotic, I say prebiotic.  Probiotic. Prebiotic. Let’s call the whole thing GUT-Great.

Okay, so not my best song writing skills, but these two words have become part of my daily diet and my daily vocabulary, as I manage my gut health, and seek to manage my daughter’s gut health and skin inflammation.

Did you know probiotics aren’t just for your gut microbiome?
Did you know there is such a thing as skin microbiome?
Did you know drinking Kombucha could boost your skin and gut health?

Before we talk about drinking some kombucha, let’s break it down a bit with a little vocabulary lesson.

Kombucha 101 Wonder Drink Kombucha health benefits Pamela Pekerman

Probiotics –

It actually means “for life”. These are the good bacteria bugs that make up your microbiome, and have a ton of health boosting benefits. They are live microorganisms that live inside your gastrointestinal tract and help clean out the gut. They are like your inner wellness warriors.

Benefits of Probiotics

  1. fights bad bacteria in your gut and on your skin
  2. can help regulate your immune system by working to control inflammation
  3. supports the healthy barrier function in both our gut and skin.

Prebiotics –

As Dr. Whitney Bowe, author of Dirty Looks, explains, think of prebiotics “as fertilizers or food to allow your skin’s healthy bugs/bacteria to flourish.” She also adds that, “some prebiotics encourage specific healthy strains of probiotic to grow, and others increase the diversity of the bacteria on your skin.”

Microbiome –  

the community of microorganisms that live on and in humans, that include our bug friends aka bacteriafungi, and viruses. Bacteria are by far the most numerous members of the human microbiome, so we need to manage this wild party!

Kombucha –

a fermented tea drink loaded with probiotics (healthy bacteria). This functional beverage tastes like apple cider vinegar or a bubbly ginger ail with added kick.

You know I love smart and easy solutions, which is why I stock my fridge with Wonder Drink, a kombucha brand that is non-alcoholic and features prebiotics in their drinks. It’s a great way to feed my gut and skin exactly what the good bugs need to keep the party jumping inside.

What are some Prebiotic Rich Foods?

Leeks, Wheat Bran, Raw Jerusalem Artichoke, Under-ripe Banana, Asparagus uncooked, Raw or Cooked Onions, Raw Garlic, Apples

Let’s be honest, on a given day you’re not getting it many of these into your diet – maybe the apple and bran … onions in a salad? Hence, a Wonder Drink with Prebiotics is a great solution, so mama can hustle about her day knowing she has feed her good bacteria what they need to thrive.

Prebiotic Foods Onions versus Kombucha Wonder Drink Prebiotic

Prebiotic Foods Green Bananas versus Kombucha Wonder Drink PrebioticPrebiotic Foods Asparagus versus Kombucha Wonder Drink Prebiotic

My favorite dermatologists and a leading researching in the field of human microbiome, Dr. Whitney Bowe explains that “oral and topical probiotics support the health of the good bugs that make up our microbiome. They support the healthy barrier function in both our gut and skin, preventing “leaky gut” and “leaky skin”. For more watch her informative video here.

Wonder Drink made the first and only Prebiotic Kombucha, using prebiotics from an organic plant fiber called xylo-oligosaccharides. “Xylo” selectively nourishes good bacteria (more specifically Bifidobacterium species).

Pick up your Wonder Drink on Amazon or click here to find a local retailer near you.

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