Pieces of Pam: Welcome to My World as a Wife, Mom, Fashion Editor, Entrepreneur, Sleep Seeker and more
my life as a mom, wife, entrepreneur, fashion editor, sleep seeker

my life as a mom, wife, entrepreneur, fashion editor, sleep seeker

For weeks I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out the best way to kick start this blog. How will this blog be different from all other blogs? (How Passoverish of me, right?) Can I provide consistent content, given the madness of having two babies under the age of two in this house? Do I go heavy on the personal side? How personal is too personal? Do I start now and blog when I can, or wait until baby #2 is fully sleeping through the night and I’m on a solid schedule? Should I focus more on the accessories/fashion or family/parenting? Speaking of family, do I really have time for this now? Do I really want this, or any work, now? Shouldn’t I just perfect my housewife life before I ignite another element of my professional life? And, while, I’m having mental diarrhea where is this magical work/family balance line? Ahhhhhh!! Mental madness!!

So, here’s what I figured out the other day, after several spontaneous conversations that I don’t believe happened by accident:

1. I don’t need to figure it all out right now (it being a heck of a lot more than just this blog, aka my work/family structure., aka my life)
2. I need to stop thinking so much
3. (And I already knew this) I’m really really blessed to be able to have the option to spend as much time as I want with my babies
4. I should share my world because aside from the glam of being in the media/fashion industry, I’m like every other woman who just had a baby (times 2) and is trying to navigate her new existence

And, so, THIS is Pieces of Pam … The true story of a woman, wife, mom, entrepreneur, style expert/TV host, accessories addict, organizational duntz picked to learned how to live her best life. Find out what happens when I stop thinking so much, and start letting my amazing life shine through.

Have a fabulous weekend! And, let’s all aim to Always Be Your Best You.

babies, work, cooking, trying to keep it together

babies, work, cooking, trying to keep it together

PS Much of this was written around 2am, because, of course, that’s my free time 🙂