This website is my name. This content is me. If I don’t show up to write, if I don’t show up for a TV segment, if I don’t host an event, there is no business.

After much pondering and adjusting this website to meet the needs of my personal brand and Hustle Like a Mom, I’ve decide needs to exist as the true hub for virtual workshops, mompreneur meets ups and more to come.

I’ve also launched @HustleLikeaMom on Instgaram.

WHY do the work for two websites and two instagram accounts? Because there is a lot that I do here that belongs to me, but doesn’t really fit well with HLAM. (more details coming soon)

At at recent Hustle Like a Mom mompreneur mingle & panel Divya Gugnani, co-founder of Wander Beauty, shared her take on the necessary separation between one’s personal IG and brand IG. Of course, there is content overlap, as you the brand owner must have similar values and mission. But, there are some things that must only live in the personal space in order to create a viable business identity that can live on without you showing up.

Click here to download Divya’s tip sheet on HOW TO UTILIZE YOUR BRAND SOCIALS VS. PERSONAL SOCIALS.