Pam’s Protein Power Shake, Plant Based Protein

Hey Mamas,

Let’t hustle and power into 2019 with a more thoughtful approach to eating.

In late 2018, I began to experiment with a plant-based diet. Now, I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan, but I wanted to see how much power and protein I could back into my meals, if I did choose to go green. Plus, my fitness guru Bryna Carracio, is always raving about the health benefits of her plant-based diet. So, why not try it!

Turns out, not only are there countless plant-based food options, they are delicious. My warm tofu in ginger sauce with seaweed and fresh peppers – winner. Or how about sweat potatoes with Thai-spiced chickpeas, green onion, and a yummy peanut drizzle?

And for breakfast, I’m totally hooked on Health Warrior’s Protein Mug Muffin and Health Warrior’s Superfood Protein Powder.

While I am working on creating at least two days a week when breakfast is not fast and furious, most days, I need to manage my minis and get out the door still like a pleasant, well-coiffed human.

For those days crazy mom life days, and many others, I turn to Health Warrior’s Superfood Protein Powder. It is a unique plant-based blend sourced from superfoods like pumpkin, hemp, chia and flax seeds, plus bonus probiotics to support mama’s healthy digestion. Did I mention it comes in vanilla and chocolate flavor? Yumzo.

Each scoop of this protein powder contains 20g of plant-based protein and 6g of dietary fiber, with no added sugars, no sugar alcohols or stevia – yes, it’s still tastes great. Because even though I want a healthy jumping body, I also want my taste buds to jump for joy.

Pam’s Protein Power Shake

– 1 scoop Health Warrior Superfood Protein Powder
– 6oz of Almond Milk
– 1/3 cup of Kellogg’s All-Bran buds (for even more fiber)
– top off with fresh berries (not blended when I’m walking around the house with the cup, blended when I’m drinking in the mom mobile)

Use code “pamela20” to get 20% off on the protein power and other Health Warrior #poweredbyplants creations.

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Mamas, are you on a plant-based diet?
Have you ever tried a day or week of meat-free living?
Do you want to know more about plant-based living – the benefits, the pitfalls, the medical wonders?
Let me know, and I’ll work on a few videos with a nutritionists and other experts.

Always Be Your Best You Pamela Pekerman