In some TV interview, I recall Joan Rivers (FYI I love this woman!) saying that as a young girl she was getting into the elevator at Saks Fifth Avenue when XYZ (sorry can’t recall who she named – I’m experiencing pregnancy brain) Hollywood, leading lady stepped out looking the part of a “Hollywood leading lady”. Of course, she wasn’t on set and no cameras were following. Rivers’ comment was that this was how an actress should look at all times.
Lauren Bacall, Audrey Halpern & Liz Taylor out-and-about, and still glamorous 
When did Hollywood glamour die? Sure, the women usually pull out all the stops when they are on the Red Carpet. We’ll see plenty of that this Sunday at the 86th Annual Academy Awards. But, what about in the real world? What about when they run out for groceries, take their kids to school or have a production meeting? Much like a president leading a nation, I expect these women – and men – to lead the nation, by example.
Yes, life has changed over the past fifty plus years. There are more obstacles and responsibilities, yada yada. Why does glamour and female allure have to be stifled in the process? Why can’t young Hollywood look casual-cool in jeans and well fitted shirt, but also slap on a little rouge? And, for the love of g-d, well coiffed hair in NOT an option under any circumstance.
I could show you the evidence of Hollywood run a mock, i.e. women who jet out of the house looking like hot messes, but that’s too TMZ for my taste. And, my mother, who happens to be an etiquette coach, taught be better. So, I’m not mentioning any specific names or showcasing images for your viewing pleasure. I simply want to put out this PSA:
Leading ladies of Hollywood, please get your acts together. You are leading a nation of women that look up to you as role models not only for your entrepreneurialism, philanthropy and artistic talent, BUT your grace and beauty. Being a role model is a 360 job with multiple levels; and, Always Being Your Best You is one of them.
So, next time you walk out the door you don’t need to look like you just stepped out of a movie set, but you also don’t need to look like you just mopped the floor with your head and pulled clothing out of a hamper. Take a page from icons of yesteryear and Never Surrender your style and beauty routine. America’s women need you!
Sophia Loren and Liz Taylor always looking their best

PS I placed this post in “P2 Lifestyle” because style and beauty are full lifestyle choices that women must make on a daily basis to express themselves and set the tone for their lives. It’s how we can live with better self esteem, lead our kids by example and express to the world how we feel about our selves. Hey world I”m hear and I deserve to be seen and acknowledged.