(L) My nightstand (R) My husband’s nightstand

A person’s nightstand can reveal quite a bit about their personality. What are their interests? What are their evening rituals? What or whom matters most to them? Here’s a look a my nightstand. Just for fun, I’ve included my husband’s, as well.

Ever since I read it back in 2010, I’ve kept Eat, Pray, Love by my bed. It’s like a Bible I go-to on difficult days. The second book, Bringing Up Bebe, is a great evening read that I still haven’t finished after a year. I’m also reading Lean In, finally — it was in my bag at time of picture. Then, I have my trusted leather, blue journal. For beauty, Lucky Legs by Mama Mio is a must to sooth tired legs in need of major loving, and Noodle and Boo Glowology The Balm hand and foot cream has a dreamy scent that reminds me of my daughter’s nursery. I also keep a small enamel elephant and Jay Strongwater pill box where I store my home earrings.

My husband’s nightstand has the last two issues of The Economist and a small picture frame of the first movie we saw back in 2002.  

My nightstand says:
“I’m pregnant, love to be pampered and enjoy my own thoughts!”

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