Spring 2014 Accessories, Pam’s Picks in BELLA NYC Magazine
March/April issue Bella NYC Magazine
The March/April issue of BELLA NYC Magazine is out, and I love the sleek redesign and the powerful cover model, Bellamy Young, from +Scandal. Any other Scandal fans out there? With a simple glance, does Young not make this show worth watching?
Pam’s Picks in March/April issue BELLA NYC Magazine
While enjoying the magazine, which highlights my friends Lara Eurdolian of PrettyConnected.com and Angela Gilltrap of HeavenHasHeels.com as part of the “Slamming Six” bloggers, spend some time on page 46 for the latest installment of Pam’s Picks. This month it’s all about women who launched luxury accessory business in their layer years, proving it’s never too late to follow your passion.
Whether they were stay-at-home moms or switched careers, these women followed their passion and are enjoying their second acts in the dazzling world of fashion accessories. Get inspired by their courageous, entrepreneurial leaps of faith.
Designs by Millo Jewelry featured in Pam’s Picks for BELLA NYC Magazine
Colette Jewelry 
Colette jewelry featured in Pam’s Picks for BELLA NYC Magazine
Jill Haber Handbags
Jill Haber handbags featured in Pam’s Picks for BELLA NYC Magazine
Coye Nokes shoes featured in Pam’s Picks for BELLA NYC Magazine
Next month, Pam’s Picks for +BELLA NYC MAGAZINE highlights the latest beauty and fashion destinations in NYC that truly give you no excuses for Always Being Your Best You! Really, these hot spots make it easy to look good and, therefore, feel fabulous.