Nina Garcia on Motherhood, Style, Cinderella & Confidence

Nina Garcia is the Creative Director of Marie Claire Magazine, a Project Runway judge and the style voice of JCPenney. Perhaps her most important role is that of mom to two young boys. I caught up with her at the majestic Drawing Room at The Palace Hotel, where JCPenney hosted a brunch in celebration of their collaboration with Disney’s Cinderella, a live-action feature film inspired by the classic fairy tale in theaters March 13.  Of course, I had to talk motherhood and fashion because if anyone understands my need for Meaningful Me Moments and living with an Always Be Your Best You mentality, it’s this lovely lady.


Nina Garcia in Calvin Klein. Me in Elizabeth Daniel NY shirt and Tees by Tina skirt

Pamela Pekerman: How does the story of Cinderella appeal to you?

Nina Garcia: Cinderella is all about transformation and an iconic story about confidence. It’s about the power of fashion to transform a woman. The scene when Cinderella is in her gown, that’s the wow. It’s really a story that happens every day.

PP: Speaking of every day, many moms sometimes lose themselves after giving birth. What can they learn from the movie?

NG:  Moms might lose their mojo for a few months because we’re in a bubble. And it’s a beautiful bubble, but that’s where fashion really helps. Fashion has that lure. We want to get back into that dress and we want to be able to wear that beautiful skirt.

P2: Any advice for getting out of the bubble?

NG: Try to keep current and go out there. Yes, it’s nice to be in the mommy bubble, but eventually you need to come back to the real world, and this is when we are here to help. Fashion is here to help you get back into it, to inspire, to give you confidence to help you through those months when your body is transitioning from one shape to another. That’s how it happened to me. It was that moment when I said, “Wait, I want to get back into fashion and I want to be able to wear that dress.” That’s the power and beauty of being in this business.

P2: I love that you used the word “inspire”. I couldn’t agree with you more about the value and need for a style and beauty routine.

NG: Absolutely. It’s always important to be your best.

P2: In order to be your best, I think a mom needs time for herself. With your busy work and home life, how do you find time for Meaningful Me Moments?

NG: It’s really hard to find time for me because I want to be with the kids all the time. But, I do find the time. And it’s when I go for a facial, or get my hair done, or a massage, or I’ll treat myself to shopping, or go to see a beautiful exhibit. When I get back home, I feel more in tune, more confident, more relaxed, and more enriched.

P2: What’s the one item that makes you feel like a princess?

NG: Jewelry!


This crisp white suit was so elegant and on-point for spring 2015. She looked amazing!


The actual dress from Disney’s Cinderella movie, hitting theaters March 13, 2015.


The classy, cool and confidence-inspiring ambiance at JCPenney’s event marking their collaboration with Disney’s Cinderella.