Happy Mother’s Day to all the stylish, sexy, & trying to stay sane moms! Oh, and that includes ME.

It is with great honor and joy that I introduce you to my daughter, Ms. Ilana Rose, born April 4, 2013. The past few weeks of motherhood inauguration have been fabulous, fun, occasionally frustrating, but thoroughly fulfilling. I’ve shared, and will continue to share, daily glimpses via my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook channels.

Ms. Ilana Rose

I can’t begin to express the emotions that charge through my body, the happiness that oozes from my pores, the exhaustion that requires major adjustments, the thrill of seeing my husband morph into Super Dad, the blessing of giving my mom her 3rd grandchild/ my in-laws their 1st/ & my grandmother her 3rd great-grand daughter, the urge to constantly clean, the desire to still be desired, the enjoyment of Ilana’s smell … in all forms, the need to get organized, the pain of not being able to share this with my father, the delight of knowing he’s with me through Ilana, the pleasure of a stroll with the stroller, the satisfaction of a content baby you just fed/changed/swaddled and put to bed, the comfort of having a sister who’s done it all … and kept labeled boxes of everything I would need when the time came, the appreciation of under eye cream/concealer/tightening body cream/boob tube/rose water spritz/ etc., the tranquility of sitting in the nursery, the burned fingers from sterilizing bottles, the excitement of fitting into Herve Leger again – oh ya!, the terrifying md.com searches –  never again, the peacefulness of watching Ilana wake up, the fear/fun?!? of sharing my accessories closet, the entertaining milk factory sleepwalking moooo dance, the MIRACLE OF BEING A MOM.

Ms. Ilana Rose and mommy, month one**
**proper bedding from Olio did not arrive at time of this picuter 🙂
Here’s to the journey ahead, full of, as my gal Lyss of DivaMoms, says “strollers and stilettos”. Or, as I like to put it, may I NeverSurrender my sexuality, style and sassiness regardless of what lies ahead. Wait, is that drool on my Barefoot Dreams robe? Darn it! Ah well, the sexy lace number underneath is more appealing for the hubby anyway . . .