Top Mompreneurs Share Mom Self Care Rituals #MeaningfulMeMoments

Hey Mamas,

While prepping for this week’s episode of Mommy Moments with Pamela, I’ve been reading Going Beyond Mom, How to Activate your Mind, Body and Business after Baby by Randi Zinn, and I’m reminded once again how essential it is for us moms (and dads!) to create Meaningful Me Moments.

  • Self-care is not selfish.
  • Going out should not equal a guilt trip.
  • Your wellness and joy are nonnegotiable.

To inspire you to carve out time for yourself, I’ve asked some pretty bad-ass moms to share how they like to refuel, energize their spirit and carve out time for much needed Meaningful Me Moments.

Randi Zinn, author, mindfulness expert, and founder of Beyond Mom and

For me, self-care starts with carving out time with my girlfriends. There is something about the inner glow I feel after a date with my best friends; it feels like I’m cultivating ME. My husband gives me the free pass for Saturday nights. Unless we go out on a date night, I’m free to book whatever I want with my besties. Sometimes dinner, sometimes drinks, sometimes a mani/pedi, but there’s always the room to tell stories, laugh, cry, download about whatever is up. Self-care is about nurturing every part of ourselves, and as a busy mom, it’s easy to put our friendships to the side. When my friend time is part of the agenda, I feel fueled, youthful, and so incredibly supported.

Mommy Moments Randi Zinn Mom Self Care

Stacy Igel, Founder & Designer Boy Meets Girl

I just started core power yoga, and I’m hooked. The first week I did 4 classes and made time early am, late at night and on the weekends. This doesn’t always happen. I try to make it work before I relieve my nanny, or if I go early in the morning I make shifts with my husband. Twice per week, I drop-off for my son Dylan at his nursery school by 8:45am, so if I do not have a meeting to run to, I try to take a 9-10am class. It’s always a juggle to squeeze it in, but I’m really trying to fit this into my life.

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Stacy Igel Mom Self care

Nicole Feliciano, CEO of Momtrends Media, Founder & Author Mom Boss

When it comes to self-care, I’m insistent on exercise. I’ll often sacrifice sleep to sneak in a run. Maybe it’s the endorphins or the sense of accomplishment post workout, but either way, exercise is a busy moms best friend. My girls are older now, so I usually workout right after school drop off at 8am, and then head into my office or meetings.

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Kristin McGee, Celebrity Yoga Instructor, Wellness Expert & Author of Chair Yoga

For me it’s all about meditation, because it helps me stay sane and focused. It helps with any sort of depression and anxiety, as a new mom and as a working mom. We have so much on our plate, and being able to sit for 5 to 10 minutes, is a game changer. I used to do it first thing in the morning, like 5am, but my 1-year-old twins aren’t making that possible. Now, I try and do it right after I brush my teeth, and before I go to bed at night. I use a little lavender oil, dim the lights, watch my breath, and sometimes I use a meditation that’s guided by my friend David Romanelli

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Yuena, Director, Producer, and Youtuber SimplyYue

At the end of the day I need to be able to moisturize. If I can’t do anything else, I just have to wash my face and use my Clinique moisturizer. I immediately fell better and pampered.

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