Mom Sunday Spa Night: Knours Skincare Based on Your Feminine Cycle

Hey Mamas,

I don’t need to tell you that your body and brain cells warp out of control, depending on the time of the month.  Finally, there’s a brand that actually incorporates the fluctuation in your hormone levels, to determine what is best for your skin at various times of your feminine cycle.

For tonight’s Mom Sunday Spa Night, I’m pampering myself with Knours skincare an innovative brand that addresses the link between my feminine cycle and my skin, with the help a cool Knours app that serves as a period tracker that generates personal skin regimens and custom content tailored to my individual cycle.

Kuddos to the Knours skincare team for creating non-toxic products that incorporate age-old Korean remedies known to treat skin-care drama associated with PMS (pretty miserable skin!!), menopause and infertility.

Shout out to my two favorite products in the collection:

  • Knours skincare Skin Meditation Gel Cream which combines peppermint essential oils, natural ceramide, and other non-toxic ingredient to help maintain skins’ best favial temperate, hydrate and calm skin from the daily stress of life and environmental conditions
  • Knours skincare Double Duty Mist which is a customizable toner with two layers that transforms to address complexion needs. The bottom layer has aloe vera water and botanicals to nourish skin, while top layer features jojoba oil to moisture. Shake to mix when the skin is flaky and dry or don’t’ share when skin is most sensitive and acne prone. (The app will tell you where your skin’s needs are, depending on your unique cycle).

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