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Back in September, I dropped my son off for his first day at a new daycare. Along with a hug, I sent him off with snacks – banana and cookies. Both were returned to me with a note about school safe snacks.

What are school safe snacks?

Turns out, there is a child in his class that is allergic to everything, or almost everything. So, nut-free wasn’t going to cut it.

Frantically, I ran to the closest grocery store and began to read labels.

That’s when I found MadeGood Foods, a delicious assortment of school safe snacks free from the top 8 allergens that account for most of the allergic reactions – peanuts, tree nuts, wheat/gluten, sesame, sea and shellfish, egg, dairy, soy.

What’s great about MadeGood is that the labels are super clear. You know what you’re getting right from the front – snacks safe from top 8 common allergens. Done. Easy. Mom win.

madegood foods allergy free school safe snacks pamela pekerman

Recently, I had the chance to speak with the three sibling founders of this make-mom’s-life-easier food brand. Here’s what they had to share about the inspiration behind this smarter snacking solution.

What led to the creation of MadeGood Foods?

The idea for MadeGood came from the fact that Nima, our company’s president, went to look for healthy, school safe snacks for his son when his son started nursery school. He could find school safe snacks and he could find healthy, organic, nutritious foods, but there weren’t any that were both clean label and safe to go to school. And so, MadeGood was born.

What makes MadeGood snacks different?

We combine allergy-friendly benefits that allows them to be safely taken to school, with organic, minimally processed ingredients and nutrients from vegetables for extra nutrition. And above all, they taste delicious which ensures that kids eat them when you send them to school.

What’s coming out next from MadeGood?

We just launched new flavors of our Crispy Rice squares – strawberry and caramel. We also have a new granola bar flavor, Sweet and Salty.


madegood foods allergy free school safe snacks pamela pekerman

Because some of you mama’s are hustling momprenuers, I had to get some biz inspiration for you.

What was your biggest business challenge in the early stages, and how do you overcome it?

We had to lease an office and production space, and make the commitment to pay the rent, even though we didn’t have a final product or any orders. In the beginning, we had to make commitments to customers that we could deliver the products even though we weren’t sure how we were going to produce them. Much of our first major order was actually made by hand with a whole team of people cutting up the dried fruit. Once we delivered the orders and demand started, we had to make major investments in equipment to make sure that we could fill orders that we hoped would come in.

That sounds like a lot of pressure. What would you say is your key to success?

We were able to meet our commitments because of our team – we have very loyal, hardworking employees that make us successful no matter what demanding commitments we make to customers or quick turnarounds we need to make. We would not be successful without our amazing team here.

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