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With summer winding down, it’s only natural for most of us moms to think about getting the house ready for back to school. Depending on the ages of our kids, it could mean room reboots from babyish to pre-tween. Or maybe you need a better system in your pantry to make the morning rush less manic.

Mompreneur Monday Shout Out 

If you’re playroom needs a reboot, or your son and daughter need a major closet overhaul, you’re go-to gal needs to be Katy Winter founder of Katy’s Organized Home. This Westchester-based mompreneur not only organizes the sh&t out of your space, she specialized in making kids part of the process.

I had the pleasure of having Katy from Katy’s Organized Home organized my kid’s playroom, and it was a great process. Afterwards, we sat down for this week’s Mompreneur Monday Shout Out.

Read Katy’s story about leaving the fashion industry, using her organization skills to help others, and how evolving at a slow pace has allowed her to grow the business and lead the mom life she desires.

How old are your kids? Audrey is 12, Logan is 10 and George is 3

When did you launch your business? Katy’s Organized Home began 7 years ago, and time really does fly when you are a hustling mom.

What motivates you to hustle for your business, when mom life seems to be swallowing you whole? Organizing is something that comes naturally to me, while others feel paralyzed. I am thrilled to be able to help my clients accomplish their goals. I am also setting an example for my children.  I encourage them to find a passion to pursue a rewarding career. Finding something you love to do instead of just finding a job for money alone is a lesson I learned, and I hope they learn as well. I talk to my kids about my business all the time and try to get them involved. I bring my 12-year-old daughter to TV segment tapings, and she teaches me how to post Instagram stories.

What’s your biggest challenge right now? It is VERY challenging to turn off your business. When you start a business, it’s like another child. It needs constant attention and supervision. Clients often email me,  and I feel obligated to promptly respond. It’s very hard to disconnect when the kids walk in the door, but it’s important. I recently moved my laptop from the kitchen counter top to a permanent location in the upstairs office. I used to think that it was better to have my laptop in the kitchen where I could engage with my children while I worked. I realized it was making my kids feel ignored because I was typing or invoicing or writing articles while they were in the room. It works better for our family when I have “office” hours away from the family hub.

Mompreneur Monday Pamela Pekerman Katys Organized Home Katy Winter

How do you manage your days, your time?  I drive my youngest son to preschool, work with clients most of the day and when I come home I try to be available when my kids get off the bus. If I have extra work to do, my babysitter will take carpools so I can finish my work. It is a real challenge. There are not enough hours in the day sometimes.

What do you like to do to unwind and self care? I love to read, go to the gym, walk with friends, and my Zumba class.  I love to dance, and I always leave feeling great.

What or who inspires you to keep pushing your business forward? I am self-motivated. This career started as a part-time opportunity. It evolved, organically, at a slow and steady pace until I decided I wanted more. And I hope it continues on this path.

What has been your biggest “aha” moment this year? I cannot do it all. I was burning myself at both ends, and I felt like I was giving so much of myself to everyone else that I gave little of myself to me. It’s important to get help when you need it. Instead of doing it all myself,  I hired talented people to help me, and it made all the difference.

What does it mean to you to Hustle Like a Mom? It’s about making every minute in the day count. And, moms know how to maximize every minute.

Mompreneur Monday Pamela Pekerman Katys Organized Home Katy Winter

Did you have a previous career, before launching your organizing business? I was in the fashion industry, working for Cole Haan as an account executive for the handbag division. I paused my career to have kids,  and I didn’t find the desire to go back and commute daily in the city. Ironically, I work plenty of jobs in NYC now, but when you are doing something you love, the commute is no problem.

What is your next big dream/goal for Katy’s Organized Home? At Katy’s Organized Home we started a program called InstaReady Your Room where we teach kids how to organize their rooms and hope to embed these lifelong habits at an early age. The kids have really enjoyed the process. I spent time last year writing a graphic novel for kids, and I will continue to work on it as our program grows. I also think it would make an inspiring TV show to have different organizers working with clients side by side. The shows on TV so far show the before and after, but don’t always show the human connection and the revelations from editing your house and sharing your stories.

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