Hustle Like a Mom Luncheon, Supporting Mom Entrepreneurs

I’ve worn many hats over the course of my career. How about you? What does your hat list look like? Are you ever concerned that you’ve made too many “alterations” to your career?

Oh, The Hats We’ve Worn

My list of career hats include: editor, on-air talent, TV production, magazine writing, handbag design consulting, accessories buyer, columnist, event production, accessories pr, online store pioneer, epic shopping party creator, accessories trend forecaster, home shopping network talent…

In every incarnation of my career, I always find a way to come back to two common threads: hosting events and bringing people together.

Hostess Hat, Hustle Like a Mom luncheon

Last week, my passion for hosting events and bringing amazing people together merged into the first Hustle Like a Mom luncheon.

I opened my doors and my heart to a dozen women who are content creators from Westchester and Connecticut, and created a space where they could connect with each other. We also connected with two amazing mompreneur brands – Light+Nine and Print Art Kids.

The mompreneurs behind Light+Nine and Print Art Kids, showcased their products and shared their journey of growing a business, while nurturing a family. It was inspirational!

While hosting, I had to hold back tears, as I realized I am emotionally and physically exactly where I want to be – cheering on mom entrepreneurs, bringing women together and hosting amazing soirées. (Here are tips for aligning your personal and professional aspirations.) Like a Mom luncheon hosted by Pamela Pekerman

And, no soirée is complete without great food! Guests enjoyed dishes from PopoJito, a must-try Med-Mex restaurant in Scarsdale, while the conversation flowed from back-to-school planning, to featuring kids on social media, to each woman’s desire to live a joyful life, to how we can create more opportunities for moms in the work space.

Wander Beauty was on hand to pamper ladies with quick mom makeup tips – because mama appreciates the multi-tasking products this brand creates.

Guests left the Hustle Like a Mom luncheon with goody bags packed with products created by mom business owners. And, I saved a goody bag for my Instagram mamas, of course.

Hustle Like a Mom luncheon hosted by Pamela Pekerman

Hats Off to Us Mamas

The next Hustle Like a Mom luncheon will be in December, in Westchester/CT area, and I’ll be sharing live feed via Instagram. Stay tuned!

Also, if you want to attend the next Hustle Like a Mom mompreneur panel + mingle, purchase tickets here.

Thank you to all of you, especially the old guard that saw me through, my TJMaxx days, my I’ll-cover-any-story days, my TV segments all across the country days …

Here we go, ladies. We are doing, creating and redefining what it means to be a working mom.

Hustle Like a Mom luncheon hosted by Pamela Pekerman

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