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Summer fun, can also lead to summer injuries. From a bike sprain to a fall from monkey bars, to a slip near the pool, mamas will be reaching for ice packs and bandaist quite a bit.

Knowing that injuries are inevitable and not wanting to battle with kids that don’t want to hold an ice pack, and parents who need free hands to tend to other children, Megan & Mike Ross created GooseEgged.

Mompreneur Monday Shout Out Time

Hustling mompreneur Megan Ross shares her journey of creating GooseEgged, a hands-free ice pack with colorful designs, to boot.

Enjoy this Mompreneur Monday Shout Out and don’t forget to support a mom owned business!

How old are your kid(s)?  We have three kids – Brady is 6, Madison is 4, and Molly  is 20-months-old.

When did you launch your business?  We officially launched in late January of 2019, so we are very new.

Explain GooseEgged. GooseEgged is a hands-free, ice pack that solves a problem that every parent encounters.  With cute designs (inspired by my children), an adjustable Velcro strap, and a soft inside, the GooseEgged is the perfect solution for bumps, bruises, and temperatures.

What motivates you to hustle for your business, when mom life seems to be swallowing you whole? It was truly a crazy time when I launched the product. I had just gone back to work after having my youngest and now I was balancing 3 kids, being a Kindergarten teacher and starting my own business. My motivation will always be my children. Showing them that the harder you work the more results you will see. I believe in this GooseEgged. Having a business makes me work harder in all aspects of my life. I want to prove to myself and my family that I can do it all –  be a great mom, teacher and business owner.

GooseEgged hands free ice pack Mompreneur Monday Shout Out Pamela Pekerman

What’s your biggest challenge right now? Time. Finding time and staying up past 10:00pm. I’m working on it!!

How do you manage your days, your time?   My little list of sitters we love, is key. I have a handful of High School-aged babysitters, close by, that are dependable and great with the kids. I use them for an hour here and there. It’s the best thing I’ve done. I find myself using them more and more often. I need to. I don’t have a schedule or consistency; I just have a list! I also have the option to bring my kids to my main job, sometimes. This allows me to wrap up my teaching job while spending time with my kids, and enables me to spend time on GooseEgged in the evenings. 

Is this your main business or a side hustle?  I am also a Kindergarten teacher in a nearby town and absolutely love my job.  There are many days when my children come to work with me after the school day and play on the Smart Board, read books, and use all of my teaching tools.  

What do you like to do to unwind and self-care? My me time, my time to unwind, is the gym. It’s when I do the most thinking, creating and reflecting. 

What or who inspires you to keep pushing your business forward? My inspiration is my family. My 6 year old son had a huge part when developing this product and considers himself the inventor.  My husband is very involved as well. It’s a family journey. We celebrate every little milestone. We prepare packages together. A family dance party or a trip to get ice cream goes a long way. 

GooseEgged hands free ice pack Mompreneur Monday Shout Out Pamela Pekerman

What has been your biggest “aha” moment this year? Biggest aha moment was when Buzzfeed posted an article “21 Things that Must Have Been Invented by Geniuses“. GooseEgged was #5. It was pretty cool!  Also, getting into Bed Bath & Beyond and buybuyBaby only 5 months after launching was pretty awesome.

What do you wish to bring to fruition this year? Hospitals!  We think this could be an amazing solution for children’s hospitals!  Both in gift shops and pediatric use. We would love to partner with hospitals to bring joy to children.  With time we would like to implement a charitable business model in which we donate a % of sales to children’s hospitals!

What does it mean to you to Hustle Like a Mom? Hustling like a mom means to accomplish more than I ever thought I could. To do it all, and always keep my children and family first!! 

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