GIVEAWAY, Kid Lid helps busy moms find other things to do!

Tomorrow, I’ll be hosting the media launch of Kid Lid by Mogolo. In a recent post, I already gushed about this time-saving, game-changing device that allows your toddler to watch programs on your laptop without you worrying about them pressing unnecessary buttons or destroying the keyboard.

Follow my tweets from 3pm-5pmEST, tomorrow, for all the buzz.

But, why let all the editors and bloggers have the cool swag? I’m hooking up two amazing moms with a Kid Lid.

There are 3 ways to enter the giveaway. Each counts as a separate entry.

  1. Liking @PamelaPekerman and @GoKidLid on Instagram and like/comment on the giveaway picture on my page. Instagram link
  2. Like us both on Twitter at @PamelaPekerman and @GoKidLid and tweet about the giveaway using the hashtags #P2xKidLid #CoveredwithKidLid or by tweeting: RT/Follow @PamelaPekerman & @GoKidLid to enter to win this cool product that helps your toddler and your tech coexist #giveaway #P2xKidLid
  3. Leave a comment below sharing how you plan to use your free time and create #MeaningfulMeMoments, now that you don’t have to worry about your toddler trashing your technology.

Enter as many times as you would like!

Don’t have kids? The Kid Lid Fold Up provides a soft yet strong solution for protecting the keys and is a great option for adult travelers. The design allows the user to flip up the bottom fold for easy access to the laptop’s track pad without taking off the board completely. It comes with a removable single elastic strap and universally covers all 15″ and 13″ laptops on the market, both Mac and PC.


Matthew Mogol is the creator of Kid Lid, but his daughter Penelope is the inspiration and real brains of the operation.


The Kid Lid Fold Up Board is great for adults that travel, or someone with a really small office that needs space to eat while watching House of Cards. What, it’s a lunch break essential!

Two winners will be announced 2/28 at 10pm EST, because that’s after my kiddos have gone to sleep, I’ve had dinner, and had a chance to have well deserved tea followed by evening beauty ritual.