Friday Five Finds for Mom, Baby and Home: Time Savers

Second day in a row of blogging. I know. It’s epic! It’s 9:30am, I finished this post in 35-minutes – granted many of these goodies have been on my radar for months. I’m delighted to share them. Oh, and in case you wanted to know, I’ve been up sine 6:15am, like most of you gals … morning rush – laundry folding, baby feedings, edited beauty routine (yup 3-out-6 only) daycare drop off, nanny finally comes at 9am. Wahhuu. Friday is my work day, and a change for some extra Meaningful Me Moments time.

But first, here are my first Friday Five Finds for Mom, Baby and Home, in a very long time! Enjoy. They all focus on saving busy moms time in the morning. You welcome. Leave a comment and let me know if you have a go-to time saving product or tip.


1. Party Partners Design Fancy Pre-Folded Paper Party Napkins $10/24 Napkins – I spotted these at Flying Tiger, a really cool store from Copenhagen that’s kind of like IKEA meets Bed Bath & Beyond meets the funnest DIYer. Yon can also find them on Amazon. My guests love them and it looks great on the table.

2. Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion $60 – Obsession!!!! Cushion is the new wave in coverage. It’s lightweight, amazing coverage and has SPF50. If I have time for no other makeup, this – and mascara, of course – is the can’t-skip item. Seriously, it only takes a hot second to put it on. Please don’t leave home without it! #AlwaysBeYourBestYou

3. Remington Hair Bendable Head Wrap $7 – For those morning when a comb in not an option. There are over a dozen styles to create. Play around – when, um, if, you have time. Otherwise, wrap a bow and head out the door. Showers are options.

4. Plum Organics Grow Well Tummy $2.39  – This is a new product, which I just learned about this week at a fun Parenting Expo hosted by Cercone Brown Company. Plum Organics is my go-to for ready-made snacks. Usually we make everything, but sometimes I’m tired or we’re traveling and I just need a break. Any who, the new “Grow Well” collection has four categories focusing on what parents worry about most – tummy (ya that’s me now!), muscles, bones, and dha. Ilana is already enjoying her Tummy packets.

5. Keds Double Decker Quilted Jersey $55 – A comfy, stylish and easy choice that gets me out the in seconds. Plus, there’s a little wedge for minis, like me.

Have a wonderful weekend. Count those blessings. Oh, and come back next week. Maybe there will be NEW content. What? It could happen :).

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