I’m sick of seeing women turn into the Michelin Man, as soon as winter starts. Is it so hard to look sexy and cozy in a puffer jacket? Seek and yee shall find, ladies. It doesn’t matter if you have $75 or $750, if you’re a size 4 or 14, there is a figure-flattering winter coat for you. 

Last fall, I found myself in Bloomingdale’s during a ridiculous sale, and scored two Dawn Levy down jackets for less than the price of one. I was only planning on keeping one, but my husband liked both so much that I never made the return. What’s not to like with a belted, curve-accenting coat? Men know sexy, ladies, and they like when they can see our shape! 

TIP If you’re not in the market for a new coat, at least add a belt around your existing one. If you own a black coat, experiment with belts in pops of color like cobalt blue, rose gold or neon pink. Have fun and show off that body!

Dawn Levy Winter 2012 collection