Let’s get digital, digital library access at home with Hoopla

This is the true story of a non-digital parent, picked to live in a house with her children and husband, during a pandemic. Find out what happens, when people stop going outside and start getting digital.

If you got the above reference, you’re my best friend and you’re proudly over the age of 35. Yay!

I was the no-tech-any-time mom. No, really – like, total tech-free home for my (back in March 2020) 6- and 5-year-old. We hardly watched TV, save for Friday movie night.

Well, fast forward to December 2020, and we’re a virtual-only, schooling-from-home family. So, this mama has adjusted – a bit.

I’ve grown to trust (granted with limitations) a super small list of digital offerings that are mom-approved, teacher-approved and – shocking – kid-approved.

When Hoopla Digital reached out to me, I was super pleased to share my passion for their platform, which partners with public libraries across North America to provide online and mobile access to thousands of Movies, TV Shows, Music, eBooks, Audiobooks and Comics.

Translation: If you have a library card and access to the internet, you can get their enormous assortment of books, films, music, even recipes (hello pandemic baking!!) for free.

“Pam, I thought you were a tech-free mom?”

Well, I still am. But my kids love to read. And, while I believe I’ve supported our local book store quite a bit (okay, like A WHOLE FREAKIN LOT) sometimes, I just can’t keep up with my kids. Also, sometimes the munchkins like to listen to a read aloud.

To be honest, the adult eBooks offerings is quite delightful, as well. It’s been a saving grace when I want to read, but my mind would rather listen to the story told to me.

From playing creepy Halloween music, to downloading some awesome Hannukah movies I never heard of, to gearing up for Valentine’s Day with some love-themed books, Hoopla Digital has helped me reimagine my relationship with digital and added creative ways for the family to make the holidays fun, safe and socially distant.

THIS POST WAS SPONSORED BY HOOPA DIGITAL. From time to time, I have sponsored editorial, however, you can’t buy my love. I test, try, taste and touch everything before it gets my mama love. I promise to only work with brands that will benefit our mama tribe by focusing, as always, on time-saving tips, tricks and self care essentials. Follow me on Instagram to see how I find the products that make this scary hood – motherhood – a bit easier. Oh, in case you are wondering, ya this product is in my bathroom, belly, or bedroom – depending on the item. No, seriously! You can come over and check.