How to Create an Inspiration Board & Why Bother

Creating an inspiration board always seemed silly, to me. Really, if I put pictures and words to paper it will bring some personal or professional dream to fruition? My rational mind couldn’t wrap around the concept. But, when I was pregnant with my daughter, something switched. I wanted more order and clarity in my life. I wanted change in my professional life. I wanted balance. I wanted things I didn’t even know I wanted, but I wanted something else.

Well, Ilana Rose was born in April of 2013 and, needless to say, I never got around to the board. Then David was born in June 2014, and I still had not gotten around to the board. During those two years, I did read up on how to create an inspiration board, but none of the advice made sense for me. I was clearly still trying to over-think the process.

This past summer, I shared my frustration with my dear friend Nitika Chopra, TV host of Naturally Beautiful and founder of Her advice was very simple – start with a feeling. “Pam, what feelings and emotions do you want to have in your life?” And that clicked. I knew above all else I wanted to feel clarity, focus and have a calm mind. Everything else, my overall direction and purpose, would fall in line if I had a quiet mind and focus.

This weekend, in between baby feedings, I completed my inspiration board for 5775. FYI — 5775 is not a typo. Rather than make this my wish for 2015, I opted to go with the Jewish New Year, which starts in late September. September is more of a renewal time – leaves begin to change, school starts, lazy summer days are over, and I make my spiritual trip to the Synagogue to reflect.

My Inspiration Board for 5775 

STRONG – I want to regain my strength both physically (after having two babies) and emotionally (after years of letting other people make me feel small, or speak above me). I want my daughter to see an example of a strong, articulate woman. I want the strength to speak my mind with purpose, minimal verbal diarrhea, and focus. Hence …

FOCUS – A chaotic life does not bode well for anyone, let alone a mom. I want to clearly, focus my energies on personal and professional goals. To do that I need …

QUIET MIND – I have monkey brains; thoughts are always jumping around. To have strength, to be focused, one needs to quite the mind. Meditation, mantras, an upcoming trip to India and plenty of time in nature is helping.

ENTERTAIN – This was the last piece of the puzzle, which came to me after a business discussion with my husband about the future of my career. It’s been very hard to decipher what I want in my professional life, over the past few years. Finally, the word entertain came to me. I want to entertain. I want to host events for brands I love. I want to take these brands on TV and make women laugh and feel wonderful as I tell them about really cool products. To make this part of the board stronger, I put logos of brands I want to call into my life – Naturopathica, Mustela, TJMaxx, IT Cosmetics, Neiman Marcus, LAGOS Jewelry, etc. There are brands I already know and want to work with in a bigger (aka $$$) capacity, and brands I have not worked with yet, but wear/use daily. I also want to entertain more at home – hence the image of the word “eat” in big lights.

HELLO ME – Most important on this board is the desire to reconnect with me. What do I really love? What really makes me happy? I know that the only way to be successful professionally and personally is to stay true to you. Even this blog, how can I share Pieces of Pam, if I’m not fully me? So here’s me:
I’m a hopeless, stop-and-smell-the-roses, romantic. Bicycles, especially those with baskets (like the one I ride), rock my world. Hello Kittty was my first idol. I fancy myself a modern lady. Art Deco is my preferred home décor motif. Gustav Klimt, duh deco, is the best artist ever. Roses should be in every home in my house. Eating as a family is nonnegotiable. All roads point to home.

Inspiration Board – Strong

Inspiration Board – Quiet Mind


Inspiration Board – Entertain


Inspiration Board – Focus


Inspiration Board – Hello Me!

If you’re questioning whether or not to create an inspiration board, think about this:

  • It’s a great way to focus your thoughts
  • You may learn something about yourself and your inner desires
  • There’s nothing like an art project to call out your inner child and put a smile on your face

Questions to Ask Yourself, when Starting an Inspiration Board:

  • What emotions do you want to call into your life?
  • What personal attributes do you want to strengthen/ develop?
  • What makes you/will make you happy/content?
  • Who do you admire and why?