Camp Ready with Allergen Free Snacks from MadeGood Foods

Camp season is upon us, and just like schools, camps are creating food-safe rules, to support parents with kids that need Allergen Free Snacks and Foods.

That’s why I’m super excited one of our go-to snack brands, MadeGood Foods, just launched new flavors – Strawberry, Caramel and Sweet & Salty. As always, the new flavors, are free from top 8 allergens — peanut, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, egg, soy, sesame, fish, and shellfish. They are also organic, and each snack contains nutrients equivalent to a serving of vegetables.

My kids have always loved the Chocolate Chip Crispy Squares, but Strawberry is the new star in this household. Mama bear also enjoys the new Sweet & Salty Granola Bar flavor, ideal for keeping in the car – aka my mobile office when I put on my mom-chauffeur hat  #mompreneurlife.

For those wondering, Ilana is in her second month of dairy-free, low sugar diet. She’s become quite the label reader – yes the above photo is not staged. She loves to see snacks under 10g of sugar, which is our max amount allowed.

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I found MadeGood Foods in September, out of necessity for the safety of other kids. MadeGood Foods found me in December because I was such a cheerleader for their brand. Now, I need them out of necessity for one of my own kids. The universe is funny that way. We always find what we  are meant to find. Food zen, happy mama!

Shop MadeGood Foods on Amazon, Walmart and your local grocery store.

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