Calm essentials to curb coronavirus stress – Pams PICKS

This month’s Pam’s Picks are coming in a week later because I wanted to adjust the products to reflect the anxiety and stress being caused by the Coronavirus, aka COVID-19.

While many of you feel that the media is over-hyping what has been described as “the flu on steroids”, Coronavirus is in my town. I’m a Westchester mom, in a school district that will be closed for a minimum of eight days. I’m a Westchester mom actually adhering to social isolation – no parks, no playdates, no going into town. I’m a Westchester mom, minutes away from the area so concerning to the NY State government, that the National Guard is coming to oversee sterilization in this 1-mile radius area. I’m a Westchester mom who had to postpone her Hustle Like a Mom event (which takes 4-months to plan!!)

If you’ve poked me on Instagram, I’ve told you I’m calm – because, I am. I’m also mindful to see the light amidst the crazy. Now is a time for us to reconnect with our core community – the community that lives under our roof. The past three days have been a blessing of family fun, isolation, and limited time to work which usually means uber-focused work.

I hope you enjoy my Pam’s Picks finds this month, which focus on how we can stay calm, connected and, of course, continue to laugh. Oh, and everything is created by a mom-owned business. I encourage all of your to $upport these brands, and use their products to help you mamaste.

Pams Picks curated Pamela Pekerman Indie Lee Sleep Pillow Mist

Indie Lee (fellow Westchester mompreneur) has a pillow spray to sooth the mind that is spinning with news updates about Coronavirus. It’s a calming blend of vetiver, chamomile and lavender oils.

Pams Picks curated Pamela Pekerman First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream dry hands

First Aid Beauty hydrating cream is just what your over-washed, excessively sanitized, glove-wearing hands need … after you wash them … before you go to bed! It’s safe for babies, and it’s one of the few brands I will use on my own kids’ sensitive skin.

Pams Picks curated Pamela Pekerman Sabbath in the Suburbs

Sabbath in the Suburbs by MaryAnn McKibben Dana focuses on reconnecting with your core community – your family. It’s a deep dive into how fast our modern lives spin, and simple ways we can slow down. Can I get an AMEN?!

Cat&Nat’s #MomTruths The Podcast is a must listen, because laughter and mom tribe joys are always a good idea. Grab your wine and tune in at the end of the day with your glass of Rose.

IN KIDZ are quarterly boxes that focus on exposing children to other cultures. Each box represents a different cultural experience and opens a child’s mind to the diversity beyond his backyard.

Pams Picks curated Pamela Pekerman I Am More Scarsdale strong beautiful women

I Am More, a boutique in my town of Scarsdale, NY, donates 20% profit from their Strong + Beautiful collection to Safe Horizon, whose mission is to provide support to victims of abuse. The top is also a stylish reminder of your inner strength.