BTL Ultra Femme 360, Reclaim Your Sexual Game
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Can we talk about that thing we never talk about?
Can we talk about the mama drama we experience in the bedroom after pushing out those babies?
Can we talk about women’s intimacy health issues?
Ladies, can we talk about sex, and enjoying it once again?


BTL Ultra Femme 360 – Introduction

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Recently, I completed a three-part series of  weekly treatments of  that using radio frequency heat to stimulate collagen production and improve blood flow to the downstairs area. This helps heighten sensitivity – winning – while also improve the overall look of the external lips.

It’s a non-surgical, virtually painless alternative to vaginoplasty and labiaplasty procedures.  BTL Ultra Femme 360 uses radio-frequency technology to heat internal and external tissues in your most intimate of areas.

A water ­based gel is applied to the skin of the downstairs area, and the radio frequency energy is delivered in pulses as a tip that looks just like male genitals is moved across the area.

The tip is inserted into your vaginal area, releasing heat in a full 360 uniform way. The heat helps the body’s natural processes to stimulate collagen production and restore the vaginal and vulvar areas to a more youthful, pre-pushing-out-baby status.

It takes about 8-minutes for the inner massage (ya, think of it as a heated massage), and 8-minutes for the external area. External is more for the appearance of your vaginal area, helping with labial remodeling. Goodbye floppy outer lips!

I did three sessions, spaced one to two weeks apart. You can do anywhere from 3-4 session to achieve the best results. I may opt to do a yearly maintenance treatment. We’ll see.

For now, I’m VERY happy.

BTL Ultra Femme 360 – What it Feels Like

[cl-ib image=”12669″ title=”The BTL Ultra Femme 360 ” desc=”What the BTL Ultra Femme 360 treatment feels like” link=”url:” animation=”aidos” bgcolor=”#fc7c74″ ratio=”4×3″ width=”50%” el_class=”alignleft” desc_size=”16px”]

I didn’t experience any  irritation during or after the procedure. It simply feels like a warming sensation.

There were a few times when I felt the heat was too much, so my amazing nurse practitioner at JUVA Skin & Laser Center turned down the intensity. She also added more gel, which cooled off the area and I was able to continue in seconds.

Really, it’s so simple and easy, you can do this procedure during your lunch break or while you book a baby sitter for one hour. Ya, book that sitter and do this self-care essential. You and your sexual health deserve it!

BTL Ultra Femme 360 – Where it Helps

[cl-ib image=”12668″ title=”The BTL Ultra Femme 360 ” desc=”How it gets your Mojo back” link=”url:” animation=”caeros” bgcolor=”#fc7c74″ ratio=”4×3″ width=”50%” el_class=”alignright” desc_size=”16px”]
  • Increase Blood Flow to Clitoris
  • Increase Sensitivity & Improve Orgasm
  • Plump Outer Genital Lips
  • Lift and Firm of External General Skin Folds
  • Tightening of Vaginal Opening
  • Improvement in Vaginal Lubrication
  • Improvement in Stress Incontinence

Obviously, results will vary. And, you must go to a reputable medical office.

If you’re in the New York City area, I strongly recommend visiting JUVA SKin & Laser Center. Their staff is attentive, friendly and super knowledgeable about the latest and greatest ways to keep it tight and sexy all over.

This was my first ever procedure, all-be-it non-invasive, and I was so hesitant. But, I knew I needed to address my intimacy health issues and provide myself with the utmost love and self care to enjoy bedroom activities.

Everyone at JUVA made me feel comfortable, and provided me with all the knowledge needed to be ready for, what turned out to be, a truly simple, safe and very satisfying experience.

BTL Ultra Femme 360 – Love Your Whole Life

In addition to this procedure, I recommend every woman begin to incorporate pelvic floor exercises into your daily wellness routine.

We do not need to suffer with feminine intimacy issues, incontinence and other mama drama.

Start a conversation with your gynecologist or dermatologist or your physical therapist or your girlfriends about your body post baby. Help is there, you just need to be honest with what’s going on with your body.

Listen to your body. Love your body. Use your body, in good, sexual health!

Pamela Pekerman signautre

DISCLAIMER: This procedure was provided to be free of charge. I did not promise a positive review, but an honest review. All words and opinions are 100% my own. All benefits are 100% my own, too! You will NEVER read anything here that is not honest and vetted by me. No mama has time for bullsh*t. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]