Best Meditation Apps for Busy Moms

Hey Mamas!

Who wants a little morning motivation? Who needs a little midday mindful kick in the kaboos? Who’s searching for the perfect wellness meditation app to support you thru your hustling day?

I’ve tapped some on my favorite mama wellness experts and Instagramers, to share their favorite mindful meditation apps. Plus, I’m sharing my favorite meditation app, and offering a coupon code for 30-free days of VIP access.

But, first, a big THANK YOU  to all of you. It’s been a while since we connect on the blog. It’s been a long year of web designing, launching Hustle Like a Mom mom chat interviews on YouTube, building out our mama tribe on Instagram, and, on a personal front, finally moving into my new home in Westchester, NY.

Thank you to all of you who have joined the journey, and, most importantly, bonded together to create a community of non-judgmental mamas that want to support one another through the cuddles and the crazy that is motherhood.

And now, some mindfulness to jump start the fall, Back-to-School season.

Sanity & Self is my current go-to app for morning motivation and evening mental detox, designed by a new mama and catering to the self-care needs of us ladies. I love being able to choose topics like “personal growth” “breathe” “sleep support” or “Give Less F#ck”, depending on my mood. Also, they just added yoga sessions, a nice bonus when I’m crunched for time between school drop off and pick up!

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Randi Zinn, founder of and author of Beyond Mom

“I use Headspace every night at bedtime. I love the conversational, friendly tone of the meditations, and the convenience of picking the time that works best for my Beyond Mom life. Also, I can dive into a specific focus (anxiety, self-esteem, etc) for 30 days if I want to. And it’s great to see my son using it to slow himself down.”

Dr. Whitney Bowe, author of The Beauty of Dirty Skin and world-renowned Dermatologist

Breethe is what I turn too for mindful, guided meditations to sooth my mind.”

Bryna Carracino, personal trainer & founder Rehab by Bryna

“The binaural beat of Mindvalley helps me fall into a deeper meditation, keeps me more focused, and reduces anxiety and stress like no other meditation app I have ever used. I connect for 15 minutes mid day with a balance track or a focus track. Then I connect again at night for a 30 minute deep sleep track. I have been using it for close to 9 years now. I CAN NOT live without it.”

Kristin McGee, Celebrity Yoga & Pilates Instructor & author Chair Yoga

“I love Headspace. It’s no frills, beautiful design, easy to follow and great for meditators of all levels. Whether you’re brand new or have a practice it’s a nice one to use anytime.”

Dr. Rachel Goldman, psychologist and mom-to-be

“Calm and Headspace are the two that I recommend to my clients.”

Blake, mom-of-4 and fun fit mom on Instagram

The mindfulness app I have on my phone is called Calm. They have these great little “sleep stories” that are read in the most calming tone. I also use it to occasionally meditate and practice my deep breathing.