Best Brush for Kids with Curly Hair

My daughter has the most adorable, cherub-like curly hair. Take 2: My daughter has the most difficult-to-comb, curly hair.

My husband and I went through several brushes and tears, until my girlfriend sent me The Wet Brush. Ereka! Like their website says, it truly makes detangling hair quick and easy. Finally, I have a brush that doesn’t cause my daughter to squirm, and it leaves her hair silky and knot free. I now own several The Lil Wet Brush brushes in bold colors and prints, including one for my little man, David. David isn’t curly, yet, but it’s still a great product to use on his hair after a bath.

I can go into all the technical, beauty-biz reasons of why this brush is so amazing, but you’re probably busy at work or with your kids, so I’ll just give you my 100% P2 Mom Approved label of satisfaction.

If you’re a fan of this product, tell me why it rocks your world. If  you have suggestions for products I should try for my munchkins, I’d love to hear from you, and share with other moms. Let’s start talking.

Ilana Rose loves The Wet Brush


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