Beauty Giveaway: NuFace mini At-Home Microcurrent Device

So, it’s 8:45pm the kids are in bed, the hubby isn’t home, dinner isn’t done …

Time for my uninterrupted, evening beauty routine. The newest piece of my youthful puzzle is NuFACE mini, which I featured in my most recent PIX11 Morning News segment “Ahh-ha Products Created by Women for Women“.

I’ve been using this at-home microcurrent-emitting device for about four weeks, and it really does lift and tone the skin. I certainly feel refreshed after each 5-minute face workout. It’s been called Pilates for your face. I love that phrase, so I’m stealing it.



Any who, so I’m doing my thing, gliding the silver balls of the device on my face (ya, ya, insert perverted joke) while I head down to boil some potatoes for the mashed potatoes that will compliment the veal sausages I picked up at my local Italian butcher shop – hey Frank & Sal’s – when, it dawn’s on me:

Pam, why not share the skin-lifting love with your peeps?

Which brings me to 10:30pm, aka, now, when I’m writing this post to announce a GIVEAWAY of the NuFACE mini. See rules below.


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3. That’s it. Sit around in your favorite lounge wear and wait for me to announce you as the winner.

Contest ends April 15, 2016 at 11:59pmEST. Must be at least 18-years-old to win. Contest is open to Continental US residence and Canada. Ya, I  love you guys up North. You’re so darn friendly! Retail value of giveaway is $199.nuface_giveaway_3

Good luck.