Bari Lynn Accessories, Mompreneur Monday Shout Out
You may not know it, but the woman behind your daughter’s favorite frilly accessories, Bari Lynn Accessories, is, herself, a mom of five!
From pencils and pads, to hair clips and handbags, Bari Lynn has been growing her colorful empire of back-to-school and all-year-fun accessories for over a decade.
I must admit, I have picked up some Bari Lynn Accessories for myself, from time to time!

Mompreneur Monday Shout Out 

I am delighted to share Bari Lynn’s mom life meets entrepreneur life story in this week Mompreneur Monday Shout Out. As always, I hope this mompreneur story inspires you to pursue your dreams, live your best life, and redefine what it means to be a working mom.
Mompreneur Monday Pamela Pekerman Bari Lynn Accessories Mompreneur Monday Pamela Pekerman Bari Lynn Accessories
How old are your kids? I have 5 kids — Cailey 15, EJ 12, Ava 9, Finn 6, and Gigi 1

When did you launch your business? I started my business 12 years ago  august 14 2007 my anniversary is this weekend

What motivates you to hustle for your business, when mom life seems to be swallowing you whole? Being a role model to my children, especially to my daughters, is what keeps me going. I see the pride in my kids eyes when they tell people who their mom is, and I realize I’m not  doing such a bad job. Also, Bari Lynn gives 10% to charities worldwide, and having my children join me in visiting the  various organizations I work with, reminds me I’m setting them on the right path. This past July, we had the honor of visiting a camp for children dealing with cancer, and my daughter and I made 150 custom trucker hats for the girls. Seeing the pride in my daughter’s eyes, and the joy in the girls’ eyes, made everything I do worth it.

What’s your biggest challenge right now? Definitely juggling and giving each of my customers the attention they want and rightfully deserve. When we started, every store/customer had my cell phone number and could call me directly. We now service thousands of accounts worldwide, on all different time zones, and some times I need to remember that I am entitled to shut off, as well.

Did you have a previous career? I was a doctoral candidate in education, and in my past life I was a teacher at the JCC  of Manhattan.

How do you manage your days, your time?  I make lists every morning, the average morning is 30-50 items, and I try to do what I can and put one foot in front of another. Their is no missing doctors appointments, or any school affairs, as my 9-year-old is my personal assistant at home and never lets me miss a beat. I do remind myself daily that I’m not performing brain surgery, and everything will work out. And, if the list the next day looks identical it will be okay.

What do you like to do to unwind and self care? My husband and have a standing date night on Thursday nights  We are also Sabbath observers, and I appreciate so much that time. it is 25 hours which I focus purely on my relationships with my husband, children and friends. We entertain a lot and it’s a time for  me to remember who I am separate from the brand. And, I try to sneak in an occasional mani/pedi on Friday mornings!
Mompreneur Monday Pamela Pekerman Bari Lynn Accessories
Mompreneur Monday Pamela Pekerman Bari Lynn Accessories Mompreneur Monday Pamela Pekerman Bari Lynn Accessories
What or who inspires you to keep pushing your business forward?  My grandmother, who passed away a few years back, inspired and continues to inspire me in all I do. She was a survivor of the holocaust and came to America and rebuilt her life from the ground up. She taught me to always look forward and believe in yourself, to always talk to people with respect, and relate to each person you meet. Her favorite saying was “you catch more bees with honey than with vinegar” and that’s how I try to run my business and my life.

What has been your biggest “aha” moment this year?  Maintaining my customer base is my biggest accomplishment. In the 12 years we have been in business, I can luckily say that we still work with at least 95% of the same customers. This year, it was amazing seeing that we were chosen by Bergdorf Goodman to be their bus stop ad for their holiday campaign. It was insane and really like a Carrie Bradshaw “I made it” moment!

What does it mean to you to Hustle Like a Mom? A mom just gets how to hustle. It’s juggling as many balls as you can, while having more balls thrown at you from all directions. Sometimes, I feel like an octopus, but then I have to remember I only have two hands. And, running a business, is like taking care of a newborn. You always  have to be on your toes, and with one if not both eyes open. The business needs lots of tlc, and, hopefully, one day it will blossom into something that can be independent — but, I’m still not there.

Mompreneur Monday Pamela Pekerman Bari Lynn Accessories

Mompreneur Monday Pamela Pekerman Bari Lynn Accessories

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