Aera for Home, a Smarter and Safer Home Fragrance Diffuser

Back to school also means back to sports clubs – smelly hockey equipment, sweaty ballet shoes … my nose is not ready for the torture! I love when you step into a room – even the mud room – and it has a nice scent of fresh linen or fields of roses. 

Recently, I was introduced to Aera for Home, a stylish and smarter way to infuse a home fragrance into your living space.

Aera for home Smart Diffuser Pamela Pekerman

Aera for home Smart Diffuser Pamela Pekerman

Aera for Home allows me to control the fragrance manually via touch, or virtually via the Aera for Home app. I can actually enjoy a cup of coffee (or likely have one hand on a spoon feeding a munchkin) and use the other hand to adjust the intensity of the fragrance.

This is particularly appealing to my hubby, who insisted on making our house a smart home, complete with app-controlled lights, shades, music and mood settings.

Now, we can integrate fragrance into the mix. With the click of a button, I can set Aera for Home to turn on in our kitchen before the kids and I come down for breakfast. Maybe a little “Revive Morning” fragrance (part of Aera’s Aromatherapy Collection) is what we need to push into the day with more energy. 

And you better believe, the soft “Linen” fragrance goes on in the the mud room and entry way a good 30 minutes before the kids come home from their various athletic activities!!

In addition to scheduling play time for fragrances, I can adjust “volume” aka intensity of the scent, and monitor the fragrance life to see when it’s time to pop in a new capsule, all from the comfort of my smart phone.

Plus, with little ones running around, I appreciate that Aera fir Home uses 100% ethically and sustainably sourced high-quality fragrance and essential oils.  It’s a safe choice for kids and mama! Because, let’s not even discuss some of the nonsense mama spotted in the fragrance sprays on the market … toxic much?? Not in our home!

Aera for home Smart Diffuser Pamela Pekerman

Aera for home Smart Diffuser Pamela Pekerman

Aera for home Smart Diffuser Pamela Pekerman

And, with the holiday season quickly creeping up on us, this year I’m thinking my go-to gift will be the gift of a well-scented home, courtesy of Aera for Home. The new “Log Cabin” scent is a great option for teachers, best-friends, and even your mother-in-law will love to receive this capsule fragrance and the Aera for Home diffuser, in December. 

You know I’m all about great deals, and time-saving tips. So, stock up now on great gifts, be ready for the season, and save money.

Enjoy 20% off diffusers through end of September with code PAMELA20.

Come back here or leave a comment on Instagram letting me know how you like your new Aera at Home. 

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