3 Tips for a Daily Wellness Routine as a busy mom

Mama, Pause. Breathe in your blessings. Carving out a few moments in your day to just be still, is crucial for your overall wellness.

2020 is a year of better habits, for me, and I know for many of you hustling mamas, as well. And, just because we hustle, doesn’t mean we always need to be moving.

Mama, Pause. 

We don’t always need to be available to our family, friends or business. 

Sometimes, we need to check-in and be available to numero one –ourselves! I have some soothing and smell-good ways to create a healthy Mama Pause.

3 Tips for a Daily Wellness Ritual, The Mama Pause

1.     Close the door (hang up a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign if needed) and consider that all is Okay. You are Okay. In fact, I’m sure, you’re probably thriving.

Ask your kids and they will (on a normal mood day) attest to your super greatness. Ask your mom tribe, and they will share anecdotes of how many ways you have supported them, through the years. Ask the customers/clients you work with, and I’m sure they will offer up how much value you bring to them. So, sit into that calmness. You are MORE than Okay. 

After taking a hot minute to realize all is Okay, let your mind rest. Training the mind to just be present takes time and daily practice. So, give yourself 5 minutes a day, if that’s all you can, and sit in stillness. If you catch your mind wandering, acknowledge it, and go right back to stillness. 

2.     Create a Calm Setting with Scents. The fragrance has a way to transform our mood and reduce stress. In fact, 75% of all emotions generated every day are due to smell. So,create a space that has a pleasant smell that helps you on your self-care journey.

I’m wildly in love with the Aromatherapy Collection from Aera for Home, a smart diffuser that you can control remotely, via an app. You might recall me gushing about Aera as a go-to holiday gift – and yes my whole family is all Aera-ed out! 

I like to set the mood, in my bedroom with Deep Relax scent, in advance, so I program my Aera For Home to turn on around 9:30 pm, via the app.  It’s the ultimate form of self-care to surround yourself with soothing (and non-toxic) aromas that are formulated to help create a healing space. 

The team behind Aera for Home actually partnered with Aromatherapy Associates London, which has 30-years of experience creating essential oil blends that support health and well-being. So, your nose is in good hands.

3.     Bring in Nature. There is a reason we are at peace when we walk on grass or run amongst the trees. (Just as my friend Jennifer Walk – she’s an expert on the topic of reconnecting with nature.) The sounds, scents, even the shade of green, is soothing to our eyes. Consider adding a plant to your zen space. 

You can also use the NEW Forest Therapy scent from Aera for Home, which is a mix of pink pepper, cypress, and ho wood. It sets a grounding and rejuvenating tone, allowing you to bring the restorative energy of the natural world, indoors. 

Research shows that there is a 40% improvement in mood after being exposed to pleasant scents. And, in one study, people who were exposed to natural plant odors were calmer, more alert, and in better moods? So, adjust the fragrance from 1-10 to decide how much of a nature lover you want to be, and enjoy 100% sustainable essential oils, hypoallergenic and safe for pets/kids, for 500 hours of zen. 

Mom’s don’t lets moms Mama Pause alone! Use code PAMELA20 to get 20% off Aera for Home diffusers through March 31, 2020.