BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seat Pams Picks Pamela Pekerman

Pam’s Picks Family: BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seat

Hey Mamas,

This past Friday, I was on News12 NJ sharing some Smart Morning Time Savers, just in time for Back to School.

One of my favorite finds was the Bubblebum Inflatable Car Seat Booster, a booster that takes seconds to inflate (yes, you can do it just with your mouth, no pump required).


BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Pamela Pekerman News12 NJ

BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Pamela Pekerman News12 NJ

When mornings don’t go according to plan – major crisis at the office, unexpected back pain, or simply a desire to take a Meaninful Me Morning and not be a chauffer – Bubblebum’s inflatable care seat booster is a smart solution that can turn anyone’s car into a kid-friendly mobile.

As long as your child weighs between 40lbs – 100lbs, and is over eh age of 4-years-old, they can safely use this booster.

Bubble Bum Inflatable Car Seat BoosterBubble Bum Inflatable Car Booster Seat


I personally have not been able to use this product with my kids, since David and Ilana still weigh just under 30lbs – yes they are tiny munchkins. #IDoFeedThemFats (healthy fats – butter, avocados, salmon, etc.)

The booster is super portable and packable, able to nearly fold into a slim pouch and slip in your a tote bag.

If you’ve had experience with BubbleBum, I’d love to here from you. Drop a comment below or head over the my Instagram or Facebook page to share your mama thoughts. Bubble Bum Inflatable Car Booster SeatBubble Bum Inflatable Car Booster SeatBubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Pamela Pekerman News12 NJ

healthy beauty habits that save time and money

Healthy Beauty Habits that Save You Time and Money

Several weeks ago, I did a makeup dump based on:

1. Not recalling how long an item has been in the cabinet
2. Not loving what was in the product (I’m trying to get cleaner and green with my beauty/wellness routine – more on that in an upcoming post)
3. Not really loving the color/smell/finish/feel. Why did I buy this or bother taking it out from the press bag from which it came?

Below is what’s left in my two narrow (purposely narrow) beauty bins, and that’s still a lot of makeup. More importantly I, once again, can’t recall when I opened certain mascara wands or lipsticks.

Cleaning Makeup Cabinet

Do I really need that much mascara?

Turns out, 89% of women hold on to old makeup, even though 87% know that makeup has expiration dates, according to a study conducted by Stowaway Cosmetics and Poshly.


We need to work on this nasty habit. Here is my Three-Step Solution for Healthy Beauty Habits that are good for your skin, your wallet and your planet.

1. Mark up your Makeup
My organized and fabulous sister will be so proud. I took plain, white tables and wrote down when I first used a product, so I know when it’s time to toss it. (See below diagram for Makeup Expiration Dates)

A Guide to Makeup Expiration Dates

2. Buy Less Makeup
Ya, buy less. You don’t need four pink  glosses, especially if you always go back to the same exact shade. The average consumer owns almost 40 makeup products, but only uses and carries 5 of them daily. Come on, you know that’s you. It’s was me. Think about how much money you are wasting? Now, think about how many more pairs of shoes you can purchase with all your savvy saving?! You are welcome.

3. Buy Smaller Portions of Makeup
That’s where Stowaway Cosmetics comes in. They actually produce makeup in smaller sizes, so that you are able to finish the product before its expiration date, without feeling guilt about throwing it (and your money) away.

Stowaway’s ‘right-sized’ model gives us gals safe, eu-compliant beauty essentials, which are formulated with quality ingredients for high-performance wear, like Hyaluronic Acid, Coconut Oil, and Wild Mango Butter.

Stowaway Cosmetics Right Size Beauty

The product that I live for is their Champagne Creme Lipstick because I’ve been searching for the perfect nude share with peach undertones, forever! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Best of all, I know that in a few short months, I’ll use it up well before the 1-year expiration date approaches.

Aside from being ‘right-sized’, I appreciate that the two women behind Stowaway have really edited down the needs of women giving us a streamlined assortment of makeup essentials.

Pamela Pekerman Stowaway Cosmetics

You know I’m all about smart style and beauty tips for busy women and busy moms, and this brand gets it. Their Stowaway Kit is a no-brainer to help you Always Be Your Best You because it gives you the key items, period. No need to go from store to store or brand to brand because this kit has it all.

Check it out and let me know if you’re a fan. But, even if you are not, do consider incorporating healthy beauty habits into your routine by getting smarter with your purchases and being mindful of those pesky expiration dates. Actually, it’s worth adding to your healthy, happy self-improvement list. #SelfImproveToday.

Always Be Your Best You Pamela Pekerman Signature

Pam’s Postcards from Delhi, India – Part 1

After surviving a nasty bout with Delhi Belly, aka traveler’s diarrhea, followed by New Year’s Eve lets-pack-the-kids roadshow, and my current cold, I’m finally able to sit in my chair long enough to write this post. But, let’s focus on the bling and the Bollywood bonanza that was the four-day, wedding extravaganza in Delhi, India.

My husband’s colleague and his new bride treated us non-Indians to a wedding unlike any other. It overflowed with colorful fabrics, floral garlands, invigorating music, golden jewelry, flavorful food and warm hearts. It’s the latter that will remain the biggest part of my moveable feast.

The groom’s parents treated us like family. Their words of admiration for my husband, planned excursions, personal drivers and overall desire to constantly accommodate, were lovingly, overwhelming. And, let’s not even get into the pashmina scarf his mom gifted me, on top of the other scarves and beaded handbags she’s already sent to New York.

The rest of the family, both the groom’s and the bride’s were equally as welcoming. On the first night, we went to the bride’s parent’s home for the mehndi (henna party). The home was lit up with club lighting; there was a beautiful tent erected in the backyard where a band played Indian songs that we all enjoyed way too much. I got hennaed out and then picked up extra sparkle to wear for the following night, thanks to the Bangle Bar. My outfit that night: a hand-embroidered, silk tunic purchased that afternoon in Delhi.

Dancing with candles on my head. Delhi, India


Fashion selfie at henna party. Delhi, India

When in Rome … Henna artists do their creative magic. Delhi, India

Henna arm candy mixed with Kanupriya elephant ring. Delhi, India

Accessories heaven! We should all gift wedding guests jewelry. Delhi, India.

Turbans, saris and gold earrings, oh my. Wedding fashion in India. Delhi, India

Night two was the ceremony, aka wedding. Arranged by the groom’s mom, a lovely girl came to my room at The Imperial New Delhi Hotel, to help me put on my sari. We then headed to the groom’s parent’s house, where my husband and all the other men, were wrapped in turbans. And then there was the twenty-person band that escorted us several blocks, while the groom rode a decorated horse. After dancing back to the house, we got into our cars and went to the venue. (In olden times, we would dance all the way to the venue). Upon arrival, we were dropped off several blocks away from the venue, where we once again were accompanied by a band, this time with chandeliers on people’s heads! The groom was now in a chariot. At some point, my husband was asked to join him. I think that means he’s important or really loved?!? I wore a purple and fuchsia pink sari from

Wedding Decor. Delhi, India

The Bride and Groom sit with their parents and a priest inside the wedding canopy. Delhi, India

Thanks to my preparations – Hindu Wedding Rituals Symbolism and Significance – I understood some of the rituals taking place in the mantapa, aka wedding canopy. Like most wedding ceremonies, first the kids go through the traditional part, and then we party. The music was mostly ethnic, with a few modern beats. The food was mostly ethnic, with a few Asian and Italian dishes. On both fronts, I preferred the ethnic option.

Enjoy the images and check out Pam’s Postcards from Delhi, India – Part 2 for a recap of the last two nights of the wedding and our adventures in Old Delhi.








Sari Shopping on Exclusively.In & How To Wrap a Sari

As a non-Indian, knowing for nearly two years that I’ll be traveling to India has been thrilling and daunting. It’s thrilling for the obvious reason that anything new is always exciting – new sights, bold colors, spiritual sensations. And, it’s daunting because I want to make sure I don’t make any cultural goofs. For months, I’ve been reading up on Hindu wedding customs, listening to Hindu prayers on YouTube and asking my Indian friends for dos and don’ts tips.

Cultural education aside, I also wanted to find the perfect sari to wear for the wedding ceremony. That’s when I turned to the experts at Exclusively.In, a website that sells high-end saris and other Indian fashion wears. Clothing is custom made and takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks to arrive stateside. But, given my hectic work and baby schedule, I popped into the NYC showroom, and pulled three saris they had on hand (thank goodness for good tailors) that caught my eye. Naturally, a photo shoot had to follow.

Lina, my fabulous photographer (who happened to grow up on Bollywood movies in Russia – go figure), and I, had an amazing time shooting these photos. I think she also got a kick out of me figuring out how to wrap, fold, tuck and drape my sari.

Thank you to Shikeen and this how-to- video for helping a Caucasian navigate the complex task of sari wrapping.  Fortunate, when I get to Delhi, someone is going to drape me.

Which sari do you like best? Which one should I wear? Check back in two weeks when I reveal photos from the wedding and my magical trip to India. You can also follow my travel adventures on Instagram.

First you wrap the sari once around, tucking into petticoat.

Then, folder sari pleats around the navel area. Tuck pleated fabric into petticoat.


Examine your pleats to make sure they are fabulous. Wrap sari around left shoulder.

Monika Nidhi, Royal Blue Bandhani Sari with Brocade Blouse $349

Monika Nidhi, Royal blue bandhani sari with neon pink panel at the border, and silver brocade blouse

Payal Singhal, Lemon Yellow Mukaish Frill Sari $825


Payal Singhal sari with embroidered petticoat and crystal necklace



Pam’s Picks: Mom Holiday Gift Guide, BELLA NYC Magazine

In the latest installment of Pam’s Picks for BELLA NYC Magazine, I’m sharing the must-have holiday gift ideas for mom’s looking to survive the holiday season stress-free and unscathed. From a bracelet that promises to “improve quality of life”, to a tech gadget that helps you effortlessly organize and share images, you’ll want to get these great items for yourself.

Pam's Picks in Nov14 BELLA NYC Magazine

Pam’s Picks in November 2014 BELLA NYC Magazine

1. PurseN Ooh-la-la Lingerie Travel Bag $32 – lets your unmentionables travel in well-organized, style

2. LyveHome $299 – collects all images and video scattered on numerous devices (iPhone, laptop, etc) and creates a master index that allows you to access any image at any time via the Lyve app

3. FOREO Luna $199 – face-cleanings brush that gives a deeper clean thanks to T-Sonic pulsation technology (8000 pulsations per minute), plus there’s an anti-aging mode for soothing, at-home facials

4. PurseN VIP Weekend Travel Bag $218 – loaded with internal and external compartments, removable mesh pockets, elastic cross straps to secure closure, and locking button pull rod with wheels for easy transpiration

5. Philip Stein Horizon Bracelet $165 – built-in Natural Frequency Technology channels the frequency naturally found in the environment toward our bodies to promote overall well-being