Self Love Journey, How to Create Self Care Rituals & a Self Love Zone

Hey Mamas,

For those who don’t live in the DC area, here is yesterday’s Self Love Journey tips on Good Morning Washington. As always, it was so much fun sharing the set with the delightful Jummy Olabanji.|

Create Love Rituals

When you set aside time to pamper yourself, you are saying to yourself that YOU are worth it. How you treat/view yourself, is how others will treat/view you. A simple evening self-care ritual will set the tone for a positive night and bright morning.


Self Love Journeu with Pamela Pekerman

Aveeno Positively Radiant 60 Second In-Shower Facial (Target, $6.99)
Rejuvenate your skin and your senses with NEW (just launched Jan 2017) in-shower facial that will even tone and brighten skin. It features a Soy Complex known to visibly transform the 5 Factors of Radiance including: tone, texture, dullness, blotchiness and brown spots. The benefits of soy were initially discovered when workers who regularly handled soy in Asia’s soybean factories found that their hands were especially smooth and even toned. Pretty cool, right?

HASK Greek Yogurt Collection (Walgreens, $9.99)
There’s no better way to care and love yourself than pamper your lush locks! I already talking about Hask’s new Greek Yogurt Collection in last week’s Friday 5 Finds. The shampoos and conditions, smell a-frekin-masing, and feature a dual-chamber system which separates the fruit treatment and Greek yogurt until they are fused together for optimal use.


Self Love Moorea Seal 52 Lists

Moorea Seal 52 Lists for Happiness ($16.95)
Share your daily gratitude, triumphs and desires in a beautiful journal to gain valuable self-knowledge, not to mention decrease stress – hello stress causes wrinkles, mams! If you need a little help journaling, pick up 52 Lists for Happiness focusses on cultivating a happy and fulfilling life through the power of lists. Through weekly practice and simple list making tools, you will delve into your own understanding of what happiness truly means to you as you explore how to live a happier life everyday.

Art Naturals Top 8 Essential Oils & Oil Diffuser Set ($39)
Set the mood for your evening release with boosting scents. The right essential oils can put you in the self-care mood, and send you off to sleep with positive intentions. Look for non-synthetic, natural fragranced oils. Try:

Lemon, Rosemary, Peppermint = clarity, focus
Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, Orange = decrease anxiety
Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood = increase love, sensuality

Surround Yourself with Love

Your home is your spiritual sanctuary, create pockets of beauty and calmness that help instill positive energy to supports your self-love journey.


Self Love Home Decor

Park B. Smith Decorative Pillow from JC Penney ($30-50)
These cushions give a whole new meaning to pillow talk. Jump into your spiritual setting with uplifting messages like “Dreams are Free” or “Life Is Better When You Are Laughing” or “Life if Beautiful”.

Royal Velvet Egyptian Cotton Blanket from JC Penney ($29.99)
Cozy up with a good book and a great mood. Knit blankets aren’t just for grandma’s anymore. They will set serene tone for your quality time with yourself, to gather thoughts of positivity. Invest in your meaningful me moments setting.

The Sarling Project Candle Self Love


The Starling Project Scented Candles ($55)
Add some ambiance and light to your home with this sleek scented candle, while also sending out light (literally!) and positive love into the universe. Lighting one’s home and lighting the world, the sale of each Starling Project Candle provides solar energy – which offers access to electricity, clean water, safety, health, education, and much more – to under-resourced countries globally via the support of key philanthropic organizations including UNICEF (the brand has already donated over $100,000 to UNICEF since its launch one year ago).

DRINK YOUR GOODNESSSelf Love Celebration with Pamela Pekerman

Homemade Ginger Tea Recipe

1 cup boiling water

1 heaping teaspoon of grated ginger

1 teaspoon of raw, organic honey

20 drops of Naturopathica Skin Radiant Tinker

Add all ingredients to boiled water and let steep for 3-minutes, before drinking. I don’t remove the ginger, but you can, if desired.

Benefits of Ginger

Ginger has natural anti-inflammatory properties, ideal to sooth muscles post-workout.

Drink ginger before meals to sooth the stomach.

Ginger tea can help ease stress and anxiety.

Home Made Ginger Tea Self Love

Wellness Trends 2017

3 Wellness Trends for 2017 That Are Easy and Worth Trying



Hey Mamas,

Me again, blog post number two for the week.

Today, I’m sharing 3 Wellness Trends for 2017, that are really worth embracing.

I learned about these trends through my own wellness evolution over the past year, as well as attending an amazing 2017 Wellness Trends event hosted by Well+Good.



Gotta be honest – I’m not a “wellness expert” or “fit fab mom” or “health coach”. I’m just a gal trying to figure out the best way to live a cleaner, greener, healthier, and more spiritually-sane life. I’ve selected the below three “trends” (FYI I hat this word) because they are easy to implement, make sense, and could make your life a little brighter and better.

Wellness Trends #1 – Anti-Bootcamp Fitness + Body Recovery

We’ve become obsessed with high-intensity workouts and bootcamp exercise classes that leave us gasping for air. I was never into that craze, even though you do see amazing results.  Particularly, after the birth of my son, David, in 2014, I needed to find workouts that didn’t tax my back. That’s when I discovered Fluidity, a barre/pilates-inspired workout that uses your own body weight to delicately sculpt and tone the body, while also helping improve pelvic floor muscles and improve core strength. If you live in NY and LA, you can find Fluidiy classes in a gym. I actually have the Fluidity system at home, and I’ve never owned any exercise machine. Well worth the investment.wellness_trends_2017_8

You’ll also want to invest in a great foam roller. It’s a pre and post exercise essential, to loosen up muscles, prevent injuries, as well as sooth the body at the end of a long day of hustling kids, work, home and all. Check out Instagram for my favorite night-time foam rolling pose for total body de-stressing. My physical therapist calls this move “The Jesus”.wellness_trends_2017_1

Wellness Trends #2 – Collagen Boosting Suppliments

This one is kind-of funny. I’ve actually be on-trend, with collagen, my whole life, thanks to my grandmother!

Every time grandma nudged me to eat bone-broth (in Russian we call is boulon) because it would cure everything, she was right! Bone broth is a natural, age-old, proven way to increase your intake of collagen.

What’s so special about collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body – it’s what keeps your joints from squeaking, your skin from sagging, and your hair from shedding. Yup, it’s that amazing. But, sadly, we produce less of it, as we age.

Enter Vital Proteins, my new beauty BFF – no joke! My insta-stories can attest to my love for this NO-GMO powdered collagen, sourced from the best grass-fed beef or wild-caught fish. One or two scoops a day will really help you as you cross into your 30s, 40s and beyond.


Sharing my collagen beauty smoothie on Good Day Philly with Karen Hepp


Sharing my collagen beauty smoothie with Autria Godfrey on Good Morning Washington


Collagen Beauty Drink        ——     1 Scoop Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Greens, 6oz Almond Milk, 2oz Coconut Milk, 1tsp Almond Paste, 1tsp Raw Honey, 1tsp Matcha.  Blend & beautify

Sometimes I make smoothies, even cookies, using Vital Protein’s Collagen Beauty Greens or Collagen Peptides with Vanilla & Coconut Water. Other times, I pop a scoop into my water or tea. (Check packaging to see which can go into cold vs hot mixtures).

PS I still make my chicken (sometimes beef) bone broths for the family. It’s delicious and easy. Click for recipe, and please don’t buy stock!

Wellness Trends #3 – Crystals and Chakras

Ya, so this one is new for me. I’ve gotten into essential oils, chakra meditations (thank you YouTube) and, yes, even crystal power.

Here’s how I look at it – if something makes you happy, and it’s not causing harm to your or anyone else, why not do it!?

That’s why I’ve placed Rose Quartz, the stone of self-love (selected at Well+Good’s Wellness Trends event from Luke Simon of La Vie En Rainbow)  near my bandstand, purchased numerous stone bracelets that speak to me (and then I google the meaning, to much delight — I always pick what I’m seeking/praying for) and try to do a Chakra mediation every so often.



Here’s to YOUR Health

May 2017 bestow upon you all the brightness and beauty you seek. And, may you have many reasons to smile.

Remember, a happy mom, means a happy family.

If all else fails, there should ALWAYS be a bottle of Rose on standby.

Always Be Your Best You Pamela Pekerman

Friday Five Finds: Health and Beauty Benefits of Oatmeal for Mom, Kids & Home

Winter winds and warm oatmeal, there’s no better combo.

I have a bowl of oatmeal almost every morning, as do the munchkins. It’s been my digestive salvation post-pregnancy. Yes, the kiddos did a number on my insides! Fortunately, oatmeal is loaded with fiber which helps your digestive system run smoothly.

Beauty-wise oats are a tool for radiant skin, and have been used in skincare as far back as 2000 BC. Actually, oatmeal is one of the few natural ingredients to receive recognition from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Health and Beauty Benefits of Oatmeal

  1. Feel Fuller Longer – Oatmeal is rich in soluble fiber, so  it stays in your stomach longer, making it less likely for you to have hunger cravings
  2. Heart Healthy – Oatmeal contains both calcium and potassium, which reduce blood pressure numbers and risk of coronary heart diseases. (FYI My friends at Burlington, along with Wendy Williams, are doing a really amazing Women Heart Campaign. #HealthyHeartSelfie Learn all about it here.
  3. Digestive Salvation – Oatmeal swoops into your digestive system and flushes things out, makes stool softer, thus move through you intestines faster, preventing constipation
  4. HydrationColloidal oatmeal, produced from finely ground oat grains, is full of vitamins, minerals and lipids that add moisture to skin
  5. Soothing Properties – Oatmeal contains both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, ideal for sensitive skin and to treating skin disorders like sunburns, eczema and poison ivy (every mom should have a diy oatmeal cream, just in case)

Here are Five Finds for Mom, Kids and Home inspired by my love of oatmeal. Have a fabulous weekend.

PS I’ll be doing a Meaningful Me Moments getaway in Manhattan, this weekend. Follow along on Instagram, and learn about one of my favorite boutique hotels The Gregory.

Friday Five Finds Oatmeal for Mom Kids and Home

1. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Gentle Cleansing Bar $14 – This soap is great for my sensitive skin. It’s free of parabens, fragrance, harsh chemicals and colorants, and loaded with colloidal oatmeal, shea butter and squalene to moisturize, calm and clean my skin.

2. OatMeals 120 West 3rd St, New York,  10012646-360-3570– I just learn about this place from my pr friends at St Ives. It’s an oatmeal bar! I can’t even tell you how excited I am to check it out, this week. If you’ve been there, leave a comment below and let me you if it rocked your oats off.

3. Lekue Individual Oatmeal Maker $19.95 – You know I love my time savers! This adorable kitchen helper not only can be used to cook and serve oatmeal (one less thing to wash, thank you) it also creates perfect individual oatmeal servings and cuts the cooking time from 10-15 minutes to just around 3 minutes.

4. AMOREPACIFIC Intensive Vitalizing Eye Essence $95 – Part of the Korean skincare philosophy, essences contain effective active ingredients in a concentrated form that affect the skin on the cellular level thus giving maximum product penetration. This is eye product is applied after toning and pre-hydrating, but before serum to achieve optimal results. The metal tipped wand applicator cools skin temperature upon contact to de-puff and brighten the delicate eye area. The lift action is where the oat extract does its thing, visibly firings and lifting skin, as well as hydrating by creating a protective barrier surrounding the eye area most prone to sagging.

5. St Ives Nourished And Smooth Oatmeal Scrub + Mask $4.29- If you’re not a DIY gal, this oat-based scrub is the next best thing to help revitalize your skin. You can also use it ask a mask. Apply, leave on for abotu 5-minutes then getly rinse off with cold water. It’s a great drug-story find, at a pocket-perfect price.

Always Be Your Best You Pamela Pekerman Signature

Friday Five Finds: Winter Warm Up for Mom, Baby & Home

Happy Friday, and Happy almost February.

Hello, how did we just swoop into 2016?





Okay, feeling better? If the dragging days and winter’s chilly, slow pace has you down, just roll with the yin punches and check out the five items that are made my Winter Warm Up list.

FYI Head over to my Instagram page to find out how YOU COULD WIN one of these Winter Warm Up goodies. There will be five winners in all!!

Friday Five Finds Winter Warm Up

1. Olyve Flowers $85 – $150 – If you’ve ever delivered flowers via a 1-800 service or a local florist you don’t know, you’ve likely overpaid and been underwhelmed. This is NOT that type of flower delivery service. From the freshness of the flowers, to the beautiful vases and, of course, the signature mod-style box packaging, this might have to becoming my new monthly essential. I’ve had Lucy (see below) winking at me with her sexy eyes for over two weeks, and she looks just as youthful as when she first arrived at my doorstep. No botox, or event added watering, thus far, needed. Oh, but the brand currently only ships to NYC, San Diego, LA, Miami and Philly.


Olyve Flowers Lucy

I LOVE Lucy ;).



2. Wool and The Gang Beginner Kits start at $34.75 – Knitting, it’s not something I ever thought would become a trend. But, from celebs to college kids, everyone…and their grandmother…is a knit whit. While I’m not as fast as our nanny, my mother-in-law or the girl I was eyeing in SOHO last week, when I do my slow and simple knitting (still making my first scarf) I find it very soothing. If you’re looking for a relaxing, in-door activity that gets your mind off work, the kids and outside drama, pick up one of their kits. I kinda wish I was pregnant, so I’d have an excuse to make baby booties. Ah, next time.

Wool and the Gang hat

Ilana’s hat was knit by my mother-in-law from Wool and the Gang thread. Fur pom pom is from Amazon.

3. Kissamint Miss Independamint $19.50 – Nothing warms me up more than kissing my husband. LOVE it like it was 2002 (the year we met). This hydrating, shea butter and Jojoba oil-infused lip balm not only makes sure my lips are always in kiss-worthy form, but the reverse side of the tube is a powerful (translation: one drop needed) mint drop freshener. How is this product not a sponsor for a Valentine’s Day mixer? Oh, and in keeping with my greener, cleaner lifestyle, the product is Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Petrolatum Free, Phthalate Free, and Cruelty Free. You’re welcome.ff_12916_3

Kissamint Joey Lauren

With Kissamint’s fun and fierce femtrepreneur Joey Lauren

4. Bestowed for Home $20 for first box – Don’t you just love when someone things for you? As a mom I feel like I’m always thinking and planning. That’s why I LOVE these curated, healthy snacking boxes. Every month you get snacks, beverages and other healthy happy goodies (once I got a fab book with hundreds of ideas for salads. So, who’s doing the thinking, label reading and intense scrutinizing? Nutritionist, author and mom-of-three (ya she’s all that and a bag of GMO-free chips!) Heather Bauer. #GirlCrush Even if you’re not a box delivery kind-of-gal, check out their site for useful infomraiton about healthy snacking and meals. There’s a great section for kids snacks.

bestowed Bestowed-December-2013-Box

5. Hello Kity by OPI $20-$26 – Being an 80’s baby, you could probably sell me toxic waste in the image of Hello Kitty and I’d be ALL IT! Fortunately, this isn’t toxic waste. It’s mani time! I’ve already begun to play around and can’t waitto share this with my nieces on Sunday. Oh, and my little munchkins love the “kotik” (cat, in Russian). For them, the box is a toy to adore.

Dear OPI,

Thanks for helping me get through some hectic feeding this week. Your Hello Kitty packaging was a welcome distraction! Also, thank you for sending me Hello Kitty cookies. Kotik, cookies and Suits was the name of the game, last night.

Love, Pamela 1983FF_12915_1

Don’t forget to head over to my Instagram page to find out how YOU COULD WIN one of these Winter Warm Up Friday Five Finds for Mom, Baby, and Home.

PS Should I call it Friday Five Finds for Mom, Kids, and Home, since I technically don’t have a baby anymore? Or, maybe, I should just make a new baby?!

Hmm … something to ponder over the weekend.

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healthy beauty habits that save time and money

Healthy Beauty Habits that Save You Time and Money

Several weeks ago, I did a makeup dump based on:

1. Not recalling how long an item has been in the cabinet
2. Not loving what was in the product (I’m trying to get cleaner and green with my beauty/wellness routine – more on that in an upcoming post)
3. Not really loving the color/smell/finish/feel. Why did I buy this or bother taking it out from the press bag from which it came?

Below is what’s left in my two narrow (purposely narrow) beauty bins, and that’s still a lot of makeup. More importantly I, once again, can’t recall when I opened certain mascara wands or lipsticks.

Cleaning Makeup Cabinet

Do I really need that much mascara?

Turns out, 89% of women hold on to old makeup, even though 87% know that makeup has expiration dates, according to a study conducted by Stowaway Cosmetics and Poshly.


We need to work on this nasty habit. Here is my Three-Step Solution for Healthy Beauty Habits that are good for your skin, your wallet and your planet.

1. Mark up your Makeup
My organized and fabulous sister will be so proud. I took plain, white tables and wrote down when I first used a product, so I know when it’s time to toss it. (See below diagram for Makeup Expiration Dates)

A Guide to Makeup Expiration Dates

2. Buy Less Makeup
Ya, buy less. You don’t need four pink  glosses, especially if you always go back to the same exact shade. The average consumer owns almost 40 makeup products, but only uses and carries 5 of them daily. Come on, you know that’s you. It’s was me. Think about how much money you are wasting? Now, think about how many more pairs of shoes you can purchase with all your savvy saving?! You are welcome.

3. Buy Smaller Portions of Makeup
That’s where Stowaway Cosmetics comes in. They actually produce makeup in smaller sizes, so that you are able to finish the product before its expiration date, without feeling guilt about throwing it (and your money) away.

Stowaway’s ‘right-sized’ model gives us gals safe, eu-compliant beauty essentials, which are formulated with quality ingredients for high-performance wear, like Hyaluronic Acid, Coconut Oil, and Wild Mango Butter.

Stowaway Cosmetics Right Size Beauty

The product that I live for is their Champagne Creme Lipstick because I’ve been searching for the perfect nude share with peach undertones, forever! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Best of all, I know that in a few short months, I’ll use it up well before the 1-year expiration date approaches.

Aside from being ‘right-sized’, I appreciate that the two women behind Stowaway have really edited down the needs of women giving us a streamlined assortment of makeup essentials.

Pamela Pekerman Stowaway Cosmetics

You know I’m all about smart style and beauty tips for busy women and busy moms, and this brand gets it. Their Stowaway Kit is a no-brainer to help you Always Be Your Best You because it gives you the key items, period. No need to go from store to store or brand to brand because this kit has it all.

Check it out and let me know if you’re a fan. But, even if you are not, do consider incorporating healthy beauty habits into your routine by getting smarter with your purchases and being mindful of those pesky expiration dates. Actually, it’s worth adding to your healthy, happy self-improvement list. #SelfImproveToday.

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Friday Five Finds - Health & Beauty Benefits of Pumpkins

Friday Five Finds: Health & Beauty Benefits of Pumpkins

I meant to write this post, yesterday, but I spent most of the day working on a very important charity project, the 2015 Shop 4 Vasculitis Campaign. More details to come.

As usual, by the time I picked up Ilana from day care (FYI she fell asleep during the 10-minute car-ride home – too cute), the kids got fed, tomorrow’s clothing got prepped, dinner was made, a quick 30-minute visit from the physical therapist to relieve crazy hamstring pain happened, and then it was 10:30pm.

No writing was coming out of me at 10:30pm. Steve and I crawled upstairs, after a failed attempt to watch Scandal. Am I wrong, or is Bellamy Young, the actress who plays the first lady, the real star of the show?

But, off on a tangent I go.

Today’s, Friday Five Finds was inspired by my new baking obsession, Cookie DŌ – ready-made cookie dough that bakes to perfection, and is edible pre baking! Yes, edible cookie do that grandma will not take away!!! Stop, is your inner child as happy as mine?

So, I’m on their website and I come across the newest flavor “Pumpkin Chai Chocolate Chunk”. WHAT? This needs to grow on trees, ladies. If it tastes as good as it sounds, I may need to stock up and lock out the husband and kids. It’s going to be a major Meaningful Me Moments weekend.

These cookies will be my consolation prize for not being able to attend the Back to the Future concert at Radio City Music Hall, tonight.

Back to the pumpkins.

What’s so great about these orange fruits?

  • Need more oomf from your meals?
    • Stay fuller, longer by eating a diet rich in dietary fiber, which helps slow digestion. Hey, guess what pumpkins are made of?
  • Skin on your face starting to match the Halloween scarecrow outside?
    • The carotenoids that give pumpkins their orange hue, also help neutralize free radicals in the skin, keeping them from damaging the cells that speed up aging. It’s like ridding The DeLorean, for your face. (I had to get in one reference!)
  • On snooze mode all day?
    •  A cup of cooked pumpkin has more of the refueling nutrient potassium, than a banana. Eat up after the gym, to restore your body’s balance of electrolytes and keep muscles in tip-top shape.
  • Not sure which of your kids is talking to you?
    • Get a boost of aid to your vision from the Vitamin-A found in pumpkins
  • Can’t shake off that cold?
    • Get 20% of your daily Vitamin-C from pumpkins, so you can sneeze less and smile more.

Here are my Friday Five Finds for Mom, Baby & Home, focusing on Health & Beauty Benefits of Pumpkins.

Friday Five Finds All About Pumpkins

1. Sophie Uliano‘s DIY Pumpkin Papaya Facial Peel – I’ve been a fan of this woman since I  caught her on Oprah years ago sharing tips on how to live Gorgeously Green. Check out her site and be on the look out for upcoming posts where I’ll be chatting with Sophie on clean beauty, and greener ways to Always Be Your Best You.

2.Naturopathica Pumpkin Purifying Enzyme Peel $56 – It was love at first you-got-rid-of-my-crazy-pregnancy-pimples sight.

3. Plum Organics hello dinner pumpkin, spinach, quinoa & baby grains $4.99 – This organic and nutritious meal came in so handy when I had to grab David, pack up in under 10-minutes, and head to grandma’s, on Tuesday. (Yes, she’s fine now. #ThatsHowThisFamilyRolls )

4. Cookie DŌ Pumpkin Chai Chocolate Chunk $17 for 16oz – I’m pretty sure I explained the SOS need for this product in every mom’s fridge, above. Ready-made, heck, even ready-to-eat, cookie dough that’s made with clean ingredients. Spoon out, bake for 10-minutes and smile.

5. Candice Kumai‘s Slimming Pumkin Smoothie – I couldn’t end this post without sharing a great find from my dear friend, Candice Kumai’s book, Clean Green Drinks. Try this tonight. If you have a fireplace, light it up, up, up, and enjoy away.

      • 1 1⁄2 cups unsweetened almond milk
      • 3⁄4 cup organic pumpkin puree
      • 1 frozen banana1⁄2 Bartlett pear, cored
      • 1⁄4 teaspoon pumpkin spice
      • 4 tablespoons (1 scoop) protein powder
      • 1⁄2 cup ice

As always, have a fabulous weekend. If you try any of these products, do let me know. Use #FridayFiveFinds #PiecesofPam.

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