Sun Safety Tips on Great Day Washington w Pamela Pekerman

After an initial cancellation due to … life … aka life as a mom …

Two kids with step, one that had croup, as well. And then, the other got a nasty stomach bug from daycare that landed her in the ER for a few hours … ya, That’s Life

I finally made it to Washington, DC to share my Sun Safety tips on Great Day Washington. Check out the clips below.

Washington DC tourist

DC was amazing, and I made sure to leave myself several extra hours to enjoy the city and savor some Meaningful Me Moments. Naturally, I was covered in my go-to mineral sunscreen with SFP 50 (yes, I follow my own sun safety tips #PracticeWhatYouPreach), as I strolled along the Tidal Basin, made my way through several sculpture gardens, and capped off near the Capital.


Traditional sunscreens may no longer offer us enough protection.  Research shows infrared radiation (IRA) could be causing more damage, as the rays penetrate deeper into the skin, causing premature aging, aka winkles, loss of skin elasticity and firmness. Total Defense, is the first and only rejuvenating “superscreen” that prevents the appearance of premature aging from chronic exposure to infrared rays (IR), thanks to a proprietary SOL-IR Advanced Antioxidant Complex, which counters the negative effect of the free radicals that IRA rays produce when then penetrate your skin. The lotion also provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

CosMedix Reflect ($47)

If you have sensitive skin, mineral sunscreen is the way to go because it doesn’t absorb into the skin. Mineral sunscreens create a physical barrier on top of your skin, an when UVA and UVB rays hit the skin then bounce/reflect off.  This spray is non-irritating, chemical-free, oil-free formula. Combining micronized titanium dioxide—nature’s own sunscreen—with two skin-specific antioxidants, Reflect provides lightweight UV protection. To learn more about mineral vs chemical click here. 

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Stick SPF 70 ($10.99)

Neutrogena’s #mimicmommy campaign is all about setting a good example… mom applies and then kids want to use th fun stick – or what I call “the crayon stick”!   Sunscreen sticks provide a fun application that kids will want to use on their own and mom can go in and assist in spots they missed.  The unique wide-faced stick that’s water and sweat resistant is ideal for both face and body… and no messy hands required!  It’s formulated with HELIOPLEX Technology, a breadth of stabilizing sunscreen technologies that deliver superior protection from UVA/UVB protection

ALMAY Smart Shade Skintone Matching Makeup SPF 15 ($13.99 )

I’m all about double-duty beauty so skin coverage that’s also giving me SPF protection, is ideal for busy mommy morning. Almay’s smart shade makeup adjusts to the natural tones and of your skin thanks to their Almay tonemimic shade-sensing bead technology which uses the skin tone enhancing benefits of synthetic melanin pigments to blend and adjust to the essential pigments of your unique skin tone for seamless, natural-looking coverage.  This is for daily use ie walking to work, a quick lunch break, not beach-bag, swim-time worthy.  


 iS CLINICAL Hydra-Cool Serum ($90)

Formulated to rejuvenate, hydrate and soothe the skin, this penetrating serum combines superior antioxidants with essential botanicals and bionutrients, which helps relieve the sting of sunburn.  It provides intense, penetrating hydration as it cools, calms and soothes dry, irritated or damaged skin.  It also great for replenishing dehydrated skin due to air travel.

First Aid Beauty Slow Glow Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturizer ($28)

Get that J-low glow without exposing your skin to harmful rays. First Aid Beauty’s Slow Glow Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturizer is a completely odorless (eek have you smelled some of those other self tanners??), lightweight formula can be used on both face and body for an even, all-over glow that gradually deepens over three to four days with continued use. Complete with nourishing vitamins, emollients and antioxidants, the formula goes on effortlessly and doubles as a rich moisturizer to hydrate and condition, leaving skin silky soft with a beautiful bronze glow.

Lands’ End Women’s Swim Tee Rash Guard ($59)

If spending a lot of time at the pool or beach- you can now sport a fashionable “Swim Tee”- a stylish tee, provides maximum coverage you can swim in, plus blocks harmful UV rays with UPF 50 protection!  Designed to wear over your swimsuit top, it’s soft as your favorite tee and incredibly lightweight – even while wearing it in the water! It’s not just for swimming though. It also works as a colorful cover-up when the air turns cooler or you’re just looking to shade your skin.Sun_Safety_Tips_2_PiecesofPam

I’ll be back on Great Day Washington with the lovely Meaghan Mooney, later with month, sharing more Sun Safety Tips for sun-fun family adventures. Check my Instagram or Facebook page for air-date updates.



Mom Musings: Toddler Temper Tantrums Have Arrived in My House, SOS HELP ME!

Oh, hi, remember me? It’s been a while, again. What can I say, being a mom isn’t easy! It takes over your life, zaps your energy and spits you out at the end of the night with just enough willpower to eat, hug a pillow and pass out.

Sorry, I should be more uplifting. Usually, I’m gabbing about staying positive, realizing you can’t do it all, all the time, telling you (and myself, in the process) that you should just slap on some mascara in the morning, find a little Meaningful Me Moment in the middle of the day, an
d go about your business cultivating an Always Be Your Best Your attitude.

Well, these past two weeks have burned me – err, scorched me.

My daughter has gone from one ear infection to the next. So, we are now seeing an Ear Nose Throat doctor. I’m praying our current course of action (a month of Flonase) will be enough to finally get rid of the fluid in her ears. If not, it’s ear tube time. My poor baby.


Goofballs. Girlfriends. This is a the silly after the storm. Toddlers have more mood swings than PMSing teens! Wait, I haven’t raised a teen, yet. Oh SH*T, does it get worse? SOS. SOS.

In the middle of all that she also got afraid to go to the bathroom, thanks to a hard poop. The bulk of this drama – and it was DRAMA ten times over – unfolded while I was on vacation in Anguilla.

Vacation – what vacation? I woke up every day at 6am to watch home footage. I called in hourly. I spoke to doctors and parents. I tried to take a few breaths, but they were few and far between.

I came home to a daughter that was agitated and moody. I get it. She’s been through the ringer.

This week, with most of the health issues in check, I’ve been trying to minimize her outbursts.

What do you do when toddler temper tantrums become a real problem? Anyone? Anyone?

Yesterday, I cried.

Yesterday, I walked in the pouring rain talking to no one in particular.

Yesterday, I wanted to run away.

Yesterday, I still loved her.

Yesterday, I still squeezed her tight.

Yesterday, she was still my Ilanachka.


My Mom Crazy Eyes after a very stressful, tantrum-filled morning. And, do you see munchkin giving me her version of the Stink Eye?

Motherhood is crazy. Fortunately, I do crazy eyes.


A little Patchology therapy to unwind after a long, emotional day. #MeaningfulMeMoments … I passed out on the couch not long after.


There’s always another day. We still smile. We still love. We can handle anything. The elder of the “we” combats whine with wine #MomsandWhine

PS For those who follow me on Instagram, this post was meant to go up on Tuesday, but, you know, motherhood and exhaustion … Any who, here it is. I’m sharing and eager to hear any tips on how you handle your toddler temper tantrums.




Screaming at Your Toddler, How I Blew My Lid & Why I Want to Wine About It

The lid was blown. I had had enough. It was only 9:05am.

But, we were late to daycare. I called to make sure they would still provide breakfast. Breakfast usually ends at 9:20am. We just left the house. Daycare is a 10-15minute drive from the house.

The lid was blown. I had had enough. It was only 9:05am.

But, she was so cranky this morning. Getting dressed was a disaster. Brushing hair was brutal. Eating fruits and taking vitamins was on a whole new level of bad behavior.

The lid was blown. I had had enough. It was only 9:05am.

Did I mention it was only 9:05am?

But, from 6:45am – 9:05am there was whining, squirming, misbehaving, screaming, crying … Did I leave out any other naught –ing words?

Oh, and, a female-favorite, changing her opinion.

So, YES at 9:05am, in route to daycare, after barely leaving the house and being on the road for all of two minutes, during which time she asked – correction: whinnied and cried – for her pink bag, which she had dropped to the floor at the start of our journey. In between explaining to her that mommy cannot stop the car until we get to day care, she decided to get on another rant involving asking – correction: whining and crying – for me to turn on / turn off “ballet music” (it’s what she calls the classic station).


The lid was blown. I had had enough. It was only 9:05am and I screamed at my daughter in a voice and tone I don’t even use on adults.

She quietly whimpers. I quietly drive in shame.

Screaming at your toddler leads to nothing. It’s a fool’s tool to get children to stop whatever it is we want them to stop. And, it doesn’t usually work. It might scare them, shock them or both. But, it teaches nothing of substance.

I’m all for using a slightly harsher tone, but screaming is low brow. I don’t do anything to my children that I don’t want them to do to me or others, i.e. screaming or spanking.

My normal response in hard-to-handle, where-is-my-eject-button situations it to talk through it, raise my voice just enough to create a change, and state that there will be a punishment if the action doesn’t stop. Punishment usually involves sitting in “the cage” until I feel they have learned their lesson, apologized, and explained why they were punished.

Side bar: “the cage” is actually a 3ftx3ft area we created from colorful playpen walls used to keep kids in a set, safe place.

Where was I, oh, yes, screaming and blowing my lid!

Another tactic I use to avoid going off the rales, is singing.

I find it helpful to sing really ridiculous songs, while my toddler (or toddlers, if they are double teaming me) is crying or making ridiculous demands in a whining voice.

Sanity songs of choice include: Katy Perry Roar, Dolly Parton 9-to-5, and Chicago’s Cell Block Tango

She had it coming … She had it coming … She had it coming all along … If you’d have been there, if you’d have seen it … I betcha you would have done the same …

Oops, sorry. Back to 9:05am.

It was 9:05am. I’m only human. Okay, I’m a mom, so I’m actually super human. But, even super humans have lids that sometimes burst.

To all the moms that have blown their lids, I feel you. We are on a crazy journey. Some days our kids are angels, other days they are monsters. Some days we sing. Some days we scream. But, every day truly is a blessing!

Oh and TODAY is National Drink Wine Day.

Blow off some steam over a glass of your choice. I’ll  be enjoying a sweat Moscato from Bartenura.

If you’re up for a chat, let’s tweet while we drink. Join me from 9 – 9:30pm to talk about toddlers, tantrums and how we deal with crazy mornings! I’m @PamelaPekerman and the hashtag will be #WineandScreams … get it wine and scream … wine and cheese … whining and screaming

Always Be Your Best You Pamela Pekerman Signature


Friday Five Finds: All You Need is Love for Mom, Baby & Home

Coming to you live from my bed – hot tea, toast and honey at hand.

Oh, ya, I’m sick.

The voice is gone, but the spirit of love is pumping inside of me. In honor of Sunday’s big day – Okay, I don’t really care about Valentine’s day, but I do love love – here are five heartfelt All You Need is Love Friday Five Finds for Mom, Baby & Home.

Friday Five Finds with Heart

1. GAP Baby Sweater Tunics $15.99-$24.99 each – After Tuesday’s PIX11 segment on Bright Eyes, I went to GAP to pick up some V-day attire for the kids. We’re having a V-day party, on Sunday. By “we” I mean me, my husband, Ilana and David. What else would I want to do?!? GAP’s kids clothing can not be beat – fun designs, amazing quality and ideal prices. #ImAGapKidForLife 

2. Target Threshold Small Metal Marquee Light Framed Heart $14.24 – Last year, my mom got us a cheesy heart shaped light. The kids love it. I love it. And, while mine isn’t exactly “chic”, this mimi marquee option from Target is definitively something you can weave into your bedroom, office, even kitchen decor.

3. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Butter in Peach $15 – Love your lives and keep them moist, even if you’re having a Vday party at home with the kids. I’m absolutely smitten with this beauty brand, which has no artificial dyes, fragrance, additives, preservatives and lead. Your pucker deserves perfection not poison. 

4. Burlington Allover Lace Bodysuit $12.99 – Not that you should ONLY, were lingerie on Valentines Day, but do use it as an excuse to get a new set of naughties. This option, from one of my favorite off-price retailer (translation: amazing prices all the time) has maximum coverage, curved middle panels to create a slimmer look, and plenty of sultry appeal. Enjoy daily – AM or PM … or both.

5. Give Baking a Difference Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies $39.95 / dozen – Since my cold and lots of work prevented me from baking a heart shaped sweet challah, that was going to be served with natella, my hubbies favorite condiment, I took necessary precautions and placed an order for these yummy, home-made cookies. Aside from being delicious and arriving in a lovely box, each purchase supports a worthy charity. Follow the founder Saira Gallo on Instagram to see how this momtrepreneur is doing her hustle.

Ilana Rose is ready for her first Valentine's Day dance

Ilana Rose is ready for her first Valentine’s Day dance


Ilana Rose is all smiles in GAP

Ilana Rose is all smiles in GAP

Ilana Rose in GAP I <3 You tunic

My princess is all smiles before heading off to daycare

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31 Tips for a Happy Life from a Happy 31-year-old

Somebody turned 31-years-old a few days ago. Capricorn power!

I love my birthday and I love getting older. Getting older, continuing to evolve and seeing my family expand is a gift. As I walk into my forth decade, following what was the BEST YEAR OF MY ADULT LIFE, I want to share some tips that I feel made last year amazing. I want every one of you to feel fabulous about where you are in your lives. If, you too, are in your 30s, embrace it. Life is more pleasant when you accept the present as a present, a gift.


1. Never Act Your Age. I get this trait from my late father. It’s one of the best, lasting gifts he gave me. It’s why my current, Birthday Manicure is neon green, with index fingers that have various neon color balloons.
2. Marry Your Best Friend. The only downside is you may laugh so hard over the years, you’ll develop early wrinkles around your mouth … I take it! (FYI  Here are some tips for a sexy, happy marriage.)
3. Look Up. Sometimes I think I’m the only person in Manhattan that knows the sky is blue and the building are as breathtaking as any painting you’ll find at the MET
4. Wear sexy lingerie, just because.
5. Laugh a lot. When in doubt if something is worth a laugh, refer to tip 1.p2lifestyle_010815_2
6. Wear more color. I think it’s why Latin American women are so fabulous and zesty
7. Own at least one pair of Did-I-Really-Spend-That-Much pair of shoes. If you found those shoes at the Saks post-Christmas sale and you didn’t pay the Did-I-Really-Spend-That-Much price, all the better!
8. Every now and then, do something that scares you.
9. Never go to bed angry at anyone. Find a way to minimize the damage/pain, unless you prefer never to speak to this person again.
10. Stop and smell the roses, or the peonies, or the pine trees. It’s about connecting to the now.
11. Have a fancy dinner date, with yourself.
12. Travel as much as possible.p2lifestyle_010815_3
13. Be a tourist in your own city. No matter where you live, you can always find something new to explore and discover.
14. Don’t stop educating yourself. When college ends, many of us focus on our careers and our families. It’s equally as important to still expand our minds. Even if it’s one hour a week, learn a language, read a book, or take an art history class at a community college.
15. Always Be Your Best You. This is my life philosophy and it should be yours as well. There is never a time when you shouldn’t look your best. It’s one of the easiest ways to pick yourself up and get through whatever life has in store for you today. It’s much easier to smile in the mirror when the face staring back at you is well coiffed.
16. Learn to bake at least one thing really well. On a really bad day, there’s nothing like putting kids to sleep and whipping up hazelnut macaroons with chocolate ganache. (That’s my big baking success, thus far.)
17. Trust in fortune cookies. If this doesn’t make sense, refer to tip 1.
18. Get a big sister. I’m lucky enough to have one and can attest to the immense comfort it is to have someone to share in my joys and to split my sorrows with. Michelle, my sister, experiences everything first and then trickles down her wisdom to me. I recently offered myself as a faux big sister to my friend MK because I got the sense she needed big sis wisdom. If you know someone that needs a big sis, offer yourself up. We only get stronger when we share our personal and professional wisdom.
19. Create a spa oasis in your bathroom. Even in a tiny, Manhattan apartment, use artwork, lighting, little elephants, candles, oils, pretty curtains, whatever and create a zen retreat. You’ve 30s are going to be way more fabulous than your 20s if you indulge and pamper your body regularly. You deserve it!
20. Invest in good sleep. You’re not living on campus anymore. Get a top notch mattress, high-quality pillows and a good comforter. Good sleep is essential for a healthy, happy you.
21. Create a Carpe Diem List and seize the day.
22. Be present for your children. Disconnect from your smart phones and tablets. If you can’t, then let your kids know they aren’t going to get your full attention. If your kids are too young to understand, like my 21-month-old and 6-month-old, don’t enter their space until you can disconnect.
23. Give of yourself. We hear this all the time, especially from our respective religions. But, how many of us actually give our time to a cause? Signing a check is great, but rolling up your sleeves and working a soup kitchen or lending your marketing skills pro bono to a small non-for-profit, is going to be a win-win all around. (Please check out my charity Ilya Peckerman Fund for Vasculitis Disease.)
24. Forget about balance. Some days you’ll be an awesome mom; some days you’ll be a kick-ass CEO; some days you’ll bake up a storm. But, you will not be Martha Stewart, Hillary Clinton, Jenna Jameson and Mother Teresa every day, all day. Deal with it. (FYI Check out my 5775 Inspiration Board where I ask for ‘quite mind’ and ‘focus’ NOT balance.)
25. Stop chasing trends. Personal style is much more fashionable. That’s why I’ve avoided crop tops, harem pants and purple hair accents.
26. Commit to dancing like a fool. If this doesn’t make sense, refer to tip 1.
27. Know that not everyone has to like you, but everyone should respect you.
28. Know that nobody, accept you, can make you feel small.
29. Know that you deserve to be loved – especially by YOU.
30. Know that life is as rosy as you want it to be. Just put on the right glasses.
31. Know that when you turn 41, you may need a new set of tips.


Creating a Carpe Diem List vs. a Bucket List

For those of you following me on Instagram, you saw images of me jotting down my Carpe Diem List prior to the start of Yom Kippur. I always use the start of the Jewish New Year, and the start of fall, in general, as an opportunity to reflect, recharge and realign. Realigning is about making sure I’m living a joyful, truthful life that is uniquely my own, versus one full of bucket list items that I likely think I should do based on countless outside forces.

Realigning is key because with the addition of two babies in two years, I’ve really begun to notice how fast time flies. One minute they are in your belly and the next you are potty training. I need to live my authentic life today. So, while baby David napped and I sipped a cappuccino at a local cafe, I began to think of all the fun things I want to do, the activities I’ve been talking about for years, the projects I’ve always wanted to complete. After writing down “Bucket List”, I realized this isn’t really a bucket list of things to just say “hey I’ve done it” at some point in my life. This was going to be a list of action items that can be easily accomplished this year; action items I have talked about long enough; action items I believe will be enjoyable and a way for me to live via my Always Be Your Best You motto! If one of the listed activities proves to be extremely enjoyable, it may reappear on the list once again.

Below are the first 10 items that popped into my head. I stopped an 10 because it just seemed natural to have 1o items, and, because nothing else immediately popped into my head and I wanted this to be items that are at the forefront of my overly-active brain.

I welcome all of you to create your own Carpe Diem List and join me in living a truthful, joyful life TODAY. Create your list and tag it #CarpeDiemList.

Pamela Pekerman's Carpe Diem List

Pamela Pekerman’s Carpe Diem List



Carpe Diem List front an center by my night stand

Carpe Diem List front an center by my night stand








Another Baby Bump, Back to Back Pregnancy

Happy Monday and Good Morning! I’ve been up since 6:45am feeding and playing with baby Ilana. She’s growing up so fast; I can’t believe we are already planning the 1-year birthday party. Fortunately, I’ll be able to relive those first few baby-month-milestones very soon.
Oh, did I mention I’m pregnant, again?!!!!!! 
Showing off the 4-month belly after an event.
Showing off the 3-month belly on my babymoon.

PS The first trimester was brutal, which is why I’ve been MIA. So, it turns out having one after the other requires a bit more rest than I anticipated. Off to bed for 45 minutes before Ilana Rose gets up from her morning nap. 🙂