3 Wardrobe Staples to Help Transition from Summer to Fall

In New York, the first whiff of fall is upon us, with temperatures set to dip below 60degrees, in the evening. If you’re not quite ready to get rid of your summer dresses and tanks with shorts, here are the essential fashion staples you should have on hand for late August.

1)      A leather jacket:If you don’t already own one, skip to your favorite shop and get one in a basic black, chocolate, olive, cream or grey. Better yet, if you find a good deal and a silhouette that speaks to your taste and works with your body, get two! This is an investment-worthy item. Sure, leather is the current fabric of choice, but a good leather jacket is really a perennial classic that should last you a lifetime. Avoid cheap pleather and go real; sorry PITA, not that you like me anyway. Check out Saks Fifth Avenue or spend some time at your favorite off-price retailer like Century 21, TJMaxx or Marshalls. I scored my leather jacket at Filene’s Basement, may that store Rest In Peace . . . tears . . . walling . . .

2)      Hosiery: How do I love thee, let me count the ways. I’m old school and could LIVE in some form of hosiery, every single day of the year. If I had it my way, all formal events and corporate offices would ban women from having bare legs. (Ladies, I hear you screaming at me through the monitor. A bare leg, in many settings, is like a home without curtains – it’s unfinished.) For pre-fall, look for sheer plaid/herringbone, flesh-color florals, and soft reds and blues. For legwear, I’m a fan of AlexBlake.com. They carry tons of European, hard-to-find brands.
P2 Fashion – late summer hosiery
3)      Long sleeve cotton shirt:You can layer them under your dress, just be mindful that the shirt doesn’t ride up and create layers under your dress (see last week’s Pam’s Pick) and that the collar of the shirt works well with the collar of the dress. Ideally, you only want the sleeves to be visible. Otherwise collar neckline shirts with collar neckline dress, and vnecks with vnecks.  I get all of mine from H&M; because I sweat so no shirt will ever last longer than 1-2years, so why bother spending more than $12.99? The exception are my Elizabeth Daniel NY shirts ($128), which I hand wash. And, in full transparency, even those will not last longer than 3years for me ;(.  
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