Affordable Red Carpet Smile Style & Importance of Daily Glow

3D White Luxe FlexFit Whitestrips give me bright start every day
The +Oscars  are just hours away, which got me thinking about my daily Red Carpet mindset. I like to treat every day like it’s my personal, Red Carpet moment because every day is my opportunity to shine and be a bright star in my world. The same goes for all of you. I really want you to embrace and live with an Always Be Your Best You mindset.
With my husband’s help with the baby, Sundays, in particular, are a bonus chance for me to squeeze in extra me time to feel fabulous. Translation: I take a long, luxurious bath on top of my usual beauty rituals. I savor this precious hour and usually play classical music to enhance the relaxation.
I’m obsessed with my master bathroom
Sunday = mommy bath time 
On the daily, however, my time isn’t always my own and multitasking is key for this busy mom. So, I love that I can whiten my teeth while feeding my daughter or prepping for a TV segment with use +Crest3DWhite Luxe Whitestrips Professional Effects.  She can’t tell me yet, but I know Ilana Rose loves mama’s pretty, smile style.
Always Be Your Best You essentials: 3D White Luxe FlexFit Whitestrips, 
lip gloss, mascara, blush &, of course, some diamonds in the ears

I’ve been using Crest whiting products for over three years. They are as essential – even when I’m just working from home – as my star diamond earnings, mascara, blush and lip gloss.  There are just certain things I can’t live without.

What are your beauty must-haves? How do you embrace my Always Be Your Best You mindset? I’d love to hear your comments. Tweet me tonight during the Oscars @PamelaPekrman.

This post is a paid collaboration with Crest. The opinions and copy belong to Pamela Pekerman and reflect her genuine love for the brand/product in question. You can’t buy her love, but she does need to buy a lot of diapers and diamonds.
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