My Laptop & My Toddler Can Coexist Thanks to Kid Lid

Last week, I took baby David on his first press preview for Gamboree kids fashion brands (Gamboree, Janie & Jack, Crazy 8) followed by a lunch meeting to preview a new product called Kid Lid by Mogol.

Side bar — Doesn’t David love handsome? This was a very Presidential, fashion moment. I was dying over the look!!


But, where was I? …

You never know how a meeting will go – cool product or waist of my time, pushy publicist or casual pitch. Factor in a 7-month-old and you pray the baby doesn’t act up, and, if the baby acts up that that the designers/brand owners you are meeting with is kid-friendly. Fortunately, this lunch was perfect all around.

First, the product.

If you have a toddler that watches programs on your laptop or smart tablet, you know how annoying it is when they start to press keys and accidentally send an unfinished email or close an application you were viewing. Even scarier, they can lift keys and put them in their months. Matt Mogol is a dad who decided he needed a better solution than putting magazines over the keyboard. And, so, we have Kid Lid, a board that easily slips over your monitor, on one end, and has an elastic strap to secure the other end in place. Kid Lid Protect Board is only 3mm thick, so even if shut suddenly by an overly excited toddler who loves The Nutcracker (Ilana has great taste), your device will not be harmed.




Aside from protecting your device and keeping your child safe, Kid Lid is BPA-Free Poly Carbonate plastic, so your child can actually eat cereal off the board. I’m not going to lie – this is NOT something I would allow, but I know a lot of parents are more casual with matters of food in non-food zones.

Matt, and his adorable co-creator aka his daughter Penelope, has exciting new products in store in the coming year that will solve every-day parental problems.

PS The Second reason why this lunch was so perfect was how Matt was all-in with playing with baby David. You gotta love a guy who can jump from brand pushing to baby playing.


(David was exhausted after his big day at work!)


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