Meaningful Me Moments with Hoda Kotb Where We Belong

Hustle, heart and HODA … Hoda Kotb, that is.

Last week, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and chatting with Hoda (of TODAY Show fame, in case she needed an intro!) at The MOMS Mamarazzi event with Secrets Resorts & Spas, held at Hunt & Fish Club NYC. FYI if you come to NYC, do try their Steak and Egg Ravioli for breakfast. It’s an epic experience for your mouth.

hoda kotb where we belong

THIS is why everyone loves Hoda! #Authentic


Selfie alert !!


The MOMS Denise and Melissa interview Hoda Kotb about Where We Belong


Picture time after PIX11 Segment

I can not image better Meaningful Me Moments, then taking some time away from the home, kids, and work (okay this was still kind of a work event, but really it was all about enjoying the love in the room and unwinding after an early PIX11 segment, before heading home to the kiddos) and basking in the overwhelming glow that radiates from Hoda.


Pamela Pekerman with Hoda Kotb at the MOMS Mamarazzi Event with Secrets Resorts & Spas

Don’t you just love feeding off of others’ good vibes? I get a rush from positive energy!

Hoda is a ray of positive energy and inspiration.

She was speaking with The MOMS’ Denise Albert  and Melissa Gerstein, to a room filled with fifth fierce mommy bloggers, TV anchors and execs about her latest book Where We Belong, sharing personal and professional struggles, and the journey that led her to question if she was, in fact, where she belonged.

“I feel that something is missing,” she told us. “I saw Sandra Bullock [with her adopted child] and I thought ‘look what she did?’ Often times, you don’t know what you are missing until you have it.”

It’s a bold move to say all that outload. But, then, that’s why I – we all – love her. She’s real. She’s authentic. She’s open. She, like many of us, is on the journey to discover if she is where she belongs.

Part of my mission with Meaningful Me Moments, is to create pockets of time that allow me to connect with that inner voice that always knows what’s right, or, rather, what’s right, right now.

Tonight, I can’t wait to delve deeper into Hoda Kotb’s Where We Belong, and learn how others are finding themselves in a point in their lives that may require a pause, in order to properly, and with passion, move forward.

Who’s joining me for the read? #P2Read and let’s talk about this book, once the kids are in bed!


Moscow Mule anyone? Moms needs drinks!

PS A special hug goes out to Canada’s finest and feistiest moms, Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer Thompson of Social Common. We shared a passion for Moscos Mules, Meaningful Me Moments and madness. It was lovely chatting with you, after the event. It’s on, for next time. See you in Toronto.

Social Common Pamela Pekerman

Having fun with the gals behind

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