healthy beauty habits that save time and money

Healthy Beauty Habits that Save You Time and Money

Several weeks ago, I did a makeup dump based on:

1. Not recalling how long an item has been in the cabinet
2. Not loving what was in the product (I’m trying to get cleaner and green with my beauty/wellness routine – more on that in an upcoming post)
3. Not really loving the color/smell/finish/feel. Why did I buy this or bother taking it out from the press bag from which it came?

Below is what’s left in my two narrow (purposely narrow) beauty bins, and that’s still a lot of makeup. More importantly I, once again, can’t recall when I opened certain mascara wands or lipsticks.

Cleaning Makeup Cabinet

Do I really need that much mascara?

Turns out, 89% of women hold on to old makeup, even though 87% know that makeup has expiration dates, according to a study conducted by Stowaway Cosmetics and Poshly.


We need to work on this nasty habit. Here is my Three-Step Solution for Healthy Beauty Habits that are good for your skin, your wallet and your planet.

1. Mark up your Makeup
My organized and fabulous sister will be so proud. I took plain, white tables and wrote down when I first used a product, so I know when it’s time to toss it. (See below diagram for Makeup Expiration Dates)

A Guide to Makeup Expiration Dates

2. Buy Less Makeup
Ya, buy less. You don’t need four pink  glosses, especially if you always go back to the same exact shade. The average consumer owns almost 40 makeup products, but only uses and carries 5 of them daily. Come on, you know that’s you. It’s was me. Think about how much money you are wasting? Now, think about how many more pairs of shoes you can purchase with all your savvy saving?! You are welcome.

3. Buy Smaller Portions of Makeup
That’s where Stowaway Cosmetics comes in. They actually produce makeup in smaller sizes, so that you are able to finish the product before its expiration date, without feeling guilt about throwing it (and your money) away.

Stowaway’s ‘right-sized’ model gives us gals safe, eu-compliant beauty essentials, which are formulated with quality ingredients for high-performance wear, like Hyaluronic Acid, Coconut Oil, and Wild Mango Butter.

Stowaway Cosmetics Right Size Beauty

The product that I live for is their Champagne Creme Lipstick because I’ve been searching for the perfect nude share with peach undertones, forever! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Best of all, I know that in a few short months, I’ll use it up well before the 1-year expiration date approaches.

Aside from being ‘right-sized’, I appreciate that the two women behind Stowaway have really edited down the needs of women giving us a streamlined assortment of makeup essentials.

Pamela Pekerman Stowaway Cosmetics

You know I’m all about smart style and beauty tips for busy women and busy moms, and this brand gets it. Their Stowaway Kit is a no-brainer to help you Always Be Your Best You because it gives you the key items, period. No need to go from store to store or brand to brand because this kit has it all.

Check it out and let me know if you’re a fan. But, even if you are not, do consider incorporating healthy beauty habits into your routine by getting smarter with your purchases and being mindful of those pesky expiration dates. Actually, it’s worth adding to your healthy, happy self-improvement list. #SelfImproveToday.

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