Massages Make Moms Better Moms

Health Benefits of Spa Time & Relaxation #MeaningfulMeMoments

Some gals love to shop. Some gals love to decorate. I love to spa.


Even the waiting rooms at spas make me happy – cozy robe, a glass of water infused with limes, sounds of birds chirping. Zensational.

Going to the spa isn’t just about being pampered. It’s about getting away, finding time for Meaningful Me Moments, and giving myself permission to disconnect from the rest of the world (which means the kids have to be with at least one grandparent and/or my hubby – nannies don’t make me feel 100% disconnectable. Know what I mean?)

But, I digress.

As I was saying, getting a luxurious massage or facial gives me time to be alone and not think. Moms are always on. It’s how we are programmed. But, it’s important to have the release and tranquility, to recharge in a big way – not just a quick 30-minutes reconnecting with your favorite BRAVO Housewives or running out for a mani.

There are many health benefits of spa time and relaxation. Not to get all medical on you, but the good people at the The Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit medical practice and medical research group, have confirmed that “Relaxation techniques are an essential part of stress management. If you’re an overachiever,” OR A MOM “you may put relaxation low on your priority list. Don’t shortchange yourself. Relaxation is invaluable for maintaining your health and well-being, and repairing the toll that stress takes on your mind and body.”

Friends Don't Let Friends Spa Alone

I want you to give yourself permission to take one day a month, even if it’s not a full day, and unplug. Take care of yourself by making wellness and Meaningful Me Moments a mainstream part of your lifestyle. When I talk about “Always Be Your Best You”, it’s not just about your fabulous nude lips or your well-edited closet, it’s about you being at your best physical and mental state. Always Be Your Best You means you are making positive lifestyle choices that will actually help you be a more nurturing and alert wife, mom and human being.

Yes, ladies. Going to the spa will actually make you a better, happier, zen-filled woman!

What have we learned?

Massages = Meaningful Me Moments = Smiling Faces = Less Irritated Mom = Bliss for All

Now, if you need another reason to get your spa on, next week, October 12th – 18th, is Spa Week. STOP! What is this amazingness you speak of?

Spa Week is when hundreds of spa, wellness, and fitness facilities across the country offer premium full-service treatments at a major discount of $50 each.  It’s a chance for everyone to experience luxury treatments at more affordable prices. Check out my Instragram feed, next week, as I indulge in me time.

Now, off to baby David. Not bad kiddo, you slept for over two-and-a-half hours. Another 15-minutes and I would have even finished the images for this post. #Blessed #WorkingMom #WhyAmIHashtagging ??

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